We the Great!

When we set out to perform and dazzle the world, we seldom analyse ourselves: a cause of great discomfort and pain to others, and mostly, ourselves! Much as it is impossible to dislike oneself (we cant hate ourselves, all said and done!), it would be worth a try to atleast analyse.

On the inside, we take for granted we know everything, and cover up what we don’t know by diverting the discussion. It takes seasoned professors and superiors to stick to the question and hammer it out from your sweet mouth that you don’t know the answer! A diploma in ‘beating around the bush’ (DBAB) comes naturally with most degrees. It is often this diploma that makes the most successful people today, not that paper degree they got from the University!
We think hardwork is for dumb idiots, and success lies in the ability to cleverly deceive others in believing we are as good as we project, while we reap from just being a part of a smart group earning well… If most people around you are smart, you can count upon your good reputation…. And THAT was the origin of writing places with your degrees.. UK, USA, Canada, Germany… as if there was dignity and smartness associated with everything except Indian education!!
We will take any possible shortcuts to knowledge, degrees, fellowships, certificates, hardwork, research, procedures: medical and nonmedical, earning money and fame. The only time we don’t really hurry is the time spent with a beloved, and still don’t learn what matters in the world!
We are experts in judging people by the most elementary things: dresses, looks, colloquial English skills, smartness (read overconfident idiots), and most importantly, their ability to please / praise us indirectly or preferably, directly (it saves that doubt about sarcasm!). Humility, politeness, softness, modesty are so orthodox, so “country”, that it precludes any professional or financial abilities in today’s “kill to eat” world.
We are better than any army sharpshooters at precisely finding out our colleague’s weaknesses, shortcomings, and exposing them where it will hurt him / her most. We play the blame game like a pro and with such sportsmanship that usually the one really guilty also has planned who the blame will finally land with!
We are good at criticising in private anything and everything that management or government (any) does, simultaneously writing requests to it for personal favours and making no-holds-barred attempts to please them!
Jokes apart, we have grown up into too much of “Get the most with the least effort” lazy community, we like to project ourselves as “Please-All-At-Any-Cost” , we forget about words like Truth, Hardwork, Ethics, Achievements, Depth of knowledge etc.. and compromise the best of our life’s moments in the modern “Pseudoculture” a world full of fake politeness, too much glitter, and near-zero conscience.
Students couldn’t care less about seriousness and dignity of any great profession or tradition : Half the college life has become entertainment under various pseudonyms. Acquisition of knowledge is just to complete the minimum necessary formality enough to use those three precious words in the examiner’s ears: My Father Pays!
How I retrospectively respect the teachers who had guts to throw us out of the class and humiliate crueller than a murder! Fear of physical pain plus public insult used to be the primary reason for any voluntary study !!
We love good things, respect achievements, but only from a safe distance… We don’t want to participate in the passing moment where history is happening and we miss out every chance to be a part of it… just so as to grow old to lie to our grandchildren how opportunity never knocked our door, how people ruined our plans, or how we sacrificed for them..
Hope we improve.We includes me, for the Micro-Einsteins who are hurt!

Rajas Deshpande

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