‘A Disease protected in India”

‘A Disease protected in India”

©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

There’s a deep valley between Doctors and many Patients, especially in India.

Most patients and relatives refuse to grasp:

That some diseases have no treatment, are not curable yet need a doctor’s supervision to maintain, prolong life with supportive medicines and techniques.

That there cannot be a complete reversal to normalcy in many cases, although a significant improvement is possible.

That certain medical conditions take weeks, months or years to treat, and recovery may still be incomplete.

In all the above cases, blood tests, scans or other tests may still be frequently required to modify care and medicines.

That blood tests and scans are not treatment, they are a guide to overall diagnosis and management.

That aging and the disabilities therein are a natural, irreversible process that each one of us has to go through. ©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande. That wanting someone to be what they were years ago is unreasonable and illogical. That everyone ultimately ages.

That ‘death’ can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone, at home or in hospitals, that hospitals are full of sick patients so naturally the chances of unforeseen bad events are more in hospitals.

That there are many good doctors, but some of the people-pleasing policies have also allowed not-so-good doctors to be out there everywhere.

That wasting precious time in useless treatments by allowing false advertising of cures causes many deaths, especially in cancers, heart, brain, liver and kidney diseases.

That all treatment expenses – tests, medicines are not a profit for the doctors/ hospitals.

That private hospitals are not made only to make money- the amount of frustration in managing a private hospital is mountainous- there are many other more profitable ventures with less hate and violence. ©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

That a Doctor’s time is the most important investment: every minute comes with past years of studying, hard work and sacrifice- what a doctor opines or prescribes is materially invaluable because it can save or endanger life. It requires great experience and courage to take that responsibility medico legally.

“Just a small question”,

“Only need few minutes to discuss a case”,

“Shall we continue medicines”

“Only have to discuss test reports “

“Just a follow up”—- these are all actual consultations that must be remunerated. The investment for these was made by your doctor by paying their years of youth to be able to advise so.

Just like every lawyer, engineer, or artist.

That it is not a crime to practice medicine ethically and become rich, that doctors have life too outside medical practice, and they deserve a good one. That all our social ills are not their responsibility.

That the government allows pharma companies to make profits, earns huge revenues through taxes from those companies as well as patients.

That Pharma companies provide huge quantities of free medicines and services to thousands of patients., learning materials to doctors and medical students, as approved by government/ law.

That there are many doctors who don’t take any favours from pharma companies, yet everyone is blamed. ©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

That looking through poisonous glasses of hatred, jealousy, and envy, all doctors are treated suspiciously by almost every patient now.

That politicos and media encourage and maintain an anti-private hospital/ doctor environment to gain public sympathy so that no one questions the healthcare services provided by them. This disease of hatred is hence protected for obvious reasons.

No TV channels, journalists, reporters or self proclaimed saviour social activists, film-stars ever question facilities and infrastructure at government hospitals, rural set-ups, or challenge those deficiencies in courts of law.

That all the richest of the rich Indian luminaries in spiritual world cannot see how poor the government hospitals are, how poor patients die without facilities, as these so called “….” are busy with ministers and celebrities.

We need a great social revolution to change the mindset of hatred and unjust, unfair treatment of good doctors in India. We need changes in patient and doctor mindset- because now even doctors have started actively distancing themselves from trouble.

©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

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