29th March, 2018, New Delhi

In light of the decision of Union Cabinet yesterday evening of approving the amended National Medical Commission Bill 2017, the Action Committee of the medical fraternity comprising of IMA, United RDA, FORDA, MSN, RDA AIIMS & Association of DNB Doctors under the leadership of Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar, National President, IMA met on 29th March 2018 and took stock of the situation in the light of the Cabinet decision passing the NMC Bill 2017.

Dr  Ravi Wankhedkar, National President, IMA welcome the Cabinet decision on NMC Bill 2017 with caution.  The Cabinet has apparently agreed to four of our 10 demands.  He accepted the invitation of the Union Health Minister to further talk on the issue on 2nd April, 2018.

Thanking the entire medical fraternity who unitedly  voiced strong opposition along with society,  opposing to the anti-poor, anti-people policies in the original NMC Bill 2017, IMA dedicates this success to the entire medical fraternity, Resident Doctors and medical students.

The decision of the Union Cabinet to remove the Clause for separate Exit Examination and to have a common final year MBBS examination, amendment to drop the provision for Bridge Course to AYUSH doctors and subsequent registration to practice modern medicine and introduction of a new punitive clause for quacks and unqualified persons for practicing modern medicine were welcomed.

Although, the Cabinet approved draft of NMC Bill has marginally increased the state representation and control of the govt. over 50% of the fee levied, IMA feels that these are cosmetic in nature and the Bills still remains Anti-poor, Anti-federal, non representative and undemocratic.

He strongly expressed concern about the un-addressed major issues like token presence of elected members, sub-optimal representation to State Governments and Health Universities and the lack of autonomy of NMC itself.

A Retd. Judge who is not the member of the NMC as EMRB Chairman is constitutionally and legally unsustainable.  IMA also demands retaining of Section 15 (2) (B) of MCI Act which defines the privileges of the State Medical Practitioners.

The autonomy of State Medical Councils should not be encroached upon.

The Union Cabinet decision to amend National Medical Commission Bill is entirely due to extra ordinary untiring efforts and unity demonstrated by the entire medical fraternity under the leadership of Indian Medical Association.  The way the bill was placed on 29th Dec, 2017 on the table of Lok Sabha and the actions planned and executed by the IMA were exemplary and did compel the Government to refer the bill to Parliament. With a mention that “because of the impending strike call given by IMA and some of the Members of Parliament across party lines not agreeing with some of the provision of the bill, Govt. has decided to refer it to parliament standing committee of health for further discussion and recommendations” with a request to IMA to take back strike call on 02nd Jan’

18. IMA strongly represented its  view-point with all the members of parliament standing committee of health to convince them regarding the fallacies of this bill which forced the parliament standing committee to send their recommendations with substantially agreeing to the demands raised by Indian Medical Association.

The report was tabled in Lok Sabha on 20th March, 2018, during this time a massive campaign was launched by IMA under your leadership against NMC with a vision ‘Connect with the society and consolidate the profession’.

One month long IMA Yatra conducted by Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar along with other leaders including travelling of approx. 50,000 km visit 25 states and more than 300 branches, directly connecting with the community and the membership. Cycle Yatra and cycle rallies, organization of Doctors Mahapanchayat on 25th March, 2018 as a culmination of month long IMA Yatra with approx. 25,000 doctors attending was a great show of strength consolidating the fraternity for raising voice on our demands.

The doctors’ Mahapanchayat compelled the Cabinet to agree to the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Health & Family Welfare and improve on it and came out with the amended NMC Bill.

The details of the amended NMC Bill will have to be studied in detail further to decide upon the course of action, to get our remaining demands accepted through negotiation with the Govt., intensifying political lobbying and by continuing our struggle.  Our pressure at each and every step to achieve maximum demands for the benefit of the fraternity and society has to be mandated.

Also our long pending demands addressing the issues of Violence against doctors, Clinical Establishment act, PCPNDT Act & Capping of Compensation still remain un-implemented since last 1 year inspite of Government agreeing in writing.

IMA has also decided to come out with a Health Policy for the benefit of the community and fraternity  and to support the Parties and the candidates who accept IMA Policy. At the meeting of the State Working Committee of IMA Karnataka State Branch on 8th April, 2018 at Raichur, the National President will launch this Policy. It will also contain that any political party not agreeing to our just demands will be opposed by medical fraternity of the country.

An emergency meeting of the Action Group involving all IMA State Presidents/Secretaries along with Joint Counicil of Young Medicos has been called at 7:00 PM on 2nd April 2018 at IMA HQs. New Delhi to finalize the strategy and decide on further course of action.

The Bill still remains anti-poor, anti-federal, pro-rich, anti democratic and lacks national character. The Bill does not address the issues of DNB (Diplomat of National Board) and practical difficulties with NEET and foreign graduates.

The Action Committee took the view that much has not happened to change the already decided course of action.

The Action Committee decided to:

1)    Stand by all the Resolutions (copy attached) of the Doctors’ Mahapanchayat.

2)    To continue the agitation till the demands are met. The United Young Medicos comprising of medical students, Resident doctors & Junior doctors will go on a token strike for 2 hours on 2nd April, 2018 all over India and it will be supported by Indian Medical Association. They agreed to abide by the decision of the National President on the basis of negotiations he has with the Health Minister and after perusal of the details of the amendments in the NMC Bill 2017.

3)    Continue the laison with all the Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha MPs.

4)    To support Assembly and Parliament candidates who agree with the IMA’s demands in all ensuing Assembly and Parliamentary elections. The campaign will be initiated by the National President at  the State Working Committee of IMA Karnataka Branch on 8th April, 2108 at Raichur.

5)    Campaign of “Modern Medicine Mukt Bharat” to be taken forward by asking every state medical practitioner to surrender the registration to IMA National President for appropriate action.

6)    The Action committee endorsed  the National President, IMA to take a decision on the 3-day strike by doctors of modern medicine at an appropriate time.


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