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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

 CliniCal FoCus Review Jerrold H. levy, M.D., F.a.H.a., F.C.C.M., editor Contemporary Management and Novel Approaches during COVID-19 George W. Williams, M.D., Nathaniel K. Berg, B.S., Alexander Reskallah, M.D., Xiaoyi Yuan, Ph.D., Holger K. Eltzschig, M.D., Ph.D. Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is de ned as hypoxemia secondary to a rapid onset of noncardio- genic […]


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Post COVID-19 Patient information pack

                                           Helping you to recover and manage your symptoms following COVID-19   […]

How less we know!

Despite tremendous advances in medical science, uncertainty of outcome and ignorance of knowledge continue to persist. In fact, ignorance is common to every science but more so with medicine because medicine is a dynamic science, ever changing. Ignorance is not just lack of knowledge but also lack of awareness of a fact that we don’t […]

क्या चिकित्सकों के अच्छे दिन फिर से लौटेंगे? क्या ये होनहार मेडिकल स्टूडेंट डॉक्टर बनकर पछतावा तो नहीं करेंगे? (संदर्भ: नीट 2020 रिजल्ट )*

* *©️डॉ सुरेश पाण्डेय, नेत्र सर्जन, कोटा* आज 16 अक्टूबर को नीट का रिजल्ट आया है। शोएब आफताब एवं आकांक्षा सिंह ने नीट में 720 में से 720 अंक प्राप्त किए हैं। इन दोनों को एवम् नीट में सफल होने वाले सभी विद्यार्थियों को बहुत बहुत बधाई, सफल चिकित्सक बनने एवम् उज्ज्वल भविष्य की हार्दिक […]

serious neuropsychiatric effects of covid

From acute delirium to long term fatigue, covid-19 has serious neuropsychiatric effects Viral infections of the respiratory tract can have multisystemic effects, including on the central nervous system (CNS), and thus may precipitate a spectrum of psychiatric and neurological disorders.1 Some patients with covid-19 are now known to develop various CNS abnormalities with potentially serious […]


*Dr. Hans Selye*

*HISTORY TODAY IN MEDICINE* *OCTOBER* 1⃣6⃣ *Dr. Hans Selye*   *Jan 26, 1907 – Oct 16, 1982* 💠Hungarian-Canadian Endocrinologist 💠Father of the Field of Stress Research His contributions… 🔹Selye studied medicine at *German Medical School* in Prague and later earned a Doctorate in organic chemistry during 1929. 🔹After completion of his studies, he emigrated to United […]

The story of anaesthesia credit to *Dr HS Adenwalla*

When one goes through the history of the birth of anaesthesia one wonders why anaesthesia did not come to us as early as the year 1800- a good 50 years before it actually did! In 1800 the celebrated English chemist, Sir Humphrey Davy had relieved the pain of an infected tooth by inhaling Nitrous Oxide. […]

Incidence of Barotrauma in Patients With COVID-19 Pneumonia During Prolonged Invasive Mechanical Ventilation – A Case-Control S

 Original research  Incidence of Barotrauma in Patients With COVID-19 Pneumonia During Prolonged Invasive Mechanical Ventilation – A Case-Control Study Journal of Intensive Care Medicine 1-7 a The Author(s) 2020 Article reuse guidelines: DOI: 10.1177/0885066620954364    Josefina Udi1,2  , Corinna N. Lang1,2, Viviane Zotzmann1,2, Kirsten Krueger1,2, Annabelle Fluegle1,2, Fabian […]

CDC Finally Admitted How Far The Coronavirus Actually Travels in Enclosed Spaces

HEALTH CDC Finally Admitted How Far The Coronavirus Actually Travels in Enclosed Spaces HILARY BRUECK, BUSINESS INSIDER 5 OCTOBER 2020 Six feet of space is not always enough to protect you from catching someone else’s coronavirus. “People who are physically near (within 6 feet [or 1.8 metres]) a person with COVID-19, or have direct contact […]

Covid treatment of Trump

Received from my friend a frontline Corona Warrior. Politics aside, the treatment President Trump got from his medical team is the best so far. It’s very important the kind of drugs they used, the sequence of giving these drugs and the timing of each drug given. (1) They gave him Regeneron’s antibody cocktail immediately (within […]

Covid airborne

Since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, scientists and doctors have warned of airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Finally, in October 2020 — seven months into the pandemic — public health agencies have acknowledged the potential of airborne spread.  We’ve long known about the transmission of the coronavirus via respiratory […]

KEM Mumbai Guidelines*

Covid management: 👉🏻Viral replication generally stops by 9th day – which means if you want any benefit of anti-viral it should be given within 9 days. 👉🏻RT PCR may be negative in late stages of infection. So, don’t forget to rely on clinical, epidemiological and radiological guidance to DIAGNOSE A CASE !! 👉🏻”Best time for […]

ढाबों का NABH

पार्ट १ -डॉ राज शेखर यादव M.D(Med) किसी शहर में एक बहुत बड़ा 5 सितारा होटल था,नाम था होटल शिल्टन।उसी शहर में बहुत से छोटे -छोटे ढाबे भी थे। ढाबों पर ac नही होता था,फर्नीचर भी सामान्य सा होता था ।वेटर लोग भी अडोस पड़ोस के गांवों के लड़के होते थे।न उनका कोई ड्रेस -कोड […]

The Hurt Passion Of A Doctor

©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande The recent picture of our favourite cricketer Mr. M. S .Dhoni exhausted and fatigued on the field caused a lot of concern, and we wish him best health with many more years on the field. The passion with which he plays is inspiring, we all love and respect him just like […]

Vedic Symbols

A Compilation of Articles from “Akhand Jyoti” Editors: Dr. Pranav Pandya & Shri Shambhudass                                        FirstEdition: 2005 […]

Timing is important to COVID-19 treatment: When to initiate Antiviral, Steroid and Anticoagulant? – CME INDIA

What is the suitable time to initiate Antiviral, Steroid and Anticoagulant in COVID? CME INDIA explores this question in this article. — Read on

Letter To the American psychiatrist who diagnosed me with Bipolar Disorder

To the American psychiatrist who diagnosed me with Bipolar Disorder: Doctor, you probably don’t remember me. But I remember you well. We met at the end of June 2014. I had already spent two days in the emergency room of your university hospital and another week at a regional hospital close to our college town. […]