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clinical establishment act- basics why the government wants it.  The government wants insurance in health sector.The insurance sector is hesitant to enter in an unregulated heath sector . Hence the act Why the government is making a mistake.  Insurance was introduced in American health care because American health care is inaccessible and very expensive. Indian […]

My perspectives on clinical establishment act 2010

Clinical Establishment Act . . . The vedas have long ago stated the fact that in kaliyug the do gooders would be hounded out and the the corrupt would flourish.The clinical establishment act seem to fulfill this profesy not in part but in full measures There are stringent and huge monitory penalties for non registration […]

clinical establishment act

The Government of USA enforced certain public health laws in USA because of the general consensus among the population is USA was that Doctors were bad and fleecing patient and then dumping them.In short doctors in USA were seen to be not doing there duties.Offcoarce this had to do something with the econnomic slump and […]