Dr. P K Gupta was born and brought up in the small hill town of Dehradun, in the foot hills of Himalayas. His early education was in St. Thomas High school followed by him graduating to MBBS from the third oldest medical college in India, the famous SN Medical College Agra. He pursued his residency […]

Ernakulam: Observing that even an act of intimidation or obstruction or hindrance to a healthcare service person is a non-bailable offence under the Kerala Healthcare Service Persons and Healthcare Service Institutions Act 2012 (Healthcare Act), the Kerala High Court recently denied granting anticipatory bail to a person who allegedly restrained a doctor from performing her […]

INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF DISEASES – Mortality and Morbidity Statistics CHAPTER 06 Mental, behavioural or neurodevelopmental disorders This chapter has 161 four-character categories. Code range starts with 6A00 Mental, behavioural and neurodevelopmental disorders are syndromes characterized by clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, emotional regulation, or behaviour that reflects a dysfunction in the psychological, biological, […]

Personality Test: Your Sitting positions reveals these personality traits Do you sit with your knees straight? Knees apart? Ankles crossed? Crossed Legs? Or Figure-Four leg lock? Men Women readers, Know what your sitting position says about your personality and those of the people you know! ROOPASHREE SHARMA UPDATED: JUN 21, 2022 18:47 IST Sitting Position […]

Auto-brewery syndrome or gut fermentation syndrome is a condition in which ethanol is produced through endogenous fermentation by fungi or bacteria in the gastrointestinal (GI) system, oral cavity, or urinary system. Patients with auto-brewery syndrome present with many of the signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication while denying the intake of alcohol and often report […]

On August 29, 1985, Janardhana Poojary, the then minister of state for finance , introduced the NDPS Bill in the Rajya Sabha. As a signatory to the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, 1961, India was obligated to introduce strong legislation to control the manufacture, supply and consumption of drugs, and discontinue its traditional […]

NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSIONNEW DELHI, DATEDNational Medical Commission Registered Medical Practitioner (Professional Conduct) Regulations, 2022.The concerns and objections of RMPs:Although there are uncountable number of contentious clauses in the draft,we are picking up a few important ones and expressing our disappointment and dissent. The original clauses are mentioned in black and our concerns are mentioned in […]

Nose Shape Personality Test: Do you have a Fleshy nose? Button Nose? Straight Greek nose? Crooked nose? Nubian nose like former US President Barack Obama? What the shape of your nose tells about your personality? Today, we will tell you your personality traits based on your nose shape.ROOPASHREE SHARMAUPDATED: JUN 21, 2022 18:47 IST Personality […]

2 In covering letter, it is mentioned that document is prepared in accordance with Section 27, 30, 31 and 57 of National Medical Commission Act (2019) (for short NMC Act). The relevant Section 27 gives power to Ethical Medical Registration Board (EMRB) as follows: 27. (1) The Ethics and Medical Registration Board shall perform the […]

NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION NEW DELHI, DATED National Medical Commission Registered Medical Practitioner (Professional Conduct) Regulations, 2022. The concerns and objections of RMPs: Although there are uncountable number of contentious clauses in the draft, we are picking up a few important ones and expressing our disappointment and dissent. The original clauses are mentioned in black and […]

Sarojini Naidu Medical College & Hospital,a specialized Tertiary Level Health Care Institution is situated in Agra. Agra, an historical city is famous for its monuments of archeological importance, the major among which are Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. The antiquity of Agra goes back to the […]

The year was 1957. A middle aged surgeon was working in Uganda, in the Mulago hospital in Kampala.He was a devout Christian and considered himself a missionary. By his own admission, he wasn’t a great surgeon.What he lacked in surgical genius, he made up for in tenacity. One day a boy named Africa walked into […]

Highlights • The anterior insular cortex plays an under-appreciated role in cognitive control. • The anterior insular cortex is positioned to act as a ‘causal outflow hub’ influencing multiple brain networks. • The anatomy and connectivity of the anterior insula supports this proposed gatekeeper role. Abstract Executive control is a complex high-level cognitive function that […]

Elizabeth and Nick Woodruff of Binghamton, New York, were sued for nearly $10,000 by the hospital where Nick’s infected leg was amputated.Heather Ainsworth for KHN and NPRElizabeth Woodruff drained her retirement account and took on three jobs after she and her husband were sued for nearly $10,000 by the New York hospital where his infected […]

PSYCHE AND SPIRIT: connecting psychiatry and spirituality Newsletter of the WPA Section on Religion, Spirituality & Psychiatry (SRSP)Special Issue June 2022OBITUARYEditorial Board: Alan Fung and Peter J. Verhagen http://www.religionandpsychiatry.orgRemembering our friend and colleague Dr. Avdesh Sharma(1956-2022)Peter J. VerhagenThis special edition of the WPA SRSP’s Newsletter Psyche & Spirit is in memory of our chair (2020-2022), […]

बहुत अच्छा प्रयास हो रहा है मेडिकल कॉलेज अपने गौरव की पुनर्प्राप्ति की ओर अग्रसर है। अविभाजित भारत में जब चार मेडिकल स्कूल थे उनमें से एक है मेडिकल कॉलेज आगरा। लाहौर कोलकाता मद्रास और आगरा कितनी बड़ी बात है। बीच का समय ऐसा था जब वह सम्मान नहीं रहा जो सम्मान आज से 30 […]

From Leadership in Indian Psychiatry: Converting Thoughts to Action (1947-2022) EssaysinHonourof ProfessorB.S.Chavan(400pages) Eds. R. Srinivasa Murthy and Nitin Gupta Released on March 24,2022 Psycho-Oncology: Caring, sharing and being connected-What matters when Facing uncertainities of life- Personal experiences Rajeev Gupta in conversation with R.Srinivasa Murthy Introduction Illness is a great leveler in life. Major illnesses ‘changes […]

https://dhananjayshah.com/Blogs RETIREMENT for Practising Doctors : WHY & HOW. Practitioners’ Blog : 2022 🍁 As regards accepting Retirement from Professional Work, Doctors are a different breed , because usually they are never contended with the quantum of patients they might have treated in their lifetime. They often tend to envy those colleagues who are getting […]

PRIMARY CARE PSYCHIATRY PROGRAMAbout the Program The Primary Care Psychiatry Program (PCPP) is an initiative from the Tele Medicine Centre, National Institute of Mental Health And Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru, India which has now evolved into a diploma course as ‘Diploma in Primary Care Psychiatry (DPCP)’ as a prototype course. Training modules for primary care psychiatry. […]

St. PetersburgI went of St Petersburg with Kailash viswnani. There were a number of physicians in this group. We were staying in hotel Holliday inn, St Petersburg. It was the largest hotel I have seen. May be having more than thousand rooms. Our bus was to depart for morning tour and I went for the […]

Maya is different from the world …… Dr. Rajas DeshpandeNeurologistPune / Mumbai Two years ago, they first came to me with Vasudhatai with Parkinsons. No artificial affection helped them sleep on the examination table from the chair. “It’s okay, are you okay?” Do you want any more? “He kept asking the patient like this. All […]

New Haven [US], June 3. 2022 (ANI): According to a new study, common painkillers can have unexpected and unexplained impacts on numerous conditions, including heart disease and cancer, even at equal doses.The findings of the research were published in the journal ‘Immunity’. Now, a new Yale-led study has uncovered a previously unknown process by which […]

pharmaceutics Review Pharmacogenomic Characterization in Bipolar Spectrum Disorders Stefano Fortinguerra 1,2 , Vincenzo Sorrenti 1,2,3 , Pietro Giusti 2, Morena Zusso 2 and Alessandro Buriani 1,2,* 1 2 3 Received: 25 November 2019; Accepted: 19 December 2019; Published: 21 December 2019 Maria Paola Belloni Center for Personalized Medicine, Data Medica Group (Synlab Limited), 35131 Padova, […]

Rs 1.25 crore Compensation slapped on Radiologist for failing to diagnose Structural Anomalies in anomaly scanBy – Barsha MisraPublished On 2022-06-01 10:37 GMT |Update On 2022-06-01 10:37 GMTRs 1.25 crore Compensation slapped on Radiologist for failing to diagnose Structural Anomalies in anomaly scan New Delhi: Holding a Nagpur-based Radiologist guilty for his failure to detect […]

Medicolegal ‘action Group Trust lRegO,l SCO 1066-1067, Aerodale Market, New Sunny Enclave, Sector 123, Kharar, Mohali (M) 98882 07176, 18008917671 Convenor & lrlanaging Trustee Dr. Neeraj Nagpa! 09316517176 Mohali Secretary Dr. Ashwini Setya 09810088834 Noida Treasurer Dr. Mrs. Kamna Nagpal 09814013735 Mohali Trustees:- Founder Trustee Dr. Sandeep Dhavan Dr. Neetu Bedi Chandigarh Dr. Sumant Sehga! […]

Stroke AHA/ASA GUIDELINE 2022 Guideline for the Management of Patients With Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage: A Guideline From the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Reviewed for evidence-based integrity and endorsed by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and Congress of Neurological Surgeons. Endorsed by the Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology The American Academy of Neurology […]

Do Indian medical degrees like MBBS, MD, and MS have value in other countries? Are people who have them accepted as doctors? Which countries accept them?Indian MBBS degree is at par with any other Primary Medical qualification awarded by other countries in West or the Eastern world. The thing is, a primary medical qualification, only […]

SPECIAL ISSUE Education and Training for Ethical Practice of Telemedicine for Registered Medical Practitioners in India Sunil Shroff1*, Bagmisikha Puhan2, Lavanian Dorairaj3, Mayank Agarwal4, Manick Rajendran5, Ravi Modali6, Suchitra Mankar7, Permachanahalli Sachidananda Ramkumar8 and Sandeep Patil9 1President, TN-Telemedicine Society of India, Chennai, India; 2Associate Partner, TMT Law Practice, Legal Advisor – Telemedicine Society of India, […]

हर विवादित ढाँचे के नीचे मंदिर… वो 1800 स्थल जहाँ हिन्दू मंदिरों को ध्वस्त कर बनाई गई मस्जिदें-मजार, हम लेकर आए हैं राज्यवार सूची18 May, 2022Anuragहिन्दू मंदिर ध्वस्त, मस्जिद, सूचीअहमदाबाद का सुल्तान अहमद शाह मस्जिद, पलक्कड़ में टीपू सुल्तान का किला, मांडू में दिलावर खान मस्जिद, अजमेर में ढाई दिन का झोंपड़ा (बाएँ से दाएँ)5927 […]

Dr Mangala, Assistant Director at the Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF), could not believe what she was hearing when a patient expressed that they are reluctant to continue their medication to treat bipolar disorder after watching the 2019 Tamil film Nerkonda Paarvai, wherein Bharath Subramaniam (actor Ajith Kumar) who lives with bipolar disorder, mentions that he […]

A young girl & her father enters OPD. 14y and is deeply jaundiced. Teary eyed, her father requests ONLY one thing“She’s advised liver transplant. We are poor. Can you please help us avoid it?” I look at the girl the father& brace myself for the worst case I’d ever seen…It was just 2 months back, […]

GMHP REVIEW Global Mental Health & Psychiatry Review, Vol. 3 No. 2, Spring/Summer 2022 Editorial Board Eliot Sorel, MD Founding Editor-in-Chief ZONAL EDITORS AFRICA Prof. David M. Ndetei, MD, DSc, Kenya Prof Bonginkosi Chiliza, MPH, PhD, South Africa Victoria Mutiso, PhD, Kenya ASIA/PACIFIC Prof. Yueqin Huang, MD, MPH, PhD, China Prof. Roy Kallivayalil, MD, India […]

It was a regular sunny morning of Monday 2nd May 2022, Dr Anjali Deshapnde, Director , Insight Mind Care Center was heading for Insight MCC for morning rounds when she notices this young person who was apparently looking from a good family but in a disheveled appearance, eating food from the garbage of a close […]

“There is no career nobler than that of the physician. The progress and welfare of society is more intimately bound with the prevailing tone and influence of the medical profession that with the status of any other class…” – Elizabeth Blackwell, MD, 1821-1910 Dear Medical Student and Doctor-in-training, Congratulations on starting your journey to become […]

NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION NEW DELHI, DATED National Medical Commission Registered Medical Practitioner (Professional Conduct) Regulations, 2022 No. xxxx/xxx/NMC._____ In exercise of the powers conferred by section 27(1)b, read with sections 10(b)(f), 16(2), and 57(2)zh of the National Medical Commission Act, 2019 (No.30 of 2019), the National Medical Commission hereby makes the following Regulations relating to […]

Medicine and the MindCaleb GarAdner, M.D., and Arthur Kleinman, M.D.bout 100 years ago, the psychiatrist and phi-losopher Karl Jaspers observed that biologicand psychological investigations of the mind were like “the exploration of an unknown continentand most humane care to people with medically and psychologi- cally complicated conditions.Our mind arises from brain function, and both conscious […]

Chethana Raj passing away Similar incident can happen to any doctor practising surgery or medicine .Media has become such a threat to medical professionals-really scary !! We should demand a law not to publish any details until competent authority (KMC) gives them permission to do so . The present incidence show causes such a weak […]

A letter from a medical student at the end of her gross anatomy course. Dearest Walter, The time we’ve spent together over the past few months has been wonderful, but I’m afraid it must come to an end. We knew this day would come. I must move on with my life, and you must move […]

An older study, showing 97% seroprevalence in Delhi. The twist: this was BEFORE Omicron Children, before vaccination, had nearly as much seroprevalence- indicating that most of them were already infected BEFORE Omicron hit India. The best part: 3rd wave didn’t harm kids. 1/8ImageWe have observed that in Kerala too, where Omicron caused massive levels of […]

Epilepsia, 46(6):858–877, 2005 Blackwell Publishing, Inc. ⃝C 2005 International League Against Epilepsy Summary: Drug-resistant epilepsy with uncontrolled severe seizures despite state-of-the-art medical treatment continues to be a major clinical problem for up to one in three patients with epilepsy. Although drug resistance may emerge or remit in the course of epilepsy or its treatment, in […]

OPIOID AGONISTS FOR TREATMENT OF OPIOID DEPENDENCE (OATOD): GUIDELINES FOR IMPLEMENTATION IN THE STATE OF PUNJAB A. Background B. RationaleandScopeofthisdocument C. Objectives D. Basic facts about opioid agonist treatment of opioid dependence (OATOD) E. Essentialpre-requisitesforstartingOATOD F. Guidelines on OATOD for opioid withdrawal (vis-à-vis clonidine) G. Guidelines on OATOD for opioid maintenance (Opioid Substitution Therapy, OST) […]

Epilepsia, 46(6):858–877, 2005 Blackwell Publishing, Inc. ⃝C 2005 International League Against Epilepsy Summary: Drug-resistant epilepsy with uncontrolled severe seizures despite state-of-the-art medical treatment continues to be a major clinical problem for up to one in three patients with epilepsy. Although drug resistance may emerge or remit in the course of epilepsy or its treatment, in […]

NIH Public Access Author Manuscript Neurol Clin. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2010 November 1. Published in final edited form as: Neurol Clin. 2009 November ; 27(4): 941. doi:10.1016/j.ncl.2009.08.005. Hormonal Aspects of Epilepsy Page B. Pennell, MD [Director of Research] Division of Epilepsy/EEG/Sleep, Department of Neurology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, 75 Francis […]

उसनेकहाथा … वे मेरी शुरुआती प्रैक्टिस के दिन थे। मेरा क्लिनिक बहुत छोटा सा था, इतना छोटा कि बड़े लोग आने में हज़ार बार हिचकें।मगर उस दिन एक लम्बा गोरा और सुदर्शन पुरुष मेरे कमरे में आया। उसके गले में पड़ी सोने की मोटी ज़ंजीर और पर्फ़्यूम की अनोखी महक से उसकी हैसियत का पता […]

N INCIDENT OF DISCRIMINATION AND SHAME AT THE RANCHI AIRPORT Via~ Manisha Gupta Yesterday, at the Ranchi airport, an adolescent with special needs, was in great distress. He had had a very uncomfortable car ride to the airport. By the time he had gone through security check and reached the gate (almost an hour ahead […]

Zomato. How the Indian restaurants were butchered, grilled and swallowed. SAME WILL HAPPEN TO DOCTORS THROUGH PRACTICE APPS They started off as a directory service for restaurants and listed them. Then they started reviewing them. They slowly ventured into table reservations and asked for a little commission. The restaurants loved it. Zomato was a friend. […]

Daughter from California syndrome “Daughter from California” syndrome is a phrase used in the medical profession to describe a situation in which a long-lost relative arrives at the hospital at which a dying elderly relative is being treated, and insists that the medical team pursue aggressive measures to prolong the patient’s life, or otherwise challenges […]

Lessons learnt from Rajasthan suicide case Dr Gaurav Aggarwal MBBS, MD (Forensic Medicine), DNB, LLB Medicolegal Consultant, Lawyer & Professor-Forensic Medicine Mob: 9811154655 A false case of Murder (u/s 302 IPC) / Culpable homicide (u/s 304 IPC) has been registered against a doctor by the Police. What are the remedies available to a doctor for […]

Impaired vision: A potentially modifiable risk factor for dementiaProf. V Nagarajan, Chairman & Head Neurosciences Research & Translational Task Force, ICMR, New Delhi; Chairman, IEC, Govt. Madurai Medical College; Director, VN Neuro Care Centre, Madurai, 04 May 2022Coronavirus Live Count Map India remove_red_eye 163 ViewsCOVID-19 Vaccine Updates Multispeciality 0Vision impairment is an important potentially modifiable […]

What is the salary of a doctor at AIIMS?I am giving a full scenario…………. Let’s start from Junior resident. JR is placed in level 10 (GP 5400). The total salary after all allowance will be around 1.1L. Senior Resident. SR is in Level 11 (GP 6600) and the total pay will be close to 1.25L. […]

IMA l u B – l e t i E n Message Dr. Sahajananda Prasad Singh IMA National President Indian Medical Association has organised a brain storming discussion on issues faced by Medical Profession on 9th April 2022 at IMA Headquarters (New Delhi). The topic chosen this time is “Patients’ Rights & Responsibilities vis-a-vis Doctors’ […]