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In love !

SEVEN BLUNDERS TEENAGED GIRLS MAY COMMIT WHILE FALLING IN LOVE: A MUST READ FOR FAMILIES Dr Harish Shetty [Dr Harish shetty is a psychiatrist at Dr L.H. Hiranandani Hospital] [ names have been changed to hide identities] Boys are not always bad. But sometimes girls fall in love with their eyes closed and lose their […]

Can Anyone Solve The Mystery of Atmaram’s Courtroom Death?

©️Dr. Rajas Deshpande A hungry poor man named Atmaram went to a big hotel, had a nice big meal, and told he had no money to pay. He was beaten up and handed over to the police. He was released after a warning and a slap. Next day he filled up petrol in his bike, […]

Corporate hospitals

Hii respected seniors..My name is Narendranath and I am doing my MD final year at Manipal..I just want to share my experience about the state of corporate hospitals in India..My wife was primi at 26 weeks last month and was diagnosed to have PIH..Within one week she progressed to severe precclampsia and 20days back when […]

The Myth of Martial Races

Though I’ve always been proud of the Sikh tradition in military service — particularly in the First and Second World Wars — the fact that the British Raj designated certain ethno-religious groups as martial races makes me uneasy. And recently I’ve been reading a book on the Gurkha regiments, (Byron Farwell’s The Gurkhas), and after […]

A Medico’s Last Certificate

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande A continuous beeping filled up the air in the ICU. Over twenty hearts kept making rhythmic sounds, the nurses kept on silencing the false alarms that rung every now and then, and informing us about the ones that needed attention. We had kept the cake in the doctor’s room, we were […]

how epilepsy is diagnosed

Diagnosing epilepsy is not simple. Doctors gather lots of different information to assess the causes of seizures. If you have had two or more seizures that started in the brain you may be diagnosed with epilepsy. Getting a diagnosis is not always easy as there is no single test that can diagnose epilepsy. If there […]


   Nipah Virus  What is Nipah Virus? Nipah Virus (NiV) is an emerging infectious disease which first appeared in domestic pigs in Malaysia and Singapore in 1998 and 1999. There is evidence of Nipah infection among several species of domestic animals including dogs, cats, goats, and horses. Sheep may also be affected. […]

Litchi epidemic was unexplained!

Scientists from the U.S. and India have found that consumption of litchi fruit and skipping evening meal can result in very low blood glucose level and acute encephalopathy, seizures and coma, and causes death in many cases. An unexplained illness in children aged 15 years and younger in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, which claims many lives in […]

Legally appropriate

Legally, whatever you have written is everything, not whatever you have done. So the prescription should be written in such a way that it become the most powerful defence for you. It is important to treat each and every prescription as a potential source of litigation. In my opinion, it’s to be thorough and honest, […]

Cosmic dancer

The Nataraja And Epilepsy: An Interpretation Of The Cosmic Dancer by Anand Venkatraman May 19, 2018, 2:08 pm The Nataraja (Balu Velachery/ • The little demon crushed under Nataraja’s foot doesn’t attract attention, but there may be something very significant to it – perhaps a link to epilepsy and consequently, memory, and consciousness. Do you […]


We often use phrases or words that we don’t fully understand. Sometimes we even use words or phrases the meanings of which we are totally clueless. As people with a passion for words and language, that is generally not viewed as a desirable trait. Yet, the plain fact is we can’t have a detailed understanding […]

10 Bizarre Claims From Scientology’s War On Psychiatry

DEBRA KELLY MAY 1, 2015 Scientology’s hatred of everything psychiatric is well-known due to Tom Cruise’s infamous, controversial statements on the subject. Those statements just scratch the surface, however, and there is much, much more to the cult-like religion’s absolute condemnation of anything and everything that has to do with the mental health industry. It’s […]

Medical Mystery: Something Happened to U.S. Health Spending After 1980

The spending began soaring beyond that of other advanced nations, but without the same benefits in life expectancy. By Austin Frakt May 14, 2018 The United States devotes a lot more of its economic resources to health care than any other nation, and yet its health care outcomes aren’t better for it. That hasn’t always […]

“मेरी माँ स्वस्थ माँ” अभियान

मुख्यमंत्री ने किया “मेरी माँ स्वस्थ माँ” अभियान का शुभारम्भ माननीय मुख्यमंत्री श्री त्रिवेन्द्र सिंह रावत जी ने #mothersday के अवसर पर कैन प्रोटेक्ट फाउंडेशन द्वारा शुरू गये अभियान मेरी माँ स्वास्थ माँ अभियान का शुभारम्भ किया. कैन प्रोटेक्ट फाउंडेशन के इस अभियान का उद्देश्य प्रदेश के सभी स्कूल और कॉलेज में वरिष्ठ डॉक्टर्स की […]

7 common mistakes in BP measurement

May 5, 2018 ADD TOPIC TO EMAIL ALERTS The American Heart Association has named May National High Blood Pressure Education month. ad literal Cardiology_VascularMedicine_MediumRectangle /ad literal According to a press release from the AHA, mistakes are often made in home or office BP tests, which may lead to inaccurate readings. “We need to raise awareness […]

Medicos marriage

My wife and I have befriended multiple people with struggling marriages. Maybe this shouldn’t be a big surprise given the majority of marriages are successful at least in India. That said, every time we end up with friends struggling in marriage, it never gets any less challenging. Every single time we run into this challenge, […]

New Medical Criminals

“Doctor, Will My Dad Survive?” asked the anxious son. “Very unlikely, we are trying our best though” said the desperate doc. The highly qualified son had brought his father late night on a Friday, over 24 hours after he had developed a paralysis. Patient’s blood pressure was high, and heart status was fluctuating. An urgent […]

Buddha de stigmatises mental illness

  Abstract The authors describe the encounter of Lord Buddha with a greatly mentally disturbed woman named as Patacara (literally in Pali: “the shameless” or “the naked” woman). His reception of her in spite of the dislike of the listeners of his discourse, his explanation of her difficulties, and consolation are mentioned. Her elevation as one […]

केंचुल “

” साहब अपने ऑफिस में, आरामदेह कुर्सी पर बैठे, आगे-पीछे झूल रहे थे । साहब पिछले बीस सालों से इसी तरह झूले जा रहे हैं । साहब बीस साल पहले तक, इलाज करने वाले डॉक्टर हुआ करते थे । फिर साहब को सरकार ने प्रशासनिक काम सौंप दिया, तबसे साहब इसी काम मे लगे हैं […]


Selling drugs is a relationship business. It’s best to do it in person. That is why, on a summer evening in 2012, Alec Burlakoff was out for dinner with Steven Chun, the owner of Sarasota Pain Associates. Burlakoff was a sales manager for Insys Therapeutics, an Arizona-based pharmaceutical company with only one branded product, a […]

Colour of urine

Any deviation in normal urine color intraoperatively is alarming to the clinician. Frequently observed discoloration of urine is high-colored urine (dehydration), dark yellow to orange (bilirubinuria), pink to red-brown (hematuria), brown (myoglobinuria), yellow (Vitamin B-complex), or orange (rifampicin). We report a case of green urine in a 45-year-old female patient, 65 kg, American Society of […]

Health care pollutants.

If the U.S. healthcare sector were ranked as a nation, it would be the world’s 13th-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, more than all of the UK, a new study finds. “Unfortunately, in our quest to take care of individual patients, we’re causing this undue harm,” coauthor Dr. Jodi Sherman, from Yale School of Medicine in […]

The Stupid invest in hospitals

Investment in all other business ventures and industry is solicited by all countries as also by all states in India with attractive incentives and tax benefits being given to those who agree to invest. Prime Ministers and other Heads of states fall head over heels in appeasing and trying to attract those with investment potential. […]

Tips for stroke

If you or someone in your family has suffered from stroke, here are some recovery tips for you – all based on science and research. 1. Recovery is always possible, even years after stroke. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there in this regard. Sometime ago, I had a conversation with a patient […]


  Have you ever heard of the Harvard study that ran for 75 years to assess what makes us happy? It’s a revolutionary study in psychology. It followed the lives of two groups of men for over 75 years, and it now follows their Baby Boomer children to understand how childhood experience reaches across decades […]

personal experiences

I had posted my personal experience at DocPlexus – a community of doctors in India and received an overwhelming response. Here is the follow up post: Dr abha 1. I have verified that the hospital I was at is NABH-accredited since 2016. So now the process, validity and usefulness of NABH accreditation itself are also […]

Is mutual settlement advisable

I get umpteen number of cases where a doctor after a medical accident has been pressurized to compromise by paying some money. The circumstances at that time usually involving a mob and sometimes the police are such that the doctor considers the 2-5 lacs given as well spent. Some doctors also get an agreement made […]