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God, Doctor and The Killer Snake.

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande Dattaram started breathing fast and coughing. Red skin, rashes. Pulse 140. BP not recordable. This unfortunate young labourer, bitten by a cobra only a few hours ago, had now developed severe dangerous reaction or ‘anaphylaxis’ to the only medicine that could have saved him: the injection of anti snake venom. I […]

Corruption in medical practice: An open letter to PM, FM and health minister

By TS Kler This is regarding a recent sting operation on some path labs that give cutbacks to referring doctors. I am surprised to know that the Union health minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan, was not aware of it. This practice of giving money to referring doctors is pretty old in this country and I think […]


Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty June 23, 2013 To understand Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty’s heart, read this>>>> (He wrote this letter to the children he preformed cardiac surgery on.) A LETTER TO 4000 CHILDREN WITH A SCAR ON THE CHEST My Dear Children: I have been planning to write this letter for quite some time. Maybe […]

Neurobiology of Religious Terrorism

Neurobiology of Religious Terrorism Todd Murphy, Researching Behavioral Neuroscientist HOME | E-MAIL Understanding the mind of a suicidal terrorist is a special challenge in psychology. Not only do their actions show a highly aggressive personality, but their motivations seem to outweigh even the imperative for self-preservation. The profile of the suicide bomber is not at all simple. […]