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A person is diagnosed with tachycardia when the heart rate is more than 100 beats per minute (BPM). The normal resting heart rate for adults is about 60 to 100 BPM and for infants, it is about 110 BPM. Tachycardia after eating is an uncommon disorder and for the people who experience it, it can […]

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Book of Lamentations By SAM KRISS Vincent van Gogh Corridor in the Asylum (1889) This review is from TNI Vol. 22: Self-Help, out in November. Subscribe now for $2 and get it first.A new dystopian novel in the classic mode takes the form of a dictionary of madness The best dystopian literature, or at least the most effective, manages to show […]


Specialists provide an evidence-based review of the condition and its management Sarcoidosis is a systemic disease of unknown cause that is characterised by the formation of immune granulomas in various organs, mainly the lungs and the lymphatic system. Studies show that sarcoidosis might be the result of an exaggerated granulomatous reaction after exposure to unidentified […]

Is vitamin D supplementation still warranted for osteoporosis prevention?

Oct 15, 2013 338 views 3 stars Is vitamin D supplementation still warranted for osteoporosis prevention? Background Findings from recent meta-analyses of vitamin D supplementation without co-administration of calcium have not shown fracture prevention, possibly because of insufficient power or inappropriate doses, or because the intervention was not targeted to deficient populations. Despite these data, almost […]

sachin’s psyche

Sachin’s Psyche Harish Shetty [this was pulished as a cover story in THE WEEK magazine /Oct 1998. I accepted the assignement impulsively when the editor called from Cochin[Kochi] I had hard copies preserved but accidently just saw the soft copy on the net now. i had interviwed his first nanny an old lady who lived […]