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Project Aims To Develop Implant Chip To Treat Psychiatric Disorders.

In continuing coverage, the Washington Times (5/28, Chumley) reports that “Boston researchers are set to launch a five-year, $30 million brain implant project based on President Obama’s ‘BRAIN’ initiative – an ambitious Department of Defense project that is aimed at helping combat veterans deal with the mental injuries and stresses of battlefield deployments.” According to the Times, […]

Learn to use both side of your brain…

Learn to use both side of your brain…DR HANSAL B 26MAY After my article on Narendra Modi using both side of his brain, many readers have asked me to write on how to develop a skill of using both side of the brain?! Here I’m sharing some ideas which will help you to learn to use […]

inside narender modi’s brain

INSIDE MODI’S BRAIN Is Narendra Modi a logical thinker or a dreamer. Mirror deconstructs the incumbent PM’s skill set Credited with a landslide victory that notched several firsts in Indian politics, AM peeks into the psyche of the 63-year-old `chaiwallah’ fromVadnagar,NarendraModi.A close look at his administrative decisions suggests Modi is a left-brain person with a […]

Kickbacks and bribes

David Berger, district medical officer, emergency medicine Author Affiliations Kickbacks and bribes oil every part of the country’s healthcare machinery, writesDavid Berger. If India’s authorities cannot make improvements, international agencies should act “The corruption strangles everything, Sir. It’s like a cancer.” Accompanied by apologetic shrugs and half smiles, statements like this are commonly heard […]