Jail the doctors

Sir, Can I be jailed voluntarily ?

Jail term for health data breach . Jail term for not reporting TB case. Jail term for negligence. Jail term for violation of biomedical waste rules. Jail term for not renewing registration. Jail term for not filling Form F.

I am surprised at the rapists , murderers , acid throwers, dacoits and those to loot Indian banks and public money posing for photo-ops which are plastered in press, leave the country at their own sweet will, even manage to get elected and become one of the rulers. Doctors seem to be the ubiquitous “whipping boy” who are to be punished for male preference of society, for lack of Government will to allocate funds for public health, for refusing to be at the beck and call of authorities and for the poor health awareness and poverty and ignorance of the masses who refuse to complete TB treatment and take the medical advice dished out on TV by unscrupulous charlatans.

I have seen prescription of a crosspath where he has treated the patient 3 times for 3 months each over past 2 years with pyrazinamide in dose of 750 mg along with RHE. The number of drugs were reduced monthly to be stopped at 3 months and the process repeated when recurrence occurred. Before I am arrested sir let me clarify I gave a detailed referral letter to the patient and sent her to the local Government medical College. Now she has probably MDR Tuberculosis and I refuse to treat and be blamed for the expected poor outcome. I have also seen similar gems of

prescriptions from another similar doctor with a roaring practice in vicinity of Chandigarh where routine community acquired UTI has been treated for first time straight with Feropenum. But then this is a backward area called Chandigarh where the Government probably feels that those with some knowledge should be permitted to practice modern scientific medicine.

My question is Can I voluntarily opt to be jailed sir. At least there will be no further threat persistently looming on my head like a Damocles’ sword. My food lodging healthcare taken care of I would have no reason to commit any of the heinous crimes doctors are accused of. It will be a win-win situation, you will be able to inflate the statistics of number of doctors arrested when replying to Rajya Sabha without wasting any public funds on the judicial process, you will gain political mileage and consequent votes while satisfying your desire to trample and stifle any voice of reason which asks why my Government does not spend my money on healthcare or why it permits and promotes quackery and crosspathy.

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