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क्या डेड बॉडी , को ICU में रखा जा सकता है पैसों के लिए #एक_मेडिकल_इन्वेस्टिगेशन :

यह धारणा इतनी कॉमन हो चुकी है। हम पहले ही इस केस का वैज्ञानिक इन्वेस्टीगेशन करने के पहले यह मान लेते हैं कि मरीज़ का मुख्य चिकत्सक और अस्पताल का ownner दोनों ही बेहद भ्रष्ट और नैतिक रूप से इतने पतित हैं कि, डेड बॉडी से भी पैसे कमाना चाहते हैं। जिससे यह विश्लेषण नैतिक […]

Ross’s salary

The salary of Dr.Ronald Ross IMS, the discoverer of Malaria parasite cycle that won him Nobel Prize, was Rs.1000/month when he was posted to Calcutta in 1898 . At that time gold was sold at Rs.18/10 gms. By that reckoning, in today’s money that salary of Rs 1000/- is equal to Rs.15,00,000/( Fifteen lakhs ) […]

*Unavailability During Golden Hour: Cardiologist booked for death due to negligence*

Medico Legal, September 28, 2018. Medical board held that apart from other factors, “non-availability of Dr Garg” was one factor too. Jalandhar: On account of delay in treatment, which allegedly led to the death of a patient suffering from myocardial infarction, a city-based cardiologist has been booked under the IPC section 304 A on the […]

BHU Mobicracy

Yet Again; Doctors got beaten brutally by mob at BHU. In evening their was a clash at emergency department surgery after a distant aunt of a university student(suffering from cholecystitis) was not given bed due to no vacancy.The alleged student of the Birla hostel of the came with 15-20 of his class-mates and started abusing […]


This is a rather lengthy post. I don’t generally post political opinions and this must not be construed as such. So please read this actual and impartial analysis from the point of view of the person lowest in the rung to implement this Ayushman Bharat scheme. The entire world and every media worth its salt […]

Optimum Strategies for Creativity and Longevity

By Sing Lin, Ph.D. Member of National Council of Chinese Institute of Engineers – USA/Greater New York Chapter, and Member of Board of Director of National Taiwan University Alumni Association – Greater New York March 2002 1. Most Creative Years in the Life The Nobel Laureate, Dr. Leo Esaki, delivered the distinguished lecture entitled “Innovation […]

History of my (our) Alma mater SN MEDICAL COLLEGE

History of my (our) Alma mater ——————————————Sharing the Info from my Respected Seniors! (Dr Anil Chaudhary Via: Dr Neera Chandra) Our Younger Generation of SNMC may not be aware of this Rich Heritage! ——————- During the British Empire’s government, in 1854 S N Medical College was founded for the practice of British military doctors. The […]

“The White Apron” “द व्हाईट एप्रन”

Is it not but natural that a doctor who has spent all his life becoming a good doctor and then staying a good doctor with an extensive medical career spanning over 5 decades names his autobiography “The White Apron”? Dr. M. M. Jain (M.D. Medicine, M.D. Pediatrics), who retired recently from Ruby Hall but is […]

“Hats Off, Phoenix!”

(c) Dr. Rajas Deshpande. She had paralysis, over eight times in last six years. Lost vision few times. Lost balance many times. Even lost speech and bits of memory. Severe vertigo woudn’t let her move for days. Many hospital admissions, many injection courses and tests. Barely two weeks ago, she had come to the OPD […]

Medical Representatives

आज दोपहर मे मै जब अपने अस्पताल मे बैठा मरीजोंका इलाज कर रहा था तो एक medical representive मेरे कमरै मे आये और कहा कि सर आप आजकल कई विषयों पर लेख लिख रहे हैं कभी हमारे विषय मे भी कुछ लिखियेगा । मैने सोचा अरे ये बात मेरे जेहन मे अब तक आई कैसे […]

See the future of medicine in India.

As usual. interesting reading and sound advice from a very very senior Gynecologist.. Indian healthcare in shambles.. “One Doesn’t Need To Be A Doctor To Start A Hospital, Just As One Can Start A Hotel Without Knowing How To Cook”. 🍁Big businessmen and corporates who must invest their money in profitable ventures knew this very […]

Ways to avoid attacks on medicos

There was a meeting organised for hospital administrators regarding attacks on Medicos, Hospitals and healthcare providers. Following are the “20 hospital commandments” to be implemented for the smooth going of day today affairs of hospitals and clinics. Circulating the suggestions collected over the past several years to prevent hospital attacks. *20 suggestions to prevent hospital […]

Banned drugs combinations

LIST OF FDC’S BANNED WITH EFFECT FROM 12-09-2018 AS PER NOTIFICATIONS CIPMMA SL.NO FIXED DOSE COMBINATION NOTIFICATION NO 1 Aceclofenac (SR) + Paracetamol 750 2 Aceclofenac + Paracetamol + Famotidine 744 3 Aceclofenac + Paracetamol + Rabeprazole 705 4 Aceclofenac + Zinc Carnosine 745 5 Acetaminophen + Guaifenesin + Dextromethorphan + Chlorpheniramine 945 6 Acetaminophen […]

Charges in small hospitals

Charter of Patients’ Rights for adoption by NHRC

  Preamble Patients’ rights are Human rights! The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) emphasizes the fundamental dignity and equality of all human beings. Based on this concept, the notion of Patient Rights has been developed across the globe in the last few decades. There is a growing consensus at international level that all […]

Medical Profession and Charity:

A Guideline For Medical Students (Speech at a recent Medical Event) © Dr. Rajas Deshpande My dear friends, you will receive many sermons about your responsibility to do charity and social service from those who do no charity themselves. Many who have never done anything worthwhile for the society will remind you of your Hippocratic […]

How psychiatrists think

Advances in psychiatric treatment (2009), vol. 15, 72–79 doi: 10.1192/apt.bp.107.005298 ARTICLE Niall Crumlish is Lecturer in Psychiatry in Trinity College, Dublin. His primary research interests are early psychosis, insight and transcultural psychiatry. Brendan D. Kelly is Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at University College Dublin. His research interests include the epidemiology of psychosis and relationships between […]

Sterilisation failure

Many cases of sterilization failure are reported in media where the medical team is always accused of it/s failure and few also challenged in court too. In the matter titled as “Lok Nayak Hospital versus Prema, RFA No. 56/2006” the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi vide judgement dated 06.08.2018 has held that medical negligence is […]