(An open letter to Hon. Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi)


The Hon PM,


Its always a treat to listen you.Your oratory skills are extra ordinary when you communicatie with Indian diaspora in a foreign country.The way you brand india during your world tours is outstanding and exhilarating.

But in your recent address in UK you disappointed and humiliated millions of hard working and honest doctors of india who are tirelessly working day and night to fulfill your dream of healthy India .We indian doctors work under most adverse and hostile conditions with minimal resources and support from govt agencies yet we have made india the hub of medical tourism by our sheer hard work.Your comments on us in UK is big set back for medical tourism in India.Rather than highlighting darker side of indian healthcare you should hv highlighted brighter and better side of indian healthcare.

I want to draw your kind attention to certain issues you mentioned during your speech because you are a world leader and whole world listens you when you speak.Your speeches often change the whole narrative .Your sppeches often change the way world thinks


You said, doctors often prescribe expensive medicines when cheaper options are available.

Sir,its you and your govt and not the doctors who decide MRP of drugs in India.Its you and your govt and not the doctors who decide the quality standards of drugs in India.We the medical fraternity of India request you to fix MRP of each and every drug in the market and ,ensure strictest possible quality control measures so that no pharma company has huge profits that they could share with doctors.Sir settle this issue once and for ever.We are fed up of the blames of nexus with pharma co.

In your speech you said generic drugs are cheaper and equally effective.

Sir if it’s so then why do we need giant pharma componies like Sun pharma,Ranbaxy ,Cipla etc.You are Prime Minister of this great nation.With your one order these pharma companies will be forced to shut their manufacturing plants and will start producing generic drugs.Do it now sir.The nation desperately needs generic drugs.But simultaneously please don’t forget to ensure that no minister of your cabinet and no beurocrate across india is allowed to take next flight to US or UK when he falls sick.Principal of Equality is very much there in the preamble of our constitution.If a common man is supposed to take generic medicines then a minister too should take same generic medicines from same Janaushadi kendra you mentioned in your speech.

In your speech sir you said doctors go to Singapore on sponsored tours.

Sir,Medicine is a fast changing science .If we don’t update our knowledge we won’t be able to do justice with our beloved fellow citizens who come to us when they are critically sick.Kindly create some world class research and training centres across india where doctors are taught world class cutting edge technology to update their knowledge.As far as sponsorship of such tours is concerned my suggestion of reducing profit margins of pharma componies will also take care of this sponsorship issue .

Sir,in the end I want to humbly submit that we ,the doctors of india are most desired when we work in western countries.Every year thousands of doctors migrate to other countries for better opportunities.Why is it so that after 4 yrs of you being in office this trend has not changed ?

Why is it so that every other day an innocent doctor is mercilessly beaten somewhere in the country you rule and still no action is taken by agencies you govern?

Sir, why is it so that you spoke only about darker side of this noble profession and kept a mum on rampant corruption in other walks of life and in govt offices?

Why is it so sir ???

Yours sincerely

Dr.Raj Shekhar Yadav


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