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How to sponsor your own health award

Rema Nagarajan |    that is a recession-proof, sunrise industry, ” healthcare excellence awards ” too appear to be a booming industry. With rapid expansion of the private healthcare sector , there are new entrants in the award scene every year. The usual winners tend to be corporate hospitals/hospital chains, diagnostic companies, all kinds of specialist […]

Bill No. 185 of 2019 THE NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION BILL, 2019 ——————

AS INTRODUCED IN LOK SABHA ARRANGEMENT OF CLAUSES —————— CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY CLAUSES 1. Short title, extent and commencement. 2. Definitions. CHAPTER II THE NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION 3. Constitution of National Medical Commission. 4. Composition of Commission. 5. Search Committee for appointment of Chairperson and Members. 6. Term of office and conditions of service of […]


Credit: Jamie Grill Getty Images Begin Rubicon Project Tag Site: SCIAM – Mobile Zone: SCIAM_Mobile_International_300x250_MPU_1 Size: Medium Rectangle Copyright the Rubicon Project 2019 End Rubicon Project Tag ADVERTISEMENT A nurse showed me the newspaper just as I was walking in. I saw the smiling face of the young man I had taken care of since […]


The NMC Bill 2019 approved on 22nd July in the Lok Sabha has brought to itself a Nationwide Protest by Doctors and Medical students. A continued Hunger strike has been called by the students of medical colleges in front of AIIMS, Delhi. Doctors and Medical students staged a protest against the newly approved NMC Bill […]


Good Morning, Today is “World ORS Day” & is celebrated every year on 29th July to highlight the importance of Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) as a cost-effective method of health intervention. Acute diarrhoeal diseases are one of the leading causes of mortality in infants and young children as a result of diarrhoea-related dehydration. Dehydration from […]

Diagnosis of elevated intracranial pressure in critically ill adults:

RESEARCH         systematic review and meta-analysis Shannon M Fernando,1,2 Alexandre Tran,3,4 Wei Cheng,5 Bram Rochwerg,6,7 Monica Taljaard,3,5 Kwadwo Kyeremanteng,1,5 Shane W English,1,3,5 Mypinder S Sekhon,8 Donald E G Griesdale,8,9,10 Dar Dowlatshahi,3,5,11 Victoria A McCredie,12,13 Eelco F M Wijdicks,14 Saleh A Almenawer,15 Kenji Inaba,16 Venkatakrishna Rajajee,17,18 Je rey J […]


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used in many sectors but its applicability in the medical industry is still in its nascent stages, with several research programmes under way to test the efficacy of machine learning in clinical settings. Lily Peng, Google Health product manager and a non-practising physician, spoke to Armaan Bhatnagar on the […]

Insurance in Medicare

गांव में डॉक्टर को पीटा गया, डॉक्टर गांव छोड़ कर भागा, कस्बे में पीटा गया, कस्बा छोड़कर भाग, रात में कॉल पर बदतमीज़ी की गई, कॉल पर शाम के बाद जाना छोड़ दिया, शहर में बदतमीज़ी शुरू हुई, बोर्ड लगा दिया इमरजेंसी का इलाज नहीं होता है। पहलवान / सुरक्षा कर्मी रखा गया। खर्च बढ़ा। […]


Journal of Ophthalmic & Vision Research Wolters Kluwer — Medknow Publications Current Concepts of Oxygen Management in Retinopathy of Prematurity Leah A. Owen, MD, PhD and M. Elizabeth Hartnett, MD Additional article information Abstract article-meta Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a potentially blinding disorder in premature infants. The underlying pathophysiology is incompletely understood, limiting the […]

Consumer Law and Practice,

To, Prof. Dr. Ashok R. Patil. Chair Professor, Chair on Consumer Law and Practice, National Law School of India University, Bengaluru. Dear Sir, Ref. Your letter to Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India dated 01/07/2019 asking for reinstatement of Healthcare services in the draft Consumer Protection Bill 2019 Greetings from Federation of Associations […]


Chyluria, also called chylous urine, is a medical condition involving the presence of chyle in the urine stream,[1] which results in urine appearing milky white.[2] The condition is usually classified as being either parasitic or non parasitic. It is a condition that is more prevalent among people of Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Chyluria Other […]

The Mathematics Of Kindness.

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande “Are you coming, doctor, or shall we file a complaint? We will go to the police if you don’t come in an hour”. It was about 12 noon on a Sunday. My sister and her family were visiting for three days, this would be our only lunch together in this year. […]

Why giving birth in the U.S. is surprisingly deadly Black mothers are particularly at risk.MMR IN UMRICA

KIRA JOHNSON, PREGNANT WITH HER SON LANGSTON COURTESY CHARLES JOHNSON IV This story appears in the January 2019 issue of National Geographic magazine. There are times when flip-flops and sweatpants seem appropriate. At a Saturday afternoon picnic in the park. Or at the county fair. Or when you’re a couple preparing for the arrival of […]

Death of death

I *Death will be Optional by 2045* Death will be ‘optional’ and ageing ‘curable’ by 2045, say genetic engineers  Sat, Apr 21, 2018 @thinkspain DYING will be ‘optional’ within just 27 years and the ageing process will be ‘reversible’, according to two genetic engineers during the presentation of their new book in Barcelona. José […]

Clinical establishment act

Govemment of India Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Department of Health & Family Welfare “ut”gJ.ies Regulation) Act,20l0. .*, 560-4, Nirman Bhawan. New Del *i,f,i”‘+: days from the date of issue ofthis notice’ i2, n r, . ili’iuv H””1’r’ *d u m oAiuillu;rf.t,iii;;fiS, “;;:iio0ll or by email to 9r lTil1,y”lfl:;l’gi,):; Joint Secretary a Medical […]

Generic boom

Updated on May 14: This story has been updated to include details about the FDA’s response to Ranbaxy and comments from the FDA. It has also been updated to indicate it is a book review, and therefore opinion. Generic drugs are supposed to work just as well as their brand-name counterparts. Once a patent lifts, […]


        HOW TO SAVE ONESELF FROM JAWS OF LEGAL ACTION                               PCPNDT ACT       HOW TO SAVE ONESELF FROM JAWS OF LEGAL ACTION Dr. Meenakshi  Deshpande                       […]

Psychiatrists . What Are We & What Not?

Psychiatrists are human beings and doctors – so don’t avoid them It is PSYCHIATRIST – not Psycho, Mental Doctor, Physiatrist, Physicist, Psychologist, Psykriyatist, Sy#$%! Or something else….. Psychiatrists can’t tell about you unless you talk to them – if you don’t tell them something they would never know Psychiatrists don’t evaluate their friends, family members […]


Papazian et al. Ann. Intensive Care (2019) 9:69 REVIEW Open Access                          Formal guidelines: management of acute respiratory distress syndrome Laurent Papazian1*, Cécile Aubron2, Laurent Brochard3, Jean‐Daniel Chiche4, Alain Combes5, […]

How I manage a difficult intubation

Casey et al. Critical Care (2019) 23:177 EDITORIAL Open Access Jonathan D. Casey1, Matthew W. Semler1, Kevin High2 and Wesley H. Self2*                        In this article, we review our approach to a […]


(c) Dr.Sudip Raina I completed my MBBS in 1994 and Post Graduation in 1997… both from SMS Medical College, Jaipur. I subsequently did my Senior Residency from Government Medical College, Jammu. It was during those days that I decided my inclination was towards Surgical Oncology. I worked for 3 years at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai […]

Wrong Diagnosis:

Wrong Diagnosis: Secret Child Of Every Doctor ©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande “I don’t agree with your diagnosis” said the senior gynaecologist to me, as the rich patient and his family heard with interest and confusion, “I don’t think this patient has Parkinsons Disease”. I had just returned from an advanced University Hospital in Canada after […]

10 Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

Source: 10 Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones by Dr. Edward Group   The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the human body. The kidneys help to detox and filter impurities from the blood, as well as waste products from your urine. Kidney stones form when the kidneys are not able to process toxins efficiently. Specifically, […]

I loved this poem on COMA

COMATOLOGY Differential Diagnosis in an Unconscious Patient!! When gums are swollen & bitten tongue, Epilepsy could be in the rung, When drenching sweat is with coma It’s hypoglycemia If In coma, fever is in its height Cerebral malaria could be the plight And high fever is with neck stiffness Probably it’s pyogenic meningitis In the […]

Generic medicines in India

Our faith in Indian generic medicines is often misplaced. They frequently don’t work. Sometimes, no matter how many tablets you take, they will not treat the disease or infection (Shutterstock) Perhaps because I’m a hypochondriac, I have great faith in medicine. Whenever I pop a pill, I do so in the full confidence it will […]

The Secret Illness Of Doctors

Rajasdeshpande RajasDeshpande 1 day ago © Dr. Rajas Deshpande She threw the file upon my table. “I have no relief doctor. This giddiness is killing me. None of the medicines ever works. No doctor is able to understand my illness. Just give me some tablet and end my life” she was shouting and crying. Her […]

Recover Bills From Patients, Overcome Basic Hurdles

Hospitals require capital for the smooth running and imparting the required care to the patient. However, recovery or settlement of bills still remains one of the most difficult practices for the medical fraternity. It requires more managerial mind rather than the medical mind.               In certain situations, it can be ideal to let go of […]

professional jealousy

WHY I BELIEVE DOCTORS DESERVE TO GET BASHED UP ( A NON SARCASTIC POST) There has been a lot of hue and cry in the recent times about how medicos are being assaulted all over the nation. No other professional group has faced such brazen attacks except perhaps security and armed personell. Why is nobody […]

Good medical practice

The medical profession is considered as the noblest profession and sometimes doctors are even considered as deities. It is said that either you choose a profession or profession chooses you. But, in the hindsight, the key motive of ‘patient care’ is someway slipping down the ladder. On the flipside, we also need to consider that […]


July 11,2019. Remembering and Celebrating the life of Prof. Prabhu G.G. Yesterday when I received the news of Prof.Prabhu leaving the physical body, I experienced both a personal and professional loss.   I have known Prabhuji (that is how I used to refer to him) since 1975 and the last time I shared time  with […]

Rural postings

When we talk about healthcare and different constraints it possesses, then the most important part of healthcare is the services in rural areas but beckons to be the most underrated one. It is the shortage of enviable medical services in rural areas which are required for overall growth of healthcare sector. On this line, recently, […]

Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy

Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) is a fatal complication of epilepsy.[1] It is defined as the sudden and unexpected, non-traumatic and non-drowning death of a person with epilepsy, without a toxicological or anatomical cause of death detected during the post-mortem examination. Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy While the mechanisms underlying SUDEP are still poorly […]

Doctors pay in india and abroad

The field of medicine is at the apex because of countless efforts taken by the doctors for the betterment of health. They use their knowledge, experience, skillset, and time for it. Hence, there must also be a satisfying remuneration for them. Yes, it is no secret that doctors are being paid with quite good salary […]

Refusing emergency?

Can a single specialty doctor running clinic single handed refuse night emergency due to acute medical illness to himself or due to severe physical and mental exhaustion? A single specialty center cannot pick and choose emergency. If you are a gynaecologist and if you write on your board “24 hour emergency” meaning only “Obstetrics emergency” […]

In name of Pollution

Subject Tyranny of Delhi Pollution Control Committee From Dr.C.P Khandelwal To: <>, <>, CM DELHI <>, MIN HEALTH/PWD/UD/POWER <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <> Date Sat, Jul 6 2019 at 10:17 PM Dated: 06/07/2019 To Shri Prakash Javdekar Minister of Environment & Forest Government of India Respected Sir, Today I came […]

MBAs with no medical background:

*MBAs with no medical background: The worst thing to happen to Indian Private Healthcare System in the last 20 years?* Till 20-25 years ago, almost every private hospital in India was managed by doctors at the top. That time, the country was much poorer than now. Private hospitals were beyond the common man’s reach even […]

Doctor Rajiv gupta

Cm सिटी करनाल के सबसे बड़े निजी हॉस्पिटल अमृतधारा के डॉक्टर राजीव गुप्ता की कुछ अज्ञात हमलावरों ने गोली मारकर हत्या कर दी। राजीव गुप्ता करनाल के बेहतरीन डॉक्टर्स में शामिल थे। वो एम्स दिल्ली के CMO भी रहे और साथ ही IMA करनाल के अध्यक्ष भी रहे। उनका कैरियर एक नज़र…… MBBS, MD Medicine […]

PROTOCOL for ‘Dead-on-Arrival (DOA)’ Cases

 INTRODUCTION In every hospital, occasionally cases are brought to the Emergency Room who are apparently dead or actually dead (dead-on-arrival or DOA). Such cases may be due to natural cause or unnatural cause. Every doctor should be aware of the procedure to be followed in DOA cases, because such cases have legal, ethical and […]

The Harassed Patriot

(c) Dr. Rajas Deshpande “Sir Can I come to meet you this Wednesday? I am in Delhi right now, I will be coming to Pune on Tuesday to see my parents” Dr. Aman asked. He sounded different from his usual jovial self. I was with a patient. “Sure! Everything alright with you?” I asked hesitantly. […]


He was young, naive and raw But confident and competent as a Gynecologist While doing the scan, the lady asked ‘Sir, what is the sex of the baby…?’ He ignored and said; Baby is fine and good, and 4 months now ‘I asked about the sex, sir’ That was more of a statement from her […]

सरकारी डॉक्टर बाबू

.डी एम साहब /सी एम ओ साहिब पी एम एस के एक नौजवान डाक्टर द्वारा भेजी, क्या निम्नलिखित पोस्ट भी सही है? पीएचसी-सीएचसी और एडिशनल पीएचसी पर डॉक्टर क्यों नहीं जाना चाहते,कम तनख़्वाह अलग चीज़ है,वेतन तो कम है ही,सबसे बड़ी वजह है राजनीतिक हस्तक्षेप, अनपढ / कम पढे लिखे प्रधान/ ब्लाक प्रमुख की सुनिए,मंत्री/विधायक […]

Subject: Proposed Amendment in Drugs and Cosmetic Act, DCC Meeting 1st June 2019.

To The Hony Secretary General IMA HQ New Delhi Subject: Proposed Amendment in Drugs and Cosmetic Act, DCC Meeting 1st June 2019. Dear Sir Greetings from IMA Haryana! I wish to draw your attention towards the proposed amendment in the Drugs and Cosmetics Act , as recommended by the Drugs Consultative Committee in its meeting […]

Psychotropics and the Microbiome: a Chamber of Secrets…

Psychopharmacology (2019) 236:1411–1432 REVIEW Sofia Cussotto1,2 & Gerard Clarke1,3 & Timothy G. Dinan1,3 & John F. Cryan1,2 Received: 19 October 2018 / Accepted: 30 January 2019 / Published online: 26 February 2019 # The Author(s) 2019 Abstract The human gut contains trillions of symbiotic bacteria that play a key role in programming different aspects […]


Attendants keep on Changing – Speak to Every New Attendant – Answer their Every concern – Don’t Hesitate to communicate with New attendants of a Sick patient – They might turn into your Trouble makers.. Most Important Issue in Communication is NOT WHAT YOU TALK.. IT IS HOW YOU TALK.. In Every case.. Tell pt […]

Why are people attacking Doctors? The Mocking Bird Theory

By Dr Kiran Narayana Hrudayalaya Bangalore June 2 Yes; we are debating, quite fiercely! How to prevent people from attacking doctors? By legislation? By police action? By employing bouncers? Or by not allowing our children from getting into this profession?! We are scientific people! We detest quacks who treat on symptomatic basis. We seek an […]

Mob IQ Versus Indian Doctors

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande Woke up with a bad headache one morning, probably a sudden change in weather. Felt lethargic, did not want to get out of the bed. It was raining heavy, a perfect day to stay in bed and snack with a book and a huge black coffee. But the usual inhibition of […]

The future of medicine

UP NEXT What science has gotten wrong by ignoring women 1/13 VIEW SLIDESHOW BIONIC PROSTHETIC A bionic eye sounds like science fiction, but a 3D printer created this prototype in an hour, bringing the promise of a seeing prosthetic that much closer to reality. PHOTOGRAH BY REBECCA HALE USEFUL DNA ORIGAMI Bioengineers have made nanoscale […]

Bad news

As medical students in india, we were not taught the art of breaking bad news to patients/ families. To say it as it is, without minimizing the severity of the illness , yet with compassion and realistic hope, is not easy. Most of our Indian teachers were naturally good at it. Not all. In Trivandrum […]