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Can A Doctor Be Arrested By Police

Dr. Koushik   Whenever a doctor anticipates that a negligence case can be framed against him from the patient’s side, he gets panicked and indecisive. What should be the immediate steps to avoid police arrest? Can doctors be arrested in all medical negligence cases? What should a doctor know about his rights, if arrested by the […]

 Torrent Pharma

Brothers Samir and Sudhir Mehta have taken Torrent Pharma to new heights with a measured approach to business and by showing resilience in adversity        Sudhir Mehta  chairman emeritus of Torrent Pharma, with brother Samir, who is executive chairman “The chemistry works” is a phrase that pops up often as Samir Mehta narrates […]

Kounis syndrome triggered by diclofenac sodium injection which leads to myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest

doi:10.1016/j.jccase.2013.03.002Open Archive, Elsevier user license Case Report Caglar Emre Cagliyan MDMehmet Balli MDKamuran Tekin MDSerdar Turkmen MDİbrahim Halil Tanboga MD Show more Abstract Allergic reactions due to drugs may lead to different clinical conditions. Acute coronary syndromes triggered by Type 1 hypersensitivity reactions due to drug intake are known as “Kounis syndrome.” Vasospasm occurring in […]

Worsening Depression Points to Dementia Risk

Liam Davenport May 04, 2016   Older adults with steadily increasing depressive symptoms may be at increased risk of developing dementia, Dutch investigators have discovered in findings that suggest that worsening depression may share a common etiology with dementia. Investigators found that individuals aged 55 years or older who had had steadily worsening symptoms of […]