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(102 of 1956) 30th December, 1956 (As amended by the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Acts, 1964, 1993 & 2001) AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR THE RECONSTITUTION OF THE MEDICAL COUNCIL OF INDIA AND THE MAINTENANCE OF A MEDICAL REGISTER FOR INDIA AND FOR MATTERS CONNECTED THEREWITH. Be it enacted by Parliament in the seventh year […]

9 Things To Do Or Say When A Loved One Talks About Taking Their Life

 By Lisa Esposito for US News Caring is key to your response. This is what you should do if someone you know talks about taking their life. Take people seriously and let them know you care. When someone tells you he’s thought of suicide, it’s scary. Or when a friend confides she’s an attempt survivor, […]

The Illness of Vincent van Gogh

#109891498 / Dietrich Blumer, M.D. View Author and Article Information Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) had an eccentric personality and unstable moods, suffered from recurrent psychotic episodes during the last 2 years of his extraordinary life, and committed suicide at the age of 37. Despite limited evidence, well over 150 physicians have ventured a perplexing […]

So is it possible to live forever?

So is it possible to live forever? The person with the longest confirmed lifespan is Jeanne Clement. She lived to be 122 and died in 1997. Imagining living that long almost makes your head hurt. This lady met Vincent Van Gogh. In person. For real. And was around to see the internet too. Imagine your […]

Comparison of Low and Moderate Dosages of Extended-Release Quetiapine in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Objective: The authors compared the efficacy and tolerability of low and moderate dosages of extended-release quetiapine in adults with borderline personality disorder. Method: Ninety-five participants with DSM-IV borderline personality disorder were randomly assigned to receive 150 mg/day of quetiapine (the low-dosage group; N=33), 300 mg/day of quetiapine (the moderate-dosage group; N=33), or placebo (N=29). Total […]

Why is it so hard to see a psychiatrist?

  Getting psychiatric care in the United States is a lot harder than it should be. Patients around the country are having a hard time booking appointments for outpatient care, and face significant hurdles when it comes to receiving inpatient psychiatric care. Why is this the case? This largely because there just aren’t enough psychiatrists […]

Astounding increase in antidepressant use by Americans

POSTED OCTOBER 20, 2011, 12:46 PM Peter Wehrwein, Contributor, Harvard Health Remember when the best-selling bookListening to Prozac came out almost 20 years ago? Now Americans aren’t just reading about Prozac. They are taking it and other antidepressants (Celexa, Effexor, Paxil, Zoloft, to name just a few) in astounding numbers. According to a report released […]

The Truth About Hair Loss And Baldness Cures

Next Avenue  | By Laine Bergeson Posted: 11/08/2014 7:45 am EST Updated: 11/08/2014 7:59 am EST SPECIAL FROM Next Avenue By Laine Bergeson Hair loss, common for men and many women in midlife, can have profound emotional and psychological effects. So, too, can baldness cures advertised as magical remedies. “There’s this guy, a regular caller on […]

Study Probes Neuroscience of Bipolar Risk-Taking

By JANE COLLINGWOOD Associate News Editor Reviewed by John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on November 10, 2014 Researchers are beginning to discover some of the reasons whybipolar disorder can cause people to engage in risky behavior. The condition involves fluctuatingdepression and mania. In the manic stage, the patient often feels intense excitement and irritability, which can […]

Doctors often struggle to show compassion while dealing with patients

I was standing at my patient’s bedside. Mike Venata was having chills with a temperature of 103. Sweat covered his balding scalp like dew, then coalesced and rolled down past his staring eyes. Just 20 minutes earlier, a specialist had informed him that he hadmetastatic pancreatic cancer and could expect to live less than six months. […]

The Most Dangerous Idea in Mental Health

BY ED CARA • November 03, 2014 • 6:00 AM (Illustration: Simon Prades) Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on google_plusone_shareShare on diggShare on redditShare on emailShare on printfriendlyMore Sharing Services The belief that hidden memories can be “recovered” in therapy should have been exorcised years ago, when a rash of false memories dominated the airwaves, […]

How Stress Is Making You Lose Your Mind

Stress is affecting your brain much more than you think. Sure, you’ve experienced the distraction, forgetfulness, negativity or anxiety that comes from stressful situations, but did you know it’s also shrinking your brain? Hormones released in response to stress not only affect brain function, they also change the physical structure of your brain. The stress […]

Psychiatrist Describes Recent Trends in Drug Abuse and Medications to Treat Addiction

Both recent trends in illicit drug use in the United States and pharmacotherapies that clinicians can use to treat certain substance use disorders, such as opioid dependence, were the focus of a symposium at APA’s Institute on Psychiatric Services in San Francisco, which ended Sunday. “For a while, until 2000, the United States was seeing a marked decrease […]

Change these simple, everyday routines to live a happier life

by Taboola Depression is usually brought on by factors beyond our control—the death of a loved one, a job loss, or financial troubles. But the small choices you make every day may also affect your mood more than you may realize. Your social media habits, exercise routine, and even the way you walk may be […]

 Stop Using Mental Illnesses as Figures of Speech

Once every five minutes, someone somewhere says they’re “sooo OCD” about sorting emails, using Purell during flu season, or wearing day-of-the-week underwear on the correct days. This statistic is made up, but it is certainly true that OCD, the acronym for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is often misappropriated as a synonym for orderly, clean or nitpicking. […]

Research Suggests That Psychiatric Interventions Like Admission to a Mental Facility Could Increase Suicide Risk

October 23, 2014  | One of the most provocative studies of suicide ever done was published in the September edition of the journal Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. It appeared shortly after Robin Williams’ suicide, and shortly before the World Health Organization’s World Suicide Prevention Day. Both of those events received widespread media attention, but […]

Understanding Adolescents With Borderline Personality Traits

By TÁMARA HILL, MS   Photo by vanessa_hutd Are you the parent, grandparent, or family member of a teen or pre-teen who exhibits an inability to control their impulses, emotional reactions, behaviors, aggression, suicidal thoughts, self-injurious behaviors, and anger? Is the behavior so extreme that you are afraid to discuss minor issues for fear of […]