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Photo credit: Wellcome Images (Creative Commons) Photo credit: Wellcome Images (Creative Commons) Turmeric compound boosts regeneration of brain stem cells

A bioactive compound found in turmeric promotes stem cell proliferation and differentiation in the brain, reveals new research published today in the open access journal Stem Cell Research & Therapy. The findings suggest aromatic turmerone could be a future drug candidate for treating neurological disorders, such as stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. The study looked at […]

modernizing Code of Medical Ethics

By RICHARD GUNDERMAN, MD Last month the American Medical Association wrapped up its annual meeting in Chicago, where it has reached the final stages of modernizing its 167-year-old Code of Medical Ethics, last updated more than 50 years ago.  The central role of ethics in medicine is reflected in the fact that, at the AMA’s first […]

Concussions and depression:

By Rick Maese December 6 <:article> Cynthia Kamzelski heard the recent news reports out of Ohio — a young athlete, apparently taking his own life after struggling with the effects of concussions — and everything raced back. “I’ve been just sick about it,” she said. Kamzelski’s son, Kaelin, was a sophomore in high school when […]

doctor-patient communication

Introduction One of the issues that was succinctly articulated into the consensus statement that was produced at the second African Regional World Organization of Family Doctors’ (WONCA) Conference which was held in Rustenburg, South Africa (October 2009) was the leadership role of the Family Physician in Primary Care in the African context. Part of the […]