PRICING methods.

I believe doctors don't know PRICING methods.

There are two ways of pricing.

1. Product pricing
2. Services pricing.

Product pricing is depend upon expenses incurred in product manufacturering , delivery and sale. In addition, profit is added to price.

Service pricing is based on How much value or benefit the client is receiving. For example if installation of new software is saving rs 10 Lacs per year then software company charge atleast 5 lacs (even if software development cost is much less).
Lawyer charges 50 lacs per case if client is getting more value.
Car mechanic charge rs 5000 to repair car for 3 hours.

But, Unfortunately doctors Never understand their Own value. They price themselves as Product.

We don't have courage to ask rs 2000 for consultation but hair dresser (10 th fail) ask 3000.
Car mechanic (8 th fail demand 5000).

Under the delusion of noble profession we have degraded ourselves to unimaginable low level…..

Very unfortunate

I did study in general public to understand perception about medical profession.
Total 450 people responded.
Almost 96% people said " Doctors लुटते है"..
Statistically it was very significant that perception about medical profession is NOT noble.
(Anyone can replicate this study and am sure results will be same)

Hence , there is Evidence that 96% people believe that doctors lootate hai.

But, still doctors belive we are noble.

Delusion is defined as "UNSHAKEABLE BELIEF Despite of Evidence "

We doctors are confused amongst Profession, business charity and social responsibility.

Every item is different and its own rule .

Mixing of profession and social responsibility is very bad idea. It serve no purpose.
It has to be done separately.

Its very bad idea to charge less in the guise of social responsibility.

You can charge full amount and if you wanna do charity then donate funds to Trusts or NGO as social responsibility.
Thats how things are done by corporate.

If you invest Capital, it become business and you need to follow business rules.

If you deploy capital and don't do business then you are doing charity. You will have to donate your valuable time and energy as charity to cater society.

Courtesy Dr Ramnath Ghute, Mumbai

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