Using Brain Correctly

I can’t ever adequately express the beauty of the neuronal organisation within the Brain, realising once again that it feels far more rewarding to study than to explain it, to understand its poetic yet mathematically perfect logic rather than to describe the names of its components, to know that it functions as beautifully without one’s even being aware of it, to be amazed of its abilities which surpass our capacities to grasp them, and to know that they have kept us alive and going before we could think or be aware of our own existence, before we knew any language! The language that Brain uses is more beautiful than any known, however ancient, that can form a bond between animals and humans, between animals of different species, the language of compassion, of natural discipline of not killing except for hunger and self protection, the language that newborns speak through their touch with their mother, or the meeting of eyes that communicates terabytes of feelings in a glance, the ultra beautiful feeling of falling in love when you meet the right person, the gift of understanding without having spoken a word! While the abilities of our brains far exceed our ability to understand them, the simple fact that everything in the cosmos can be compared with, can be expressed within a human brain itself declares the vastness of this “gateway to the universe” that probably has the solutions for achieving world peace, ending hunger and wars, crime and violence, eternal happiness and maybe even attainment of perpetual bliss for every single soul during life, but we humans have chosen to use it instead for monies, religions, power, property, sex, fame and satisfaction of ego by defeating, showing down and making slaves of people under different sweet titles. We, inferior to our own Brain, try to enslave this Master, forcing it to learn and repeat and train itself into doing mundane things. Just because the Master is kind enough to allow us complete freedom to choose what we do with it.

The song Brain naturally sings is the Mother Hymn of all Humanity, if only we could listen to it silently!

If anyone has the capacity to redeem us from the material mess humanity had collectively created, it is the human brain, used correctly.

Wishing so desperately.

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