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The Occult Review

The Occult Review (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The word occult for many years has carried with it a stigma of ominous dealings and dark forces, but in reality the word occult simply means “hidden,” or “secret.” It has also come to mean “knowledge of the paranormal,” and “a knowledge of hidden things.” Because many dark magic practices were often carried out in secret, the term came to define this type of activity, however, these practices were and are practiced in secret due to the misconceptions many had about what the occult was and is. While many of the spiritual principals of the occult are still kept under a cloak of mystery, the true nature of it’s roots in paganism and nature based philosophies are now more well known, and thus, less frightening to the general public. Occult practices are ancient and modern as well. Many occult practices and occult power is passed from person to person, and these teachings are not widely available for public view and consumption. While this does lend the occult a flavor of mystery, it by no means deems it evil or unsavory. In fact, most occult practices are spiritually based and stress doing “no harm” to others. For instance Wicca, a religion often associated with the occult, staunchly follows the “Rule of Three,” which basically states, that whatever you do to another will return to you three-fold. Many believe that because occultists rely on various occult symbols, tools and rituals that it must somehow be questionable. However, most, if not all, religions have their own form of symbols, rituals and tools that are used to aid the practice of the religion in question. Additionally, most religions have some “secret” or occult aspect that is not widely known or shared within the general public. Divination as it is practiced in Christianity could be considered occult as the activity is not broadcast to the masses and is often done in secret. Likewise, the study of Kabbalah is cloaked in secrecy and taught to only a chosen few individuals within the Jewish community.

Occult power, as it is defined, simply means any power that comes from a knowledge or understanding of paranormal sources. This could mean the occult power that comes from knowing how to cast a spell, or it could mean occult power that comes from crystals, wands, mustika pearls or Tarot cards. Occult power varies from person to person. Some occultists have a great deal of occult power that has come from years of practice, while others, new to the study, may have occult power to a lesser extent. The only way to accumulate occult power is to study some form of occult practices and learn how to use the tools of the trade.

Occult symbols carry a substantial amount of occult power. The pentagram is one of the most powerful occult symbols known and has been used for thousands of years in the practice of the occult. The pentagram is simply a five pointed star that is drawn for various uses and has its roots in ancient Greece. Most believe that this occult symbol should be drawn with the topmost triangle pointing upwards towards the heavens in order to bring good forces into being. An inversed pentagram is considered very unlucky, and in some cases even evil. In occult practices the pentagram is usually depicted within a circle. The circle itself is an occult symbol and offers protection as in those drawn around the members of a coven or around an individual who is meditating or spell casting.

If you have interest in occult power, occult practices and occult symbols then you may be interested in mustika pearls as they have a distinct occult power all their own that many find fascinating. They are used in the same manner as crystals, gems and stones, but have the benefit of the elements of Earth, fire, water and air being their source of origin.

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