Lot of controversies have been heard of about scrapping of MCI and introduction of NMC. Introduction of NMC is just not about the change of name but the whole system. There are many wrong self created misconceptions that has been deliberately circulated through social media to form public opinion based not upon facts but upon some misleading documents and ready to post letters. One of the wrong perception that NMC will be controlled by Non Medicos. In reality out of the total 20 members, 13 are from medical fraternity including the 5 most important persons (Chairman and 4 Presidents of the Boards). What is wrong if there is representation from Allied fields like Health Research, Pharmaceutical, Civil Society, Finance & Law. Only there will be one or two bureaucrats from MOHFW. Another point raised is about the selection procedure of the members of NMC. It’s true that none of the members in NMC will be elected democratically but will be selected by a High Powered Selection & Search committee. Everything that is democratic like the present MCI need not be taken as granted that it will function optimally without corruption. All the members of Parliament and that of the State Assemblies are also elected democratically, but does that mean that all of them are honest and efficient. In fact when people are selected, there are more chances of getting efficient people rather than in election where only numbers matter. Profiteering by allowing private colleges to charge fees as per theier whim was another allegation against NMC. The truth is that NMC will prescribe norms for determination of fees for a proportion of seats not exceeding 40% in private medical colleges. My further contention is that under the present MCI was there there any norm for fee fixation for any proportion of seats in private medical institutes. Govt. control on medical associations is another baseless allegation against the proposed NMC Bill whereas in reality nothing has been mentioned about this aspect in the bill. Last but not the least is the objection regarding National Licentiate Examination. Let us first try to understand why it is needed to the same extent as NEET. If NEET is implemented in proper spirit, it will filter out the undeserved students from getting admitted in Private Medical Institutes in India, But the story doesnot end there. It is true that the exit exam in each Term is goverened by the respective Universities but many universities least bother about how students write their theory exams. In many private medical colleges, the college authority themselves arrange full scale malpractice in theory exam. What can be expected from such students passing out from such medical colleges. When students will have to mandatorily sit in a centrally controlled uniform Medical Licentiate Exam, it will in the long run change their mindset that there is no use in clearing university exam by unfair means as those students are going to get exposed in the Medical Licentiate Exam. Moreover merit list will be prepared based on the results of this exam for PG admissions and those not featuring in merit list but having the minimum qualifying marks will be given the Licence to Practice Modern Medicine in India.

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