The Mirage crash:

It was an HAL overhauled ac, upgraded to latest standards (out of 49 ac, HAL had only completed 7, this was the 8th: they’re 3 yrs plus late!)

It was on ‘Acceptance Airtest’ by ASTE pilots (as ‘customers’ for the AF) …

On take-off roll, a main oleo leg (of the undercarriage) came off/broke!! The ac veered off the runway …other wheels n legs then broke and it went past the arrester barrier …

Goddamned HAL!! 😑😑😑

A disturbing but grim reality……πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”


These are the words of Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa!!

Please Understand the angst of a Father….yes Indian Air Force Chief B S Dhanoa was a Father of Sqn Ldrs Abrol and Negi (these are the ethos of Armed Forces)….he has lost two of his sons… fellow Indians can’t you feel the deep throbbing pain that a helpless father goes through when he outlives his child!! Now extrapolate and imagine the plight of Biological parents/Spouses/kids of both the fighter Pilots??

Indian Air Force’s Mirage 2000 are 30 years old. Almost as old as Sqn Ldrs Abrol and Negi.

Have you ever driven a car which is as old as you?? and now imagine that car is being upgraded/maintained by HAL. Now take that car 20000 ft above the ground….did you get a reality check?? ….MMRCA is stuck since last 15 years and when a well meaning decision to buy 36 Rafale is taken then a 48 years old Infant (who does not know the full form of NCC) start playing a jarring broken record and goes around sermonising about the nuts and bolts of the deal with a singular aim of discrediting the combat aircraft ( You don’t play politics with National Security)…..apathy!!………total and complete apathy!!

HAL has pretty much done “culpable homicide not amounting to murder” most of all our IAF TEST PILOTS fly in UPGRADED COFFINS…..

You need to visit HAL to see first hand how almost all of their employees play “Office Office” the whole year round and how their clients become Mussadi Lal in the ensuing merry- go-rounds!!

And our brave heart fighter pilots still trust them with their lives.

Indian Air force Test Pilots are living National Treasure….it takes huge amount of time and Money to get a Test pilot…….to replace him is daunting….it’s near impossible.

You can replace the Chief Minister of a state in two hours (Rabri Devi replaced Lalu in less than one hour)

It takes grime, dust, sweat, brains, guts, glory fortitude, integrity and thousands hours of flying to produce a brave heart called Indian Air Force’s Test Pilot!!

Losing two Test Pilots in a day is equivalent of loosing four cabinet ministers in a chopper crash (I am just rubbing in the magnitude of the tragedy)……elected representatives does not mean that they are “Gods”!!

Test Pilot (Indian Soldier) does not mean they are “Disposables”

It’s National Loss!!

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