The Kidney

The kidney is very humble

It does its work quietly and efficiently

Day in and day out, tirelessly

For the welfare of the human being.

It asks nothing in return

Except to sleep peacefully in the retroperitoneal cavity

To contemplate in the dark cave

On the impurities of the human soul

One day the brain, the king of all that he surveys

Came flashing around, in his Mercedes Benz

I am the greatest, he said, with an air of Pomposity

Get out of my way, you little creature, he said to the kidney.

The kidney was hurt, his feeling shattered

All he wanted was the great brain to recognize him

All he wants was a little respect in an unkindly world

Just then the Heart was seen on the red carpet

A roar of applause could be heard, as the heart recited its poetry

I am the most famous, said Heart with an air of pomposity

Get out of my way, you dirty creature, he said to the kidney.

The kidney was hurt, his feelings shattered

All he wanted was to hear Heart’s poetry

He wanted to shake hands and be acknowledged

But Alas, both the Brain and the Heart had shown him bones.

The kidney was disheartened,

Took refuge in the dark caves of the retroperitoneal cavity,

Tears rolled down from the Bowman’s capsule to the proximal tubule to the loop of Henle to the distal tubule to the collecting tubule

Everything came to a standstill, the kidney had stopped working .

Toxins had started building up

Emotions were running high

The human body was on fire

The human soul in agonizing pain

The mighty brain was losing itself

Became lethargic and somnolent

Not able to answer a few basic questions, it’s memory fading

It was on its deathbed

The Heart had lost its aristocratic looks, no more poetry

It was jumping with abnormal irregular rhythm

Had a heart failure, went into cardiac arrest

The stomach was vomiting

The Lungs throwing up blood

The blood pressure skyrocketed

The red cells refusing to carry oxygen.

God himself came down from heavens, and said to the Kidney

Oh kidney, please forgive them

In their futile arrogance, they have hurt you,

Please forgive them,

Without you, the brain will be buried in the skull

The Heart will die of cardiac arrest

The lungs will be drowned in their own blood

The human body will become a ghost.

Please forgive them, they know not your inner strength, your soul reaches out to the heavens


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