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Can a Million Chinese People Die and Nobody Know?

Can a Million Chinese People Die and Nobody Know? Official statistics on COVID can’t be trusted, because they serve Beijing’s political interests. Making the dead disappear is only part of it. By Michael Schuman FEBRUARY 24, 2023, 7:40 AM ET Can a million people vanish from the planet without the world knowing? It seems impossible […]


What is Spirometry? V Spirometry is a method of assessing lung function by measuring the total volume of air the patient can expel from the lungs after a maximal inhalation.  Indications: Diagnostic •To evaluate  respiratory symptoms, signs, or abnormal laboratory tests •To measure the effect of disease on pulmonary function •To screen individuals at risk of […]

N-Methyl D-Aspartate (NMDA) Receptor Antagonists and Memantine Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease

HHS Public Access Author manuscriptCurr Alzheimer Res. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2016 August 28.Author Manuscript Author Manuscript Author Manuscript Author ManuscriptPublished in final edited form as:Curr Alzheimer Res. 2012 July ; 9(6): 746–758.N-Methyl D-Aspartate (NMDA) Receptor Antagonists and Memantine Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, Vascular Dementia and Parkinson’s DiseaseDavid Olivares1, Varun K. Deshpande2, Ying Shi2, […]

Letter To,Shri Narendra Modi

INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (HQs.)(Registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860)Mutually Affiliated with the British & Nepal Medical AssociationsI.M.A. House, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi-110 002Telephones: +91-11-2337 0009 (10 lines), 23378680 / +91-9999116375, 9999116376, Fax: +91-11-23379470Website: ; Email: hsg@ima-india.orgNational PresidentDr. Sharad Kr. Agarwal+91-9717111942 np@ima-india.orgImmediate Past National PresidentDr. Sahajanand Pd. Singh+91-9334118698 sahajsurgery.phulwarisharif@gmail.comHonorary Secretary GeneralDr. Anilkumar J. […]

Beware doctorsLandmark formula for compensation

Beware doctorsLandmark formula for compensation by Supreme Court. (70 – age) x annual income + 30% for inflation – 1/3 for expenses. Hence if a 35 year old person dies due to medical negligence and has a monthly income of 2 lakhs (70-35) x 24lakhs = 8.4 crores. Add 30% =10.92 cr – 1/3 for […]


—( )— REGISTERED NO. DL—(N)04/0007/2003—19EXTRAORDINARY II — 1PART II — Section 1PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY66]No.66] NEWDELHI,THURSDAY,DECEMBER05,2019/AGRAHAYANA14,1941(SAKA)Separate paging is given to this Part in order that it may be filed as a separate compilation.MINISTRY OF LAW AND JUSTICE (Legislative Department)New Delhi, the 5th December, 2019/Agrahayana 14, 1941 (Saka) The following Act of Parliament received the assent of […]


Recent professional conduct regulations by the National Medical Commission NMC for registered medical practitioners

Recent professional conduct regulations by the National Medical Commission NMC for registered medical practitioners RMPs are penned down in this article. The Ethics and Medical Registration Board (EMRB) of the National Medical Commission (NMC) has released draft rules entitled “National Medical Commission, Registered Medical Practitioner (Professional Conduct) Regulations 2022.” The proposed regulations include a broad […]

First Kraken, now Orthrus

First Kraken, now Orthrus: Monsters from Greek mythology are taking a new form – of COVID-19 variants. Now experts warn of Orthrus. Officially called CH.1.1, this Omicron spawn could leave the fast-spreading Kraken behind XBB.1.5, also known as Kraken, is the most dominant virus in the US right now. But experts warn that Orthrus could […]

urine frequently

Arun(name changed) a 26 yr old male nurse approached me with a problem not very frequently associated with his age. He said he was passing urine frequently ( every 10 min,he said) for the past few months. He had been dismissed from his hospital job recently ( A 🧵) because of this problem. He had […]

Patient questions on Covid

Patient questions on Covid Your patients may still ask a few questions about Covid and the recent variant. American Medical Association has provided a set if brief and lucid answers to the most common concrrns and or questions (Collated by CovidRxExchange) SummaryWhat is already known about this topic? The SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.2-related sublineage XBB.1.5 is […]

Sickle Cell Anaemia

Little about Sickle Cell AnaemiaSigns and symptoms of sickle cell anemia usually appear around 6 months of age. They vary from person to person and may change over time. Signs and symptoms can include: Anemia. Sickle cells break apart easily and die. Red blood cells usually live for about 120 days before they need to […]

Facing the New Covid-19 Reality

Facing the New Covid-19 RealityWe’ve come a long way. From the early, ter- rifying days of a rapidly spreading deadly infection to the current circumstances in which — despite a recent steep rise in transmissionclinical terrain and to take to heart the lessons learned from the Covid-19 response thus far — both the successes and […]