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Shakespeare and Medicine

Shakespeare, Smith, and Medicine Shakespeare has long been known for his medical knowledge.  References to disease, doctors, and treatments occur in almost every play––in some, like Hamlet, Troilus, Coriolanus, Lear and Timon, to the extent that they permeate the atmosphere with morbidity.  Hamlet’s muttered remark: “Something is rotten in the State of Denmark” initiates a […]

The Prostate Gland and its effect on us , (men only).

Read it and apply, esp the part on diet. Useful for all MEN over-40: A useful article / talk on Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or in simple terms, Enlarged Prostate. Diet is the most important part of this talk which is something within our control; and it works. FULL TEXT OF PROSTATE HEALTH AWARENESS LECTURE […]

Ayodhya judgement

REPORTABLE  IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION Civil Appeal Nos 10866-10867 of 2010 M Siddiq (D) Thr Lrs …Appellants Mahant Suresh Das & Ors Versus WITH …Respondents Civil Appeal Nos 4768-4771/2011 WITH Civil Appeal No 2636/2011 WITH Civil Appeal No 821/2011 WITH Civil Appeal No 4739/2011 WITH Civil Appeal Nos 4905-4908/2011 […]

The End of the Bicarbonate Era? A Therapeutic Application of the Stewart Approach

Page 1 of 7 AJRCCM Articles in Press. Published on 28-October- Matthew Cove MBChB1, John A. Kellum MD2 Addresses: – 1 – 2 – Department of Medicine, National University Health System, NUHS Tower Block Level 10, 1E Kent Ridge Road, Singapore 119228, Singapore. Center for Critical Care Nephrology, Department of Critical Care Medicine, University of […]