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What is psychosis?

What is psychosis? Psychosis is usually a symptom of a mental disorder. Psychosis means there is a loss of contact with reality. What is the cause? The exact cause of psychosis is not known. If it is caused by something physical, it is called organic psychosis. Organic psychosis can be brought on by brain tumors, […]


What is grief? Grief is an emotional reaction that follows the loss of someone or something of great value. Grief is a natural response to loss. Any loss can cause grief. Death is the one that usually comes to mind, but there are many others. Losses like divorce, losing a job, losing a pet, or […]


What is anxiety due to a medical condition? Anxiety due to a medical condition means that a medical problem causes symptoms such as feeling nervous, worried, or jittery. You may have panic attacks or feel that something terrible is going to happen. This disorder is different from being nervous and worried about your illness. If […]

major depression

What is major depression? Depression is a condition in which you feel sad, hopeless, and uninterested in daily life. Major depression is severe depression that lasts for at least 2 full weeks. Major depression usually improves within a few weeks. Some people have it only once, while others have many episodes. Major depression can be […]


What is loneliness? Loneliness is not just being alone. You can feel lonely even when you are surrounded by people. Loneliness means feeling isolated. It leaves you feeling sad or afraid. You may feel lonely because you are: spending too much time alone grieving over a loss, such as the death of a spouse feeling […]

living with mental illness

Employers, friends, and neighbors may be very uncomfortable about mental illness. Many people would rather avoid the issue than deal with it. They find it embarrassing and scary. The stigma can be worse than the illness itself. One survey found that workers are more likely to tell their boss they were involved in a petty […]

Mental illness is a health condition that involves the brain. Mental illness causes problems with thinking, mood, or behavior that interfere with daily life and cause distress. If you are a family member or friend of someone who is mentally ill, you have probably been suffering too. You are likely to feel worried, frustrated, confused, […]

depression due to a medical condition?

What is depression due to a medical condition? Depression is a condition in which you feel sad, hopeless, and uninterested in daily life. Several medical problems can cause depression. It is not that you are just upset at having a medical problem, but that the medical problem physically causes depression. As your physical condition improves, […]

What is Alzheimer’s disease? Alzheimer’s disease (AD) affects brain cells. It slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. Over time the ability to speak, remember, control emotions, and make decisions may be lost. People with AD may have a range of symptoms such as: mild anxiety memory loss, including more trouble remembering recent events than events […]

narcotic drugs abuse

narcotic drugs abuse.

narcotic drugs abuse

What is narcotic drug withdrawal? Narcotics include drugs such as heroin, codeine, morphine, and methadone. When you are dependent, you need the drug to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Your body’s chemistry has to readjust if you stop taking the drugs. The withdrawal symptoms occur while the body is readjusting. What is the cause? Narcotics change your […]

how to stop smoking

Know why you want to quit. When you quit smoking, your body gets to work repairing damaged tissues. Here are some of the health benefits: You stop damage to your lungs. You improve the blood flow to your heart, brain, and other body organs. You can fight colds and other respiratory infections more easily. You […]

inhalent abuse

What are inhalants? Inhalants are chemicals that produce fumes. Examples are glue, paint thinner, and lighter fluid. Dependence means a person feels that they cannot function without using the drug. Children and teens abuse inhalants because they are easy to get and have mind-altering effects when sniffed or “huffed.” These chemicals reach the lungs and […]

alcohol abuse

What is alcohol dependence? Alcohol dependence (alcoholism) is a disease that includes: the need to drink greater amounts of alcohol to get high a strong urge to drink not being able to control your drinking even though you know that it is harmful withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating, and shakiness when you stop drinking. […]

delirium tremens

What is delirium tremens? Delirium tremens (the DTs) is a severe reaction to withdrawal from alcohol. Delirium tremens can be deadly. The DTs usually start 24 to 72 hours after a person who is dependent on alcohol either stops or limits drinking. What is the cause? Chronic drinking changes the way the body and brain […]

parkinsons disease

What is Parkinson’s disease? Parkinson’s disease occurs when some of the nerve centers in the brain lose the ability to control muscle movements. As a result, you may have rigid muscles, tremors, and trouble walking and swallowing. Parkinson’s disease is one of the most common diseases affecting movement in people over age 55. There is […]


What is delirium? Delirium is a medical condition that causes a loss of attention, a lack of awareness, and an inability to think clearly. There are rapid changes in the level of consciousness. Delirium may develop in a matter of hours or over several days. Symptoms may come and go. The key symptoms are disorientation […]


What is progressive dementia? Progressive dementia is the gradual loss of mental functions such as the ability to think, reason, remember, and plan. Dementia is caused by damaged brain cells. A stroke, brain tumor, head injury, or disease, such as Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s disease, can damage brain cells. Dementia is more common in older adults. […]


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