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MOHFW issues FAQs on NMC Bill 

#FirstOnPlexusMD Government addresses common concerns and clarifies key provisions, strongly supports the reform In a detailed FAQ released on MOHFW website last night, the Ministry answers commonly raised questions and concerns against the NMC Bill. Besides throwing more light on some of the common concerns, the tone and matter of the FAQs also indicate the Government’s […]

*Guidelines for safety in MRI centre* – *IMA*

In light of the unfortunate medical accident that resulted in death of a patient's relative in BMC run Nayar Hospital Mumbai let's revisit the safety guidelines for MRI. MRI magnet is “ALWAYS ON” even when patient is not being scanned so it needs extreme precautions while wheeling in the patient. Safety is of paramount importance […]

The Tragic Reality of Representing Trauma through Art

I’m sorry but I never saw this side of the picture but I still cannot sympathise with the violence of the Karni Sena SHARED FROM ASHOK ROW KAVI 'S WALL Sharing from friend Sahana Singh — for those who want to go see the movie: The post is by Rajat Mitra, and Sahana Singh has […]

Plan to Dismantle Self Governance Strongly Criticised by WMA

Date: Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 4:06 PM WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION News Release 29 January 2018 PLAN TO DISMANTLE PHYSICIAN SELF GOVERNANCE STRONGLY CRITICISED BY WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION The Indian Government’s plan to dismantle the professional self-governance of Indian physicians has been strongly criticised by the World Medical Association. In a letter to the Chairman of India’s […]

Bridge courses to nowhere

With severe shortage of qualified doctors to address the health care needs of the burgeoning population, India’s health sector is facing a huge crisis. The government lacks a visionary approach to respond to this crisis. An immediate solution would be to create an All India Health Service by creating a nucleus core comprising of all […]


अधूरा ज्ञान खतरनाक होता है। 33 करोड़ नहीं 33 कोटि देवी देवता हैं हिंदू धर्म में ; कोटि = प्रकार । देवभाषा संस्कृत में कोटि के दो अर्थ होते हैं । कोटि का मतलब प्रकार होता है और एक अर्थ करोड़ भी होता है। हिंदू धर्म का दुष्प्रचार करने के लिए ये बात उड़ाई गयी […]

“What If This Was Your Father, Doctor?”

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande “Doctor, I want to know about this illness. I want to understand it” she said.It had taken me an entire medical career and a lot of experience to understand this disease in steps, no neurologist in the world claims to have fully understood it. It was my duty to simplify things […]


Today, India celebrates its 69th Republic Day! On this day in 1950, our governing document came into force, establishing India as a Republic Country, ending the British rule for good. In the last 68 years, many laws have come into effect with an aim to improve the quality of life of the Indian citizens. Special […]

Bridge courses

Bridge courses is an ill conceived idea. It will jeopardise validity of all systems of tt. To master anything we have to draw a boundary around it and do it repetitively. If I opt to limit my practice to, say , geriatric psychiatry only ; I get trained in it , attend CMEs on it […]


                        कटुसत्य       मेडिकल सुविधाओं की कमी से जूझ रहे देश एवं प्रदेश की इससे बड़ी विडंबना क्या हो सकती है कि डॉक्टरों की कमी एवं स्वास्थ्य सेवाओं व स्तंभ डॉक्टर की कभी भी किसी स्वास्थ्य परियोजना मे राय नही ली जाती है […]

Post-Prozac Nation The Science and History of Treating Depression

226By SIDDHARTHA MUKHERJEEAPRIL 19, 2012Few medicines, in the history of pharmaceuticals, have been greeted with as much exultation as a green-and-white pill containing 20 milligrams of fluoxetine hydrochloride — the chemical we know as Prozac. In her 1994 book “Prozac Nation,” Elizabeth Wurtzel wrote of a nearly transcendental experience on the drug. Before she began treatment with […]

*Why So Many Doctors Kill Themselves*

Pamela Wible, The Washington PostLast Updated January 15 2018, 11:20 AM One million Americans lose their doctors to suicide each year Healers, after all, also need healing Five years ago, I was at a memorial. Another suicide. Our third doctor in 18 months. Everyone kept whispering, "Why?" That was when I decided I had to […]


आई॰एम॰ए॰ उचित संशोधन करने के लिये स्वतंत्र है !१-अस्पताल में ट्रेंड स्टाफ़ ज़रूरी !आपत्ति – जहाँ ज़रूरी होता है कार्य ट्रेंड स्टाफ़ से ही कराया जाता है अन्यथा डॉक्टर स्वयं उस कार्य को करते है , पूरे के पूरे स्टाफ़ को बदलने से बरोज़गारी बढ़ेगी और फिर ट्रेंड स्टाफ़ सरकार के पास तो पूरा नहीं […]


केंद्रीय राज्य मंत्री डॉ. महेश शर्मा ने भी माना कि चिकित्सीय क्षेत्र में तकनीकी सुगढ़ता और कौशल बढ़ा है, लेकिन नैतिक दायित्व बोध व गरिमा कम हुए हैं। आइएमए की दून शाखा द्वारा आयोजित वार्षिक संगोष्ठी में उन्होंने कहा कि डॉक्टर-रोगी संबंध अब पहले जैसे नहीं रहे हैं। यह आत्मचिंतन का समय है। हमें सोचना […]


Happiness “I am rich, fit, and I have mastered almost everything I wanted to master.” Why am I still not happy and still not satisfied ??? *- posted in Quora by Anonymous* *Answer by Karim Elsheikh : -* “Human happiness (as we know it) is caused by 4 basic chemicals : – ▪Dopamine ▪Endorphins ▪Serotonin […]

sharing bed

The practice of parents co-sleeping with their children (sharing the bed with their child or sleeping on different cots in the same room) is quite old, especially in the Eastern cultures where the family is considered above an individual. In India, most children share the bed with their parents until they are 6–8 years old. […]

Rules of Clinical Establishment Act, 2010 Suggested Changes in the Rules by IMA, Haryana

  ExistingSuggested ChangesExplanation1.         Short title and commencement – (1) theserules may be called the Clinical Establishments(Central Government) Rules, 2012.(2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette.  2.         Definitions • In these rules, unless thecontext otherwise requires,-(a)   "Act’   means   […]

*Sanskrit Sanskrit:: Mind Blowing Facts about Sanskrit*

————————————• Sanskrit has the highest number of vocabularies than any other languages in the world. • 102 arab 78 crore 50 lakh words have been used till now in Sanskrit. If it is used in computers & technology, then more than these number of words will be used in next 100 years. • Sanskrit has […]

In 50 years, there’s been no new neuropsychiatric drug:

INTERDavid J. Anderson Jacob KoshyJANUARY 17, 2018 00:15 ISTUPDATED: JANUARY 18, 2018 12:44 IST Humans are not the only ones privileged to have emotions; mice and fruit flies also do, says the neurobiologistCalifornia Institute of Technology neurobiologist David J. Anderson is at the vanguard of studying the neurobiological foundations of emotion. He was the key […]

Troponin elevation in conditions other than acute coronary syndromes

Vascular Health and Risk ManagementDove Press Asli Tanindi and Mustafa CemriAdditional article informationAbstractarticle-metaAcute coronary syndromes comprise a large spectrum of clinical conditions ranging from unstable angina pectoris to acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction. Chest pain is usually the major symptom of atherosclerotic heart disease; however, it may be challenging to diagnose correctly, especially in the emergency […]

Loneliness ministry

India Needs One Too, Believe ExpertsAishwarya Iyer Globally, more than 300 million people suffer from depression and 260 million are living with anxiety disorders. Mental health should be of utmost importance as it affects the holistic well-being of the individual and the societies in a ◦ The National Mental Health Survey of India, 2015-16 shows […]

स्वास्थ्य न्यायालय ( जनहित में चिकित्सकों का सुझाव )

जब से चिकित्सको को consumer Court के अंतर्गत लाया गया , उसके बाद हो सकता हो कुछ मरीजो को लाभ हुआ हो , परंतु लाखों मरीजों का नुकसान भी हुआ है शायद, क्योंकि अतिगंभीर मरीजो को ईलाज करने के लिए चिकित्सको में एक भय बैठ गया है , पहले जहाँ क्लीनिकल वर्क की तरफ ध्यान […]


योर ऑनर,

जब डॉक्टर्स 24 घंटे बिना छुट्टियों के पूरे साल काम कर सकते हैं तो आप क्यों नहीं। जिस देश मे मी लॉर्ड्स साल में 3 महीने छुट्टियां लेकर आराम फरमाएंगे उस देश मे अयोध्या जैसे संवेदनशील मामलों का 70 सालों में भी फैसला न आना समझ आता है। कभी सोचा जब तुम लोग छुट्टियां लेकर […]

Stents and other devices

The recent news that stents inserted in patients with heart disease to keep arteries open work no better than a placebo ought to be shocking. Each year, hundreds of thousands of American patients receive stents for the relief of chest pain, and the cost of the procedure ranges from $11,000 to $41,000 in US hospitals.But […]

Howl of psychiatrists

*Article information**BMJ. 2002 Dec 21; 325(7378): 1498.* Why is it that you can see a pride of lions, a murder of crows, a parliament of owls, and other such delightful collective terms, but only a boring crowd of journalists, historians, and doctors? In fact, one uses the same collective term, “crowd,” for all sorts of […]

Stupid judgement

Doctors are not to prescribe drug if he/she is aware that it could cause side effects to patients, said a consumer forum in the city. The forum also ordered a doctor of the KR Hospital in Hanumanthanagar to pay Rs 90,000 to the father of a girl who suffered side effects from a tablet prescribed […]

New Victoria cross

Our judges, their judges

No ! Not at all ! This is not a picture of a politician addressing the media ! It is Justice Kurien Joseph the Honorable Judge of our Supreme Court. Some time back he had also objected when the chief justice then had called for a meeting of all Judges on the Christmas day. That's […]

Last patient

Kevin MD 2017-06-15The last patient of the day gets the least carereact-text: 265 #Opinions /react-text react-text: 266 /react-text react-text: 268 #Community /react-text react-text: 269 /react-textreact-text: 272 Shares : /react-text react-text: 273 1 /react-text He entered the hospital on Monday morning with a list of patients running through his mind. From the time he received a […]

My Last Day as a Surgeon

The New Yorker 2016-01-10 react-text: 104 #Opinions /react-text react-text: 105 /react-text react-text: 107 #Community /react-text react-text: 108 /react-textreact-text: 111 Shares : /react-text react-text: 112 63 /react-text In May of 2013, the Stanford University neurosurgical resident Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic lung cancer. He was thirty-six years old.In his two remaining years—he died […]

Fate and The Fatal Healthcare Gamble.

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande In the rush of a local station, a 25 year old man suddenly shouted in a scary way and threw a fit. His eyes rolled up, his body shook violently, and he fell down. The jerks kept rocking his body and shocked people around him noticed blood stained frothing from his […]

Medical negligence



डॉक्टर तो बस कमंडल पकडेऔर मनकामेश्वर या काशी विश्वनाथ जाकरभजन पूजन करे The above notification adds a new regulation to the pre-existing The Indian Medical Council (Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics) Regulations, 2002. This new 1—Regulation No. 6.8.1 (notified vide MCI-211(1)/2009(Ethics)/55667 dated 10th December 2009, regarding the relations between doctors and the pharmaceutical companies) is […]

Pathology practice

Dear friends, In today’s day and age, all of us want to have a safe and trouble free practice. It is the duty of the IMA to present before you certain ethical and legal points about running of pathology laboratories in private practice. The Medical Council of India has clearly stated that Pathology, being a […]

Qualified pathologists

How Twitter Is Reshaping the Medical Conference

How Twitter Is Reshaping the Medical ConferenceWhen the social networking site Twitter was introduced in 2006, it was mostly a way for friends to have conversations. Its scope and reach have vastly increased, and now, Twitter is reshaping the medical conference, as well as communication in general. Doctors around the world use Twitter to attend […]

K k Aggrawal interview

EDITORIAL News TitleA mentally challenged person cannot donate his organs even to his brotherDr KK Aggarwal,  11 January 2018 #Multispeciality #Neurology                             Mentally challenged person cannot donate his organs even to his brother: In the matter titled as “Ganpatrao & Others versus State of Maharashtra & Others, Writ Petition No. 13918 […]

Awake under anesthesia

We tend to think that being anesthetized is like falling asleep. Kate Cole-Adams concludes that the truth is stranger—it’s more like having your mind disassembled, then put together again. /react-text Photograph by Montgomery Martin / Alamy react-text: 154 One /react-text react-text: 156 day in the nineteen-eighties, a woman went to the hospital for cancer surgery. […]

Homeopathic doctors & NMC Bill – In defence of the bridge course allowing them to prescribe allopathic medicines

The Times of India (Mumbai edition)9 Jan 2018Kushal Banerjeeko if: hasImage Kushal Banerjee homeopathic doctor The National Medical Commission Bill, in its first iteration, proposes a bridge course which will allow homeopathic and ayurvedic practitioners to prescribe some allopathic medicines. This proposal of a bridge course has met with opposition by members of the medical […]

Are You Respectable, Doctor?

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande “Send in the next patient” I told the receptionist.As no one came in for a few moments, I opened the door. A trembling, shuffling old man in his eighties, standing with the support of his son and daughter in law, was fumbling to remove his sandals outside my door. “Let it […]

Dear Bindra,Kundra ,Chandra or whatever you are,

First of all let me tell you that you are such a disgusting,mannerless and irritating person that I wonder how can one actually pay a fee to attend your useless sessions.Heard that you yourself charge 5 lacs for doing total verbal diarrhoea for 2 -3 hrs and then you have the audacity to accuse lacs […]

Bridge Course? Of Course!

by Dr. Pranav Kodial Date: Some day and month in the Year 2030. Venue: A distant—okay, not so distant—planet filled with creatures of all sizes and shapes, and cultures and backgrounds. I limped into the huge building, one of the biggest, state-of-the-art hospitals on our planet. And the last on my list. The pleasant-faced receptionist […]

What does the new National Medical Commission Bill entail? A primer

Though the introduction of the National Medical Commission (NMC) has received an enthusiastic response from some elements, the medical fraternity has not been enthusiastic about the new changes which the new rules are about to bring.The new body, the National Medical Commission would comprise of multiple committees and departments and would be open to practising […]

The Medical Profession is at Crossroads

Wednesday, Jan 03rd 2018 By Dr Mukul Kapoor | PUBLISHED: 03, Jan 2018, 17:04 pm IST | UPDATED: 03, Jan 2018, 18:03 pm ISTThe medical profession in India is perhaps at its lowest repute. No profession is today as abused by the Indian public, as the doctors. You see doctors being abused, ridiculed, accused of murder/corruption and called […]

A Neuroscientist Explores the “Sanskrit Effect”

A hundred dhoti-clad young men sat cross-legged on the floor in facing rows, chatting amongst themselves. At a sign from their teacher the hall went quiet. Then they began the recitation. Without pause or error, entirely from memory, one side of the room intoned one line of the text, then the other side of the […]

The Medical Profession is at Crossroads

By Dr Mukul Kapoor | PUBLISHED: 03, Jan 2018, 17:04 pm IST | UPDATED: 03, Jan 2018, 18:03 pm ISTThe medical profession in India is perhaps at its lowest repute. No profession is today as abused by the Indian public, as the doctors. You see doctors being abused, ridiculed, accused of murder/corruption and called inhuman/insensitive […]

Mental-health IPO is a leap forward for China

By Adam Minter The number of Chinese registered as suffering from depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, dementia, and other mental illnesses increased by 25 per cent between 2014 and 2016, according to Chinese authorities. By one recent accounting, they number 173 million. Only 20 million receive professional treatment. Long-standing social stigmas and a lack of treatment […]


Interviewer: which pathy is the best? BAMS: Ayurveda is best with no side effects.BHMS: Homeopathy is best. It is best solution for all illness. Interviewer: what about allopathy? BAMS: Oh.. it has lot of side effects and lot of harmful chemicalsBHMS: It doesnt go to root cause. Our science is perfect Interviewer: So you dont […]

Battle of Koregaon

Battle of Koregaon : Lessons in Unity ByGuest AuthorPosted on January 3, 2018 (written by @TrueIndology and @Dimple_Kaul) It is unfortunate that in the year 2018, India is witnessing caste clashes which, if unchecked, could blow into a major civil war. We are seeing Media and “Youth” politicians like Jignesh Mevani and Rahul Gandhi adding […]