*THE UNGRATEFUL GOVERNMENT….an open letter to the Chief minister of Uttrakhand*

History and our Sanskriti tells us to respect all who serve humanity.

Dehradoon and Uttrakhand were a backward part of UP where there had been historically shortage of medical services.

People from hills would travel hrs to the handful of Nursing homes and doctors for their needs.

These small N homes who have served doon for last 10 to50 yrs are

Now being harassed by this ungrateful bullying government with clauses of CEA describing Room sizes and personnel qualifications.

Honble CM sir is this the sanskriti of devbhoomi.

Jo boodhe ho jayein unko bully kar ke bahar nikalo??

Have u forgotten the Dr Peshins .Kalhans.Luthras and numerous others who have served people of Doon for years from the same buildings and today your ungrateful government is finding ways to armtwist because u have invited a few corporates.

The same buildings are NOW BEING SERVED NOTICES BY MDDA.

A distateful and despicable show of your governments character!!

Private Medical colleges hospitals too are not with you at heart but are blackmailed to work bcoz their student fees is at your whims and fancy.

This medical community is the only success of Uttrakhand .

Providing innumerable jobs apart from serving in all locations.

They have made DDUN a epicentre of Medical services which attract patients from all nearby states providing a huge Healthcare industry…

But unfortunately you do not appreciate anything except what your high handed beauraucrats tell you…..lets try and understand the WHY??

It is the Health sector where all Uttrakhands Govts have failed miserably and your CHC PHC HOSPITALS are all understaffed and rotting in both resources and services.

Instead of SABKE SAATH mil kar SABKA VIKAS ..the beauraucrats have come up with CEA to cover their incessant failures and are diverting the attention by targeting doctors.

Uttrakhand Nursing homes have traditionally been very reaaonable with their servicea and fees.Compare even today with your brief experience with MAX in doon.

Can your junta afford it??

Pls judiciously take a deep bewath and concienciously ponder.

Failures become Bullies and Bullies are the worst type of cowards….which is the state of your Beauraucracy!!!

Time to rethink fundamentals, Sir.

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