Why do men become dumb in the presence of attractive women?!


Recently was watching a commercial on TV. A babe with striking looks donning a revealing bikini was walking out of the sea. As I watched in awe, I was surprised to know that the advertisement was that of a cement brand. Now, what does a woman showing well-toned wearing nearly nothing have to do with a cement company! I got a feeling that the advertisement agencies use women’s bodies more than the women do it themselves!
Let’s talk about two situations related to this topic which come to my mind.
Once, there was a youngster who burning midnight oil to discover an alternative to petroleum. Seeing the youngster toil so hard, a village elder went to him that instead of going on spending his money to pursue his research which had failed to yield any discovery yet, he had an alternative solution. The elder told the youngster that deep inside the dense Kanha forest, there lived a hermit in a thatched hut. It is extremely difficult to cut through the forest and reach him but if you reach him, you can ask him the alternative of petrol. “He will tell you and you would be saved of further effort of putting in dogged research. But remember, the hermit answers just one question and then disappears”, the elder warned the youngster who eagerly took off on the unknown expedition.
After trekking the dangerous path in the forest, the youngster finally reached the hut. He was ready with his question, “What is the alternative of petrol?”. As he entered the hut, the youngster was stunned to see that the hermit was an exceptionally beautiful woman who exuded sensuality. Awe-struck, for a minute he forgot why he was there, his purpose. Suddenly he blurted, “Hey pretty lady, would you marry me?”. The lady hermit said `No’ and vanished!!
There is another similar tale. Once a beauty sat down to gamble with four men in Las Vegas. Turning on her charms, the woman said that lady lucks tends to be with her when she gambles naked and asked if the men had any problem with that. Now which man would have a problem with the woman willingly taking off her clothes! They started playing and just as the roullette started spinning, a few seconds later, the woman cried out in ecstasy, “I win, I win”. Quickly, she gathered the coins and left. When the men came to their senses, they realised none of them knew what number they had betted on. They were not paying any attention to the game, all their attention was focussed on, you know where!!
You may find these stories hilarious but they offer a peep into the psyche of men. Women too often hold a similar opinion about men- they see a beautiful woman and there they go! But researchers of the Belgium Leuvane University say that men are not at fault here. The secretion of testosterone hormones in men ensure that the mere sight of a sensual woman numbs their thinking and decision making capacity. These researchers found that men between 12 to 28 years when shown pictures of sexy women fumbled when it came to decision making!
Professionals in advertisement agencies, television and films seems to be a step ahead in knowing about this fact about behaviour of men which was made known by the Belgium researchers. That is why for advertisement of any product related to men (after seeing the cement ad, I believe now that in any product), men may not be present but sexy, half-clad women showing lot of skin are inevitable-they have to be there. There might not be any dum in the film but an item-girl can breathe life into lackluster movie! The strategy to hire beautiful saleswomen to push the sales is no more a secret now.
Men folk, like the youngster in the story, we do not know that despite having decided what to do, we might fumble at the last minute on spotting a sensuous woman. It is physiological disability! So next time, to spare yourself from sliding off this slippery terrain, you might like to take a woman along (be it wife, girlfriend or secretary) when go for a business deal or shopping! One woman would not dare to use her armament of charms in the presence of other women. It is probably because of this that secret service agencies employ women secret agents along with male agents. Now you understand how attractive women help your business grow.

Reflection: Presence of attractive and beautiful woman leave men dumb and women alert!

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