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Top 8 Emerging Questions on COVID19:

Top 8 Emerging Questions on COVID19: Q.1 Do we still need to fear about having future waves of COVID in India? A.1 Pandemic phase is over for India; actual true seropositivity expected is around 95% against COVID in our population (which is much more than required).We have already passed through delta variants, for which the […]


Expert Consultations: Real-World AnswersLithium: How to Manage Dosage and Side Effects and Persuade Patients to Take It – Interview with David Osser, M.D.PUBLISHED: 10/01/2021PsychopharmacologyLithium: How to Manage Dosage and Side Effects and Persuade Patients to Take It – InterviewDavid Osser, M.D.GuestDavid Osser, M.D.Mohan Gautam, D.O., M.S.Interview byMohan Gautam, D.O., M.S.In this interview, Dr. David Osser […]

Pharmacology in Alcohol Use Disorder: Naltrexone, Acamprosate, and Disulfiram

Pharmacology in Alcohol Use Disorder: Naltrexone, Acamprosate, and DisulfiramJoji Suzuki, M.D.Division of Addiction Psychiatry, Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School Medications for Alcohol Use Disorder• Access to addiction treatment remains limited• Clinicians do not often utilize medications• Compared with medications for opioid use disorders, medications for alcohol use disorder are […]

Marine Omega-3 FattyAcid Supplementation forBorderline PersonalityDisorder:

A Text Version Did you know that the guidelines for Britain’s National Health Service recommend not using any pharmacologic treatment for borderline personality disorder? The guidelines go so far as to suggest that any existing pharmacotherapy should be carefully tapered off. In that context then, might you consider fish oil?Hi! Jim Phelps here for the […]


In her book Special Treatment, anthropologistDr Anna Ruddockexamines how social hierarchies and health inequalities are sustained in the way medicine is taught at the much-coveted All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi, which has an acceptance rate of 0.01%. In a conversation with Sunday Times, she talks of the fallout when medicine is used […]

No Longer a Headache: Accessing Continuum on the GoThis issue of Continuum is devoted to the diagnosis and management of headache and facial pain, symptoms that are common in our clinical practices and have profound effects on patients’ quality of life. To achieve this goal, I am indebted to Dr Matthew S. Robbins for accepting […]

IPC 304 A: NMC frames Guidelines for Prosecution of Doctors in Criminal Negligence

New Delhi: With an aim to put an end to the confusion regarding the issue of how the criminal negligence aspect of medico-legal cases has to be treated, the Ethics and Medical Registration Board… — Read on

Old age home

The changing demographic scenario and population projections of India indicate that the growth rate of Indian older adults (aged 60 years and above) is comparatively faster than other regions of the World. Since recent past, due to marked increase in life expectancy, rise in number and proportion of older adults the population of older adults […]

It’s a Doc’s life.

It’s a Doc’s life By Rishi Grover If you have doctor friends, you would have noticed how they keep cribbing about how difficult practice has become, how govt regulations are troubling them, how their work load is decreasing and how bleak the future is? The nursing home owner will crib about how the govt is […]