an interesting and funny case

IT was an interesting and funny case which came to my clinic today. A Hindu patient named(changed) vikram who was had  an acute   manic episode, in a fit of grandiose delusion , suddenly changed his religion and became Muslim, changed his name to Mohemmed,started wearing muslim topi,kurta and pyjama and frequented madrarasas and got into performed namaj five times a day. After attending namaz he started spitting on idols of god in his home and called his Hindu relatives and mother as ‘shaitan’.

My job was to treat his manic state and his parents wanted him to become hindu once again.

Does this case illustrate some valid undercurrents about the practice of religions? My take is that religion is not deeply rooted into sub consciousness but is just a matter of practice, rituals and brainwashing. Otherwise it was not possible that a practicing  Hindu starts hating his Hindu parents ,calling them ‘ shaitan ‘ after a few days in practice of  Muslim religion. The newer the convert, the worse is the hatred. But why ?

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