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Indian Private Healthcare System

MBAs with no medical background: The worst thing to happen to Indian Private Healthcare System in the last 20 years? Till 20-25 years ago, almost every private hospital in India was managed by doctors at the top. That time, the country was much poorer than now. Private hospitals were beyond the common man’s reach even […]

MTP Act]

[MTP Act] Doctors need not disclose identity of minors seeking abortion: Takeaways from Supreme Court judgmentThe Court held that in cases where minors seek termination of their pregnancy, Registered Medical Practitioners need not disclose the identity of the minor to police, even though the same is requIn a significant judgment expanding and re-affirming the right […]

10th SOP on Paents Consent 2022

10th SOP on Paents Consent 2022 10th SOP on Paents Consent 2022 10th SOP on Paents Consent 2022 1. Consent in Non-Emergency Situations – General Procedures 1.1 Take consent only of the patient in a non-emergency situation if the patient is adult (also refer to Clause 6.1), competent (also refer to Clause 6.5), and oriented […]


2Consent Form  3Filling the Consent Form 4Risk Information  5Emergencies  6Minor / Incompetent / Emergency patient – Proxy Consent 7Surgery / Procedure / Intervention 8Additional / Alternative / Extension During a Planned Surgery / Procedure (same anesthesia period) 9Family Planning Procedures 10Sterility Anticipated in an Intervention 11Medical Termination of Pregnancy 12Blood / Blood Products Transfusion 13Delay […]


What Is Chikungunya? Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment Introduction Chikungunya fever (CHIK) is a viral disease transmitted by the bite of infected female mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti, and Aedes albopictus. The causative organism is an RNA virus of the alphavirus genus, the Togaviriade family. The name chikungunya is derived from a Kimakonde language word meaning “to become […]


NMC Fee Guidelines 2022 | ‘Illegal’, ‘they are trying to control 100%’ seats in private medical colleges: Expert The Indian Express speaks to former head of Maharashtra’s medical education and research board Dr Pravin Shingare, currently a pro-chancellor of a deemed-to-be university, about the issues that private medical colleges have with the new NMC fee […]


w2 fense CR HOW TO SUCCEED IN THE PSYCHIATRY CLERKSHIP The psychiatry clerkship can be very exciting. Depending on the type of ward or facility, you may see behavior and psychiatric profiles that are profoundly interesting as well as disturbing. A key to doing well in this clerkship is find- ing the balance between drawing […]

Drug war


Dr. Pk Gupta    0 Points View Close First Fatty Liver Guidelines for Primary Care M3 India NewsdeskAug 10, 2022  An overwhelming majority of NAFLD patients are treated in general care and endocrinology settings. This article presents the AACE and AASLD recommendations for the screening, diagnosis and treatment of fatty liver diseases. Key takeaways NAFLD and NASH […]

Covid Update

Covid Update The pandemic is ending- did we really need boosters?The vaccines have done an excellent job of preventing hospitalisations and death. The primary vaccination series was defined as two doses 28 days apart. And it seemed to work excellent. But then came some studies from Isreal and other parts of the world advocating the […]


null बुढ़ापा आने से पहले खुद को बूढ़ा ना बनाएं, 35 से 40 की उम्र के लोग तुरंत छोड़ें ये सात आदतें ज्यादातर लोग 35 की उम्र के बाद जीवन के प्रति अपने जुनून को खत्म कर लेते हैं. अपनी जिंदगी को वो एक ढर्रे पर चलाने लगते हैं और मान लेते हैं कि अब […]

Want to live longer? Influence your genes.

Take a moment to visualize your favorite place in the world that requires you to walk up an incline. Maybe it’s the Spanish Steps in Rome or the Potala Palace in Tibet. Or maybe it’s a serene hill in your local park. Or the top row of your favorite team’s stadium. Now imagine that you’ve […]

Buprenorphine price cap

MCI’s new code of ethics for medical professionals: An exercise in vain or a welcome move | Vipin M Vashishtha –

ANALYTICS TOOLS Download Full PDF Package Translate MCI’s new code of ethics for medical professionals: An exercise in vain or a welcome move Vipin M Vashishtha 2010, Indian Pediatrics 34 Views 2 Pages 1 File ▾ India, Humans, Codes of Ethics, Code of Ethics, Drug Industry  …more ▾ Show more ▾ Download Full PDF Package Translate Original PDF […]


WHAT IS ROAD HYPNOSIS? Be Safe and Drive Safe. Article source courtesy: Dr. Shrikant Gundawar, Radiologist, Poona.

guide to conduct systematic reviews and Meta-Analysis

BEGINNER’S GUIDE FOR SYSTEMATIC REVIEWSA step by step guide to conduct systematic reviews and Meta-Analysis(An ICMR Publication)Anju Sinha, Geetha R. Menon, Denny John ForewordI am happy to write this foreword for Beginner’s Guide for Systematic Reviews. This book is mainly aimed at public health and social science researchers for undertaking systematic reviews. The aim of […]

Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts

Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP)STANDARD TREATMENTGUIDELINES 2022Social Media: Do’s and Don’tsLead AuthorHarish PemdeCo-AuthorsNewton Luiz, Reena RathiUnder the Auspices of the IAP Action Plan 2022Remesh Kumar RIAP President 2022Vineet SaxenaUpendra KinjawadekarPiyush GuptaIAP President-Elect 2022IAP President 2021IAP HSG 2022–2023 © Indian Academy of PediatricsIAP Standard Treatment Guidelines CommitteeChairpersonRemesh Kumar RIAP CoordinatorVineet SaxenaNational CoordinatorsSS Kamath, Vinod H RatageriMember […]

20 प्रमाण जो कुतुब मीनार को ‘वेधशाला/सूर्य स्तंभ’ साबित करते हैं

वो 20 प्रमाण जो कुतुब मीनार को ‘वेधशाला/सूर्य स्तंभ‘ साबित करते हैं पूर्व क्षेत्रीय निदेशक धर्मवीर शर्मा के तहलका मचाने वाले 20 दावे 1- इसका निर्माण खगोल विज्ञान पर आधारित है। 2- इसे कर्क रेखा के ऊपर बनाया गया। 3- इसे सूर्य की गतिविधि की गणना करने के लिए बनाया गया था 4- इस मीनार […]

NLEM National List of Essential Medicines 2022 for mental health:

NLEM National List of Essential Medicines 2022 for mental health: 3 oral antipsychotics (+one depot), 3 antidepressants, 3 mood stabilzing agents; 2 hypnotic/anxiolytic NLEM 2011 then 2015, now 2022No big change in last 10 years though markets flooded with >20 new drugs. Let’s go through #NLEM National List of Essential Medicines 2022 for mental health:Antipsychotics- […]

NLEM 2022: Union Health Minister releases NLEM 2022: Check list, Health News, ET HealthWorld

National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) are those that satisfy the priority healthcare needs, based on: efficacy, safety, quality and the total co.. — Read on


62 RNevuireowtrAaurtmicaleNIMHANS Bhat et al. THIEMEThe Evolution of NIMHANS Neurotrauma CareDhananjaya I. Bhat1 B. Indira Devi2 Dhaval Shukla21Department of Neurosurgery, RV Aster Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka, India2Department of Neurosurgery, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore, Karnataka, IndiaIndian J Neurotrauma:2020;17:62–68Akshay V. Kulkarni2Address for correspondence B. Indira Devi, MCh, Department of Neurosurgery, National Institute of […]


IntroductionInfluenza is an acute viral respiratory disease caused by infection of the respiratory tract with influenza viruses (seasonal influenza A and B viruses) that circulate among people worldwide. Seasonal influenza refers to disease in humans caused by infection with seasonal influenza A or B viruses and is the focus of this Seminar. Annual influenza epidemics […]


NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION Postgraduate Medical Education Board D 11011/1/22/AC/Guidelines/15 Date: 05-08-2022 GUIDELINES FOR COMPETENCY BASED POSTGRADUATE TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR M.D. IN PSYCHIATRY 1 GUIDELINES FOR COMPETENCY BASED POSTGRADUATE TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR MD IN PSYCHIATRTY Preamble The purpose of PG education is to create specialists who would provide high quality health care and advance the cause […]

Medical Gases and Vacuum Systems in Hospitals Neven Saleh, Assistant Professor, Systems and Biomedical Engineering Department, Higher Institute of Engineering Medical gases and vacuum systems are used in hospitals to provide safe and cost-effective source of medical gases for the clinical applications. In this article, medical gases are described in terms of types and purposes. Moreover, […]