Why PG bonds only for doctors?

What are the details of actual expenditure in training a PG doctor?
If the govt wants them to stay and serve, it should pay.
Stop this slavery and exploitation of the meritorious!

Why are generations of promising intelligent doctors being held responsible for perpetual poverty, illiteracy and a failed govt healthcare system?

A state govt. issued notices to over 200 PG doctors who did not “Serve” the government for 10 years. They now have to pay 20 lacs Rupees each.

While doctors must serve the govt for some period after postgraduation, 10 years is atrocious. Govt also spends so much on the IIT / IIM students, MLAs, MPs and many others, but they have no such bonds. This will cause medical retardation, instead of advances, by forcing the best talents to cover up for the failed rural healthcare infrastructure.

On the other hand, what is the detail accounting for the 20 lacs that the state govt spends for each PG student? All PGs are underpaid and overworked, live in inhuman conditions, and see all patients free throughout their course for a survival stipend. All PGs pay tuition fees, the Universities charge them heavy for umpteen forms, thesis, examinations etc., and they even pay for their own food, hostel, books, library etc.
The govt still charges all the patients treated by PGs. Hundreds of patients are treated by PGs, thus serving the govt. PGs are learning, but what is the expense for govt in this? These PGs are also MBBS qualified doctors! Hospitals and equipment are bought by public money for public health. Teachers in govt hospitals and colleges are underpaid too, and teach out of their expertise. Where does the govt have to spend for the PG student? Why are they making money out of the meritholders instead of paying them well to work for the govt.?

Will this govt promise to spend every single rupee of the 20 lacs collected from PG students on poor patients’ care and medicines? Are all other illegal / corrupt practices in their health departments treated with this same energy?

If the conditions in your govt hospitals and state in general are not good enough for your own doctors to practice, you must introspect and improve rather than exploiting those doctors and slapping charges for what was not actually spent for them.

The medical bodies should strongly protest such 10 year bonds and 20 lacs Rupees punishments, and stand by their future generation doctors. You finish PG by age 27, then serve corrupt govt till 37… this is a certain slaying of careers. In the same country, with same medical council, how come one state is allowed to take advantage of reduced postgraduate seats? Where will these doctors go? Most of them will practice in India, again seeing hundreds of compulsory free patients. Al least let them choose the state of their residence, and a workplace where they are happy. Why treat them like bonded labor or slaves?

It is a mistake of PGs even to have signed such bond, but they can always contest. They must ask the govt in courts to submit the actual expenses in training MBBS and PGs in India. Getting the PG degree is the most important step in career, and the country fails to provide enough PG seats, so they are desperate and have to submit to such bonds to not miss their lifetime reward for merit and hardwork. Yes. The govt wants to punish them for these.

Will they make the same 10 years service bonds for MLAs and MPs and everyone else upon whose care the govt spends much more?

Or is this a step to turn away doctors from govt to private PG centers where the rates per seat are in multiple crores and the bonds not so strict?

Doesn’t our constitution guarantee equality? Why the difference in educational rules in various states of a single country, and most severe career obstacles for the topmost?

Please save these future generations of doctors from this exploitation. They can voluntarily serve the govt if adequate pay structures are ensured for their merit and hardwork.

In the interest of my beloved country and its future doctors.


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