Dr. P K Gupta was born and brought up in the small hill town of Dehradun, in the foothills of the Himalayas. His early education was in St. Thomas High school followed by his graduating with MBBS from the third oldest medical college in India, the famous SN Medical College Agra. He pursued his residency […]

long-awaited study that zeroes in on the most common groups of symptoms for people with long Covid may not bring the relief millions of Americans and doctors have been wanting. The study, some of the first research from the National Institutes of Health’s billion-dollar RECOVER program, does not provide a standardized definition of the condition. […]

As a cardiologist, every day I see 2-3 patients who need clearance for surgery 🔪 ALL of them are on blood thinners🩸 Every surgeon wants to stop these medicines💊 The patients ask:Is it safe?Should I stop? Let’s see how to deal with blood thinners before surgery🧵👇 1/18 🩺 The management of patients on blood thinners […]

As a cardiologist, every day I see 2-3 patients who need clearance for surgery 🔪 ALL of them are on blood thinners🩸 Every surgeon wants to stop these medicines💊 The patients ask:Is it safe?Should I stop? Let’s see how to deal with blood thinners before surgery🧵👇 1/18 🩺 The management of patients on blood thinners […]

Dr. Barun Sarkar was a renowned Gynaecologist in Agra and currently practices at Dr Sarkars Multispeciality and Uma IVF Hospital, Agra till his death on 3 December 2022. For the past 52 years, Dr. Barun Sarkar has worked as a Gynecologist, Obstetrician and gained proficient skills and knowledge in the segments. Dr. Barun Sarkar pursued […]

DELHI STATE MENTAL HEALTH AUTHORITY MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR Mental Health Establishments as per MHA, 2017 INTRODUCTION & BACKGROUND 1. In the previous Mental Health Act, 1987 there was no provision for Minimum Standards for Psychiatric Nursing Homes and the norms of the NHRC report of 1999 were the benchmark for providing quality assurance in mental […]

Learn about Jarisch Herxheimer reaction. What are causes & symptoms of Jarisch Herxheimer reaction. How is Jarisch Herxheimer reaction treated — Read on healthjade.net/jarisch-herxheimer/ Jarisch Herxheimer reaction Jarisch Herxheimer causes Jarisch Herxheimer reaction symptoms Jarisch Herxheimer treatment Jarisch Herxheimer reaction Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction is a self-limited reaction associated with initiation of anti-treponemal therapy that most often […]

डॉक्टर्स और डॉक्टर्स संगठन इतने कमजोर क्यों है ; क्यों कोई भी इनके मान सम्मान की परवाह नहीं करता , मारपीट अपमान मानहानि से नहीं चूकता , सब मिलाकर आर्थिक ,मानसिक सामाजिक शोषण , आइये विस्तार में महत्वपूर्ण विवेचना करते हैं कि पिछले 75 वर्षों में क्या गलतियां हुई है 🙏 संगठन में शक्ति होती […]

A patient, Mrs Neelam Somnath Bendre, was taking antenatal care from a gynaecologist, Dr Vikas Ghadge, in Borgaon village in Satara district. She visited him on 15th of January 2023, when he advised her to undergo planned caesarean section delivery as her baby was in breech presentation . She visited again on 27th of January […]

, INDERJIT SINGH Elected Fellow 1952 INDERJSIITNGHt,thenotedmedicalscientist,wasborn atMaymoinBurma on August 20,1909. He was the second son of Sardar and Shrimati Mehr Singh and belonged to a very poor family. He received his primary educa- tion in Burma. Inderjit lost his parents at a very young age. At this juncture, his elder brother had to take […]

Types of speakers at Medical Conferences – Other than these establishes models, a new model called “story tellers” is emerging quite fast. As pale shadows of their more polished and better dressed corporate counterparts (lovingly called “bullshitters”), they try to use the word “narrative” and “space” quite often and aim to change the world with […]

S.S. Upadhyay Former District & Sessions Judge/ Former Legal Advisor to Governor UP, Lucknow Mobile : 9453048988 E-mail : ssupadhyay28@gmail.com 1. History of medico-legal concept in India : The history of medico-legal concept in India can be traced to the following ancient works : (i) Atharva Veda (three thousand BC) (ii) Charaka Samhita (composed in […]

The Gift When he started drinking socially in 2012, she disagreed.When he started shouting at her for “unsolicited advice,” she kept quiet.When he started drinking after office hours, she voiced her concerns.When he started shouting at her in front of the children, she kept quiet.When he started drinking every day in the morning, too, she […]

Written by Dr. Liaquat Roopesh ,HOD, Department Of Community Medicine,Azeezia Medical College Disclaimer: This article is an outpouring of emotions following the untimely and unfortunate homicide of one of my students by a deranged patient while on duty at a Government hospital. Today morning, I was woken by a phone call from a junior colleague […]

After 22-year-old Kerala doctor killed by patient, state to set up police outposts at major hospitals In the wake of widespread protests by doctors over the killing of a young doctor two days ago, the Kerala government on Thursday decided to issue an ordinance to ensure the safety of healthcare professionals in hospitals. ADVERTISEMENT null […]

Sorry, Vandana . Despite being an average student, a resolute dream to become a doctor drove me to follow in the footsteps of my accomplished uncles, cousins, and elder brother. With an unwavering commitment to my goal, I dedicated six hours each day to daily chores, including sleeping, and spent a staggering 18 hours per […]

Theobromine, also known as xantheose, is the principal alkaloid of Theobroma cacao (cacao plant).[4] Theobromine is slightly water-soluble (330 mg/L) with a bitter taste.[5] In industry, theobromine is used as an additive and precursor to some cosmetics.[4] It is found in chocolate, as well as in a number of other foods, including the leaves of the […]

Merely Displaying MD Cal In Letterhead Is Not Misleading: Commission Absolves MBBS Doctor Of Medical Negligence Charges By – Farhat Nasim Published On 2023-05-09 12:42 GMT   |   Update On 2023-05-09 12:42 GMT New Delhi: The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) has exonerated Kolkata based hospital and its doctors from charges of medical negligence causing the death […]

एसएन मेडिकल कॉलेजब्रिटिश साम्राज्य के शासनकाल के दौरान, वर्ष 1854 में स्थापित होने वाले देश के पहले तीन मेडिकल स्कूलों में से एक होने की प्रतिष्ठा से खुद को सम्मानित किया गया है। इस संस्थान का इतिहास आम तौर पर उत्तर प्रदेश राज्य में चिकित्सा शिक्षा के विकास और विकास के समानांतर चलता है। लेफ्टिनेंट […]

Involuntary commitment, civil commitment, or involuntary hospitalization/hospitalisationis a legal process through which an individual who is deemed by a qualified agent to have symptoms of severe mental disorder is detained in a psychiatric hospital (inpatient) where they can be treated involuntarily. This treatment may involve the administration of psychoactive drugs, including involuntary administration. In many […]

Save “Medical Schools” of India But has “medical colleges” instead During my almost six years at Pune’s Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Medical College, from where I graduated a decade ago, I never used the phrase “medical school.” I also don’t remember anyone else using that term to describe any of India’s four hundred or so medical colleges. […]

The year 1835 has a special bearing in the history of medical education in India. Two very prestigious and respected medical colleges of India, Calcutta Medical College, Kolkata and Madras Medical College, Chennai admitted students for the first time in 1835. The Calcutta Medical College was not only the first institute to teach modern medicine […]

AI is coming for the doctors! 😧 A new breakout study compared ChatGPT vs. physician responses to patient questions. The results were insane. Here’s how AI is about to revolutionize health care: Overall, patients preferred the chatbot over the physician 79% of the time. From the study: “The chatbot responses were preferred over physician responses […]

AAAS March 4, 2023 1-2 pm Room 147 Neuropathogenesis of COVID-19 Avi Nath Chief, Section of Infections of the Nervous System National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke, NIH Bethesda, Maryland, USA PATTERNS OF LONG-COVID Severity of symptoms Severity of symptoms new symptoms Months Months Post-Intensive Care Syndrome Balcom, et al., Brain 2021 Pathogenesis of […]

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Productive Ageing I recently came across this news snippet that tremendously inspired me. Shri Dr. CR Rao, 102, Padma Vibhushan awardee and a prominent Indian American mathematician and statistician, was recently awarded the 2023 International Prize in Statistics, the equivalent to the Nobel Prize in the field, for his monumental work 75 years ago that […]

Scientists claimed the XBB.1.16 variant of coronavirus to be responsible for the current surge in cases in India. On March 28, 2023, the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) recommended an update in the treatment guidelines for managing COVID-19. Amid fears of a rapid resurgence of COVID-19 cases in the country, India recorded more […]

The apex court in India, the Supreme Court (SC), ruled that Ayurveda practitioners do not perform equivalent work and so cannot have equal pay compared to MBBS(medical science) doctors. It took a verdict from the honorable SC for people to understand the difference between medical science and pseudoscience. Apart from the pointed differences shown in […]

Myth: Cirrhosis is irreversible.Fact: Cirrhosis is reversible and structural changes can regress Alcohol-related chronic liver disease (CLD) can reverse with alcohol abstinence Hepatitis B-related CLD can reverse with antiviral therapy (drug of choice: tenofovir alfenamide) Hepatitis C-related CLD can reverse with direct-acting antiviral therapy (medicalnewstoday.com/articles/daa-h…) Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease-related CLD can reverse with control of […]

Cerebral atrophy (brain shrinkage) in an infant: Sad story with a happy ending 1. 10-month old infant was brought by his parents with generalized weakness & lethargy for 4 months. His motor milestones had also slowed down. He was evaluated by a local pediatrician. #MedTwitter 2. Thyroid profile was normal. MRI brain showed severe, diffuse cerebral atrophy (generalized […]

हेनरी ग्रे ! ये एलोपैथी के इतिहास पुरुष हैं !आज इन पर एक पोस्ट मिली , और मैं सोचता रहा , क्या आदमी था ! शवों को कब्र से खोद कर निकालता था , अध्ययन करता था , शोध करता था , लिखता था , चित्र बनाता था , और ये सब उसने 20 – […]

Sl. No. Content Page No. 1 Indirect Comparison of Lenadogene Nolparvovec Gene Therapy versus Natural History in m.11778G>A MT-ND4 Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy Patients 1 2 NfL Levels Significantly Decrease in Response to Treatment with Patisiran or Vutrisiran in hATTR Amyloidosis with Polyneuropathy 3 3 Comparison of Efficacy Outcomes with Vutrisiran vs. Patisiran in hATTR […]

The World Health Organization Atlas reveals lower bed and mental health professionals ratio per population in India. This may be due to a poor allocation of funding in the mental health sector by the Government. This resulted in a lack of complete and comprehensive care ranging from acute treatment to long-term rehabilitation throughout the country. […]

Introduction: Curry Leaf (Murraya koenigii) is a green leafy vegetable native to India. Curry leaves are natural flavoring agents with numerous health benefits. They contain several medicinal properties that include it being anti-diabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and with hepato-protective properties. The aim of this study was to investigate the antibacterial effects of curry leaves. […]

Dear friends[especially Indians and Indian diaspora]I would like you all to watch this new video by @ScienceIsDope_ It is important, because it will provide you simple, understandable and basic knowledge about identifcation of “fake evidence” in so-called “scientific studies” that are especially discussed by those who try to sell their pseudoscience, well marketed as “religious […]

Everyone knows that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption and significant alcohol use can lead to alchohol-associated liver disease that can eventually lead to alcohol-related cirrhosis (end stage) or acute-on-chronic liver failure (critical). But significant alcohol use does not affect only the liver. The whole body takes a toll. Here are some lesser […]

Psychology of Eggs To Order: 🥚 Breakfast, in the Army, was usually a hurried affair for a young officer. The interval between morning physical training and office barely gave time for a quick shower and change of dress. This was followed by a brief stopover at the officer’s mess for a quick breakfast. Unlike a […]

Covid-19 virus has high tropism (attraction) to the liver and biliary system, BUT does not cause direct liver injury or liver failure Read more here (needs University/Hospital or personal subscription):“Investigating the correlation between COVID-19 and the progression of chronic liver disease:” tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.10…

Trofim Lysenko Article Talk Language Watch Edit In this name that follows Eastern Slavic naming conventions, the patronymic is Denisovich and the family name is Lysenko. Trofim Denisovich Lysenko (Russian: Трофим Денисович Лысенко, Ukrainian: Трохи́м Дени́сович Лисе́нко, Ukrainian pronunciation: [troˈxɪm deˈnɪsowɪtʃ lɪˈsɛnko]; 29 September [O.S. 17 September] 1898 – 20 November 1976) was a Soviet agronomist and pseudo-scientist.[1] He […]

L Dear Reader, It gives us immense pleasure to share the April’ 2023; issue 67 of “Psychia Tree”, which explores the clinical evidence supporting the new understandings and happenings in the field of Psychiatry Being a healthcare custodian of the society, clinicians are constantly thriving to be abreast with the novel understandings of disease and […]

Evidence-based consensusguidelines for themanagement of catatonia:Recommendations from the British Association for PsychopharmacologyJournal of Psychopharmacology 2023, Vol. 37(4) 327–369Academic support initiative by Background

The Neurobic Alzheimer’s causes the person to lose memory and can no longer have feelings of pleasure and joy, nor control of their own organs. The patient loses Consciousness about his actions and his own Identity, because he will no longer be able to recognise himself, his friends and family and not even his own […]

State Control Room, Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Tamil Nadu Media Bulletin 18.04.2023 Daily report on Public Health measures taken for COVID-19 S.No Description 1 Number of COVID -19 testing facilities 2 Number of active cases till yesterday 3 Number of persons tested positive today 4 […]

Floortime M This article needs more medical references for verification or relies too heavily on primary sources. (November 2017) The floortime or Developmental, Individual-differences, Relationship-based (DIR) model is a developmental model for assessing and understanding any child’s strengths and weaknesses. It has become particularly effective at identifying the unique developmental profiles and developing programs for children experiencing developmental delays due to autism, autism spectrum disorders, or other developmental disorders. […]

Triple Jubilee Celebrations 2023-24 years 60 INDEX (fo”k; lwph) i`”B la[;k Preface iii Acknowledgment v Foreword: Dr. Rajiv Gupta vii Message : Sh. Manohar Lal Khattar CM, Haryana ix Message : Prof. Anita Saxena VC, University of Health Sciences, Rohtak x Message : Dr. O.P. Kalra Former VC, Univ. of Health Sciences, Rohtak xi Message […]

Opponents of New York Mayor Eric Adam’s plan to involuntarily send mentally-ill homeless people to psychiatric hospitals participate in a rally at City Hall on December 08, 2022 in New York City. The mayor’s plan has been met with fierce opposition from civic groups, homeless advocates and some law enforcement. Under the plan, private hospitals […]

Drug addiction is not something new anymore. We see a lot of people who are addicted to some type of drug or another all the time. However, what makes drug addiction worse is that many people who are addicted to drugs don’t ever agree to themselves that they are really addicts. If you’re one of […]

MORAL OF THE STORY IS, EXPERIENCE CANNOT BE SIDE LINED ! Forwarded in writer’s own writing….👇🏻 I had finished my MBBS and was pursuing MD in internal medicine in one of the best government colleges in Kerala. Clearing the tough MD entrance by merit gave me an aura and self pride, that comes along with […]

healthcare Review The Use of Cardioprotective Devices and Strategies in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Procedures and Cardiac Surgery Toufik Abdul-Rahman 1,2 , Ileana Lizano-Jubert 3 , Neil Garg 4, Emilio Tejerina-Marion 3 , Syed Muhammad Awais Bukhari 5 , Ana Luisa Ek 3 , Andrew Awuah Wireko 1,2, Adriana C. Mares 6 , Vladyslav Sikora 1,7 […]

रजिस्ट्री स.ं डी.एल.- 33004/99 REGD. No. D. L.-33004/99 सी.जी.-डी.एल.-अ.-22122020-223849 स.ं 554] No. 554] असाधारण EXTRAORDINARY भाग III—खण्ड 4 PART III—Section 4 प्राजधकार से प्रकाजित PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY नई दिल्ली, िुक्रवार, दिसम्बर 18, 2020/ अग्रहायण 27, 1942 NEW DELHI, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2020/AGRAHAYANA 27, 1942 कें द्रीय मानजसक स्ट्वास्ट््य प्राजधकरण अजधसचू ना नई दिल्ली, 18 दिसम्बर, […]

[Downloaded free from http://www.indianjpsychiatry.org on Thursday, June 17, 2021, IP:]REVIEW ARTICLEPractical implications of Mental Healthcare Act 2017: Suicide and suicide attemptLaxmi Naresh Vadlamani, Mahesh Gowda1Department of Psychiatry, Columbus Hospital – Institute of Psychiatry and Deaddiction, Hyderabad, Telangana, 1Department of Psychiatry, Spandana Health Care, Bengaluru, Karnataka, IndiaABSTRACTThe prevalence of suicides has been increasing in recent […]