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The Kidney

The kidney is very humble It does its work quietly and efficiently Day in and day out, tirelessly For the welfare of the human being. It asks nothing in return Except to sleep peacefully in the retroperitoneal cavity To contemplate in the dark cave On the impurities of the human soul One day the brain, […]

Violence in health care

Violence in the health sector is a routine affair in India nowadays. Be it over the patients’ deaths because of errors in treatment or charging excessive bills, hospitals and nursing homes or the doctors working for them are found facing the public’s ire time and again. The situation is so grave that the state of […]


29th March, 2018, New Delhi In light of the decision of Union Cabinet yesterday evening of approving the amended National Medical Commission Bill 2017, the Action Committee of the medical fraternity comprising of IMA, United RDA, FORDA, MSN, RDA AIIMS & Association of DNB Doctors under the leadership of Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar, National President, IMA met […]

उत्तराखंड में आर्थिक ग़ुलामी की दस्तक, मेडिकल की फीस में 400 प्रतिशत की वृद्धि

उत्तराखंड के प्राइवेट मेडिकल कालेज ने 400 प्रतिशत फीस बढ़ा दी है। यहां के तीन प्राइवेट मेडिकल कालेज में करीब 650 छात्र छात्राएं पढ़ती हैं। आधे उत्तराखंड के ही हैं। राज्य सरकार ने मेडिकल कालेज को फीस बढ़ाने की छूट दे दी है। इस खेल का असर आप जानेंगे तो रातों की नींद उड़ जाएगी। […]

Jail the doctors

Sir, Can I be jailed voluntarily ? Jail term for health data breach . Jail term for not reporting TB case. Jail term for negligence. Jail term for violation of biomedical waste rules. Jail term for not renewing registration. Jail term for not filling Form F. I am surprised at the rapists , murderers , […]

A slice of a pediatrician’s life

@ drshilpaaroskar It was 4 AM and my phone was buzying. I had recently changed my handset and unfamiliar to the new ringtone I unheard it. Now the melodious ring tone was replaced by a coarse cacophony -a familiar one though ( the husband) who was now shaking me too. I got up from my […]

Curd rice

The Curd Rice is the only Indian food which can release a Chemical called Tryptophan in Brain. Indians alone take Curd as Curd. But western world takes it as Yogurt, which got Sugar too, and sugar will not calm your Brain, but increase Glucose level and will put you more restless. Sugar is danger for […]


*Action Plan for 2ndApril, 2018* The Chhatra Sansad, the Students’ Parliament has declared strike in all medical colleges on Monday 02.4.2018 against NMC and violence in hospitals. Doctors’ Mahapanchayat has endorsed and supported the call.  IMA expresses total solidarity with Students, Resident doctors and Junior doctors in this war against injustice. The unprecedented unity shown by the entire medical fraternity in the form […]


Dear Friends, *THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF THE HISTORY.* Thank you very much for the unprecedented response for the Doctors’ Mahapanchayat. This historic event will change the course of medical fraternity. The involvement shown by you all will go in a long way to strengthen doctors’ unity. This “Maha Kumbh” of doctors was […]


ON THE 109th REPORT OF THE PARLIAMENTARY STANDING COMMITTEE ON HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE The PSC on Health &  F.W in its report presented to the Rajya Sabha on 20th March 2018 and laid on the table of Lok Sabha on 20th March 2018 amongst other things have made their observations clause wise in regard […]


ON THE 109th REPORT OF THE PARLIAMENTARY STANDING COMMITTEE ON HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE The PSC on Health &  F.W in its report presented to the Rajya Sabha on 20th March 2018 and laid on the table of Lok Sabha on 20th March 2018 amongst other things have made their observations clause wise in regard […]


DOCTORS’ MAHAPANCHAYAT INDIRA GANDHI STADIUM, NEW DELHI, 25.03.2018 1. National Medical Commission Bill 2017& recommendations of Parliamentary Standing Committee of Health & Family Welfare thereon : It is resolved that this “Mahapanchayat” on 25th March, 2018 at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi in ‘One voice’ out rightly rejects the proposed National Medical Commission Bill […]


“Loneliness” Profound loneliness. You can be surrounded by friends, family and colleagues, but in reality, you are quite alone. If your family does not consist of doctors, they hardly understand the difficulties that you go through. They sympathize with you, yet are unable to grasp the reality of your training and career. Why you must […]

TB notify able


“ I am rich, fit, and I have mastered almost everything I wanted to master. Why am I still not happy and still not satisfied?” – posted in Quora by Anonymous *Answer by Karim Elsheikh*: “Human happiness (as we know it) is caused by 4 basic chemicals: *Dopamine* *Endorphins* *Serotonin* *Oxytocin* # On your journey […]

Quick tips for doctors to guide their female patients as they face menopause

Mar 08, 2018 Though Menopause,  a complete cessation of ovulation and menses, is a natural event in a woman’s life, it significantly affects her quality of life. It is often a traumatizing time for women as it involves many other changes that require efficient management, extending far beyond the reach of medical treatment. Unlike most other systemic […]


Just Released: Much awaited report from the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the National Medical Commission, 2017 Committee proposes to move forward with the NMC Bill, 2017 with substantial recommendations on the Constitution of the NMC, regulation of fees in Medical colleges, the National exit exam and role of States in approving medical colleges The Department-related […]

Cortisol Response to Operative Stress With Anesthesia in Healthy Children

Lisa K. Taylor, Richard J. Auchus, […], and Walter L. Miller Background: Supraphysiological “stress dosing” is generally given to adrenally insufficient patients undergoing operative procedures and/or general anesthesia. However, the normal responses of cortisol to surgery are poorly documented, especially in small children. Recent studies in adults suggest that massive glucocorticoid dosing is not needed, […]


If you have Psychosis/ Neurosis/ Mental Retardation you cannot join Medical Post graduation courses:  Medical Council of India 2018 Dr Harish Shetty [Letter to the Health Minister ; Govt of India] This is a shocker! As the admissions for Post graduation Medical Courses 2018 are on after the P.G NEET results the Certificate of Medical Fitness […]

Study Looks at Accuracy of Breast Biopsy Results

A biopsy is a small operation done to remove tissue from an area of concern in the body. The tissue sample is examined by a pathologist (a doctor who specializes in diagnosing disease) to see if cancer cells are present. If cancer is present, the pathologist then looks at the cancer’s characteristics. Biopsy is usually […]

Ayurvedic and herbal medicine use in Kerala causing severe liver damage and mortality

In a study conducted by liver specialist Dr Abby Philips, senior gastroenterologist Dr Philip Augustine, liver pathologist Dr Rajaguru, with the partnership of Sophisticated Testing and Instrumentation Centre of the Cochin University of Science and Technology and Envirodesigns Ecolabs, at a tertiary level hospital at Kochi, in Kerala, it was found that about two percent […]


Yesterday a patient- businessman by profession got a surgery done by me… When I handed him the bill of around 20k, he felt he had been charged exhorbitantly and insisted on discussion with me that I should convince him that what I had charged for a 40 mins procedure was valid… I told him let’s […]

MDMA dampens the encoding and retrieval of emotional memories

By ERIC W. DOLAN March 10, 2018 + (Photo credit: psdesign1) MDMA appears to have a stronger effect on emotional memories than non-emotional memories, according to new research. The finding may explain why the drug has beneficial effects for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and similar psychiatric conditions. MDMA, more commonly known as the […]

Living will

Supreme Court allows living will———–In a landmark judgement delivered today, the Supreme Court of India has allowed an individual to draft a living will specifying that they not be put on life support if they slip into an incurable coma. The order was passed by a five judge Constitutional bench comprising Chief Justice of India […]

Harrison on the list

A new study has found that the authors of some of the most authoritative medical textbooks in the world did not disclose financial conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry and medical product companies. The researchers — led by Brian Piper, a neuroscientist at the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States […]


ISTOCK, ANDREY POPOV Diabetes is a group of five diseases with distinct genetic and physiological profiles, according to a study published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology last week (March 1). Traditionally, diabetes—a condition that affects more than 100 million Americans—has had just two classifications. However, clinicians were aware that type 1 and type 2 […]

Systems of medicine

Dr. T. Jacob John, a noted epidemiologist, public health expert, and past Chairman of the Expert Advisory Group on Polio Eradication for GOI speaks about why two very different systems of medicine in India cannot merge to become one wholesome method of clinical practice. Every system of medicine works for a common cause- to enable […]

A Committee Chosen By Modi Government To Rewrite India’s History:

Report All India NDTV NEWSDESK (with inputs from Reuters) Interviews with committee members set out its aims: to use evidence such as archaeological finds and DNA to prove that today’s Hindus are directly descended from the land’s first inhabitants many thousands of years ago Updated : March 06, 2018 19:23 IST “The true colour of […]

What’s wrong with medical education

India is world-famous for its doctors, and it produces some of the world’s best, from reputable institutions in and out of the country. There are more medical colleges and teaching hospitals in India than anywhere else – 579 to be exact. But a couple of recent studies and reports have cast serious doubts on the […]