*Golden Words to every doctor*

A patient is never a customer or consumer, let the law of the land say anything. Every patient is a life with a beating heart and a thinking brain, and you are being trusted by that patient to keep that heart beating and brain thinking. That is your responsibility today and after a thousand years as a doctor. Don't ever be carried away by pride, anger or suffering, because you are the only link between the patient and life.

Every patient will not be kind to you. Some will shout, some blame, some threaten and some sue. Stay above that plane of interaction and do what you must for the good of that patient. If you feel you are not required, leave without either a harsh word or a bad feeling, _because more lives wait to be saved by you, your time is far more precious._

*Clinical skills, patient interaction and communication skills are on a sharp decline. We will all benefit from learning more about these. In the massive information overload that burdens us, clinical skills can form a solid ground to confidently walk upon.*

The fear of committing a mistake is universal among doctors, please learn to develop your own individual strategy to overcome that fear. Please make your own standardised history-taking questions and examination format, and never ever skip a single step in that. Writing your differential diagnosis is the best strategy to learn and eliminate mistakes.

Overconfidence is the biggest risk for a doctor!

*_Be the best soul that your patient meets. Even the most illiterate or rural patient will notice your words, manners and etiquette. These must always be perfect._*

*My dear ones, enjoy every moment of the holiest path that you have chosen to tread upon earth. May God keep you protected and happy, and may each one of you save a million lives.*

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