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the death of buddha

The Death of a Buddha SHARE THIS LINK October 1, 2006 – 1:10 am | By Dr Shyam Bhat Tagged under Buddha, Depression, existential anxiety, J. Clin. psychiatry, spirituality, treatment dilemma Buddha (Sanskrit): “Awakened” or “that which has become aware” Let us suppose that you, a psychiatrist from 21st-century America,are transported back in time to the 5th century B.C., to a […]

Continuing statins in critically ill patients reduces delirium

Continuing statins in critically ill patients reduces delirium   Continued use of statins may help prevent delirium in critically ill patients who received statins before hospital admission, according to a new study of 470 intensive care patients in the UK. “This is the first study using a validated delirium screening tool, the Confusion Assessment Method-ICU […]

$1 million mistake: Becoming a doctor

ISTOCKPHOTO  Shares  Tweets  Stumble   Email More + (MoneyWatch) If you are brilliant, ambitious and gifted in science, you may consider becoming a doctor. If so, think twice. According to a new survey by personal finance site NerdWallet, most doctors are dissatisfied with the job, and less than half would choose a career in medicine if they […]

Kejriwal’s personality

What about Kejriwal’s personality? I am using Enneagram, one of the theories used to understand human beings and their leadership styles. Based on secondary research, watching his interviews and analysing his overall public persona, Kejriwal would be a Type 6 according to Enneagram personality type. This is in no way putting him inside a box […]

Revealing the True Intent and Spirit of the Bhagavad Gita in its Historical Context

 Revealing the True Intent and Spirit of the Bhagavad Gita in its Historical Context Author: Dharma Kāmatā (Dr. K.P.S. Kamath). Pages: 480 (color-coded), Price Rs. 595  To get your printed copy in India send check or money order for Rs. 655 (Rs. 595+60 for postage) made to: K.R. Kamath, ‘Nisarg’ 6th Main Rd, Laxmindra Nagar, P.O Kunjibettu, Udupi, 576102, […]

emotional first aid

Emotional First Aid: A set of life skills used by lay citizens and emergency responders to provide the support a person who is emotionally shocked needs immediately following a crisis event. HOW TO HELP THE EMOTIONALLY INJURED AFTER TRAGEDY STRIKES Reach Out Physically Position yourself at the victims side and at his level. Touch unless the […]

pychological autopsy

  Suicide: Psychological autopsy, a research tool for prevention Created: 2005. Go to: Expert advisory group and authors Expert group and authors Agnès batt, Public Health Department, Faculty of medicine, Rennes Frank bellivier, Neurobiology and psychiatry, INSERM U513, Créteil Benoît delatte, Psychiatric hospital Beau Vallon, Saint-Gervais, Belgium Odile spreux-varoquaux, Pharmacology, Hospital Versailles, Le Chesnay, Faculty of medicine, Paris-Ile de […]

SLEEP – a perfectly fine waste of time?

By MARIA KONNIKOVAJAN. 11, 2014 SLEEP seems like a perfectly fine waste of time. Why would our bodies evolve to spend close to one-third of our lives completely out of it, when we could instead be doing something useful or exciting? Something that would, as an added bonus, be less likely to get us killed back […]

history of psychiatry

intergenerational transmission

  According to the Telegraph, Dr Brian Dias, from the department of psychiatry at Emory University, said: ”From a translational perspective, our results allow us to appreciate how the experiences of a parent, before even conceiving offspring, markedly influence both structure and function in the nervous system of subsequent generations. “Such a phenomenon may contribute to the etiology […]


Science is a very serious business, so what tickles a rational mind? In a not very scientific experiment, we asked a sample of great minds for their favourite jokes Statisticians: not totally reliable. Physics ■ Two theoretical physicists are lost at the top of a mountain. Theoretical physicist No 1 pulls out a map and peruses […]

water metabolism

Body fluid volume and electrolyte concentration are normally maintained within very narrow limits despite wide variations in dietary intake, metabolic activity, and environmental stresses. Homeostasis of body fluids is preserved primarily by the kidneys. Water and Na balance are closely interdependent. Total body water (TBW) is about 60% of body weight (ranging from about 50% […]

ten best for 2014

It’s time again for the year’s ten best from NIMH. A year that included a 16-day government shutdown and a 5.2 percent sequester also saw some outstanding scientific breakthroughs and historic changes in policy. Befitting the complexity of the problems, many of the breakthroughs were not individually reported findings but the cumulative results of several […]