शादी का लड्डू जो खाए वो पछताए, जो न खाए वो भी पछताए

“शादी का लड्डू जो खाए वो पछताए, जो न खाए वो भी पछताए ” Marriage is one of the most perplexing decisions in any doctor’s life. Should I get married now? If I get married, will I be able to take care of my family and focus on studies and practice simultaneously? What about my advanced studies after the marriage? These questions haunt a doctor every time his/her parents ask him/her to get married and settle down. In fact, in a lighter vein, they might also be the second reason for sleepless nights for doctors after their intense medical studies! For a doctor who spends almost 10-12 years of life studying medicine, the thought of marriage during the studies suddenly makes their lives skittish and edgy. Substantially, amidst this aspiration of becoming a public-server, Indian doctors somewhere find it very difficult to manage their own life and usually finds it very strenuous to figure out when to get married and settle down with their family. Marriage, Family and Indian doctors! Doctor marrying in their 30s after completing their entire education has become one of the most common trends in the present scenario. Moreover, doctor choosing doctor as their life partners is another trend witnessed in the medical fraternity. Doctors getting married in their 30s give birth to a lot of issues in their married life as well. From difficulty in finding a work-life balance to issues related to taking responsibility of the family and raising the child, doctors are subjected to a number of stumbling blocks. Apart from these, female doctors marrying late also face issues in pregnancy. Moreover, late childbirth burdens the doctor couple with the responsibility of the newly born which becomes very difficult if both the partners continue to work and practice medicine. What is the ideal age for doctors to marry? “Should I get married and settle down while studying medicine?” The big question that every doctor juggles with once in their lives during their education. The answer to this question is highly subjective and differs from one individual to another. Even in the medical fraternity, many doctors believe that right time to get married and settle down is between 25-30 years while some believe it is important for a medical student to focus on his/her studies and complete his/her training and specialization before deciding to marry.  During interaction with Team Docplexus, many doctors suggested that doctors can also marry in their 20s while studying if they clear out some basic things about their partner and future. 1. Their partner is understanding about the medical profession and is willing to adjust to the demands of it. 2. Families from both sides are understanding and supportive. 3. The partnership between the two people is balanced and works well. 4. Both individuals are willing to get married to each other despite knowing about the medical profession. The ideal age for marriage is an objective perception of the doctors and completely depends on them. In a survey conducted by Docplexus regarding the ideal age for doctors to marry, 69% of the respondents said that doctors should marry after the age of 30 years. Ultimately, a life of happiness can come to a doctor only from an optimal balance of the personal and professional aspects, and that balance, rather than age, could be the more important criteria. Marriage is all about two people bonding with each other and putting in efforts to make their relationship work. It all depends on the individual and the path he/she chooses to move ahead with their life to achieve optimal professional satisfaction as well as an ideal family life after marrying. Article reviewed and vetted by Dr. A.G. Unnikrishnan (CEO, Chief of Endocrinology at Chellaram Diabetes Institute, Pune)

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