Emergency Alert & Vitals

Remote Tracking Device


Based on Market study done and findings from others sources, more than 50% of people do not reach hospital on time.

A lot of precious time is still being wasted in taking a heart attack patient to a facility that is capable of treating heart attacks as the golden hour is very critical as per Doctors.

Information & Pic. Source: various articles from internet

We followed certain studies that show if you can receive medical assistance within one hour following an emergency, there is a 90 percent chance that you will maintain your independence.



An emergency alert system to

Help lead a safe and healthy lifestyle

In this endeavor, to minimize the time taken to hospital, and get treatment on right time, GCIT has come up with a wearable device solution

Products –  

A MedBand beacon tracker device is installed in the Ambulances, that keeps track of the Ambulance location, and enables the  MedBand Customer care in locating the Ambulance that is nearest to the patient.

A wearable device, in the form of a wrist watch and Pendant fall device, that the user can use for immediate medical help.

Consumer/ Patient device

GCIT has already tied up with fleet of  Ambulances in the city, for patient handling on time.


How does it Work? –
during Medical Emergency – process flow

MedBand : Smart Vital Watch with live Real-time Remote Monitoring

●A MedBand acts as the emergency response provider by dispatching an ambulance to exact user location on press of a SOS.

●MedBand has GPS facility, Wifi Facility and video Calling .

●Our 24 x 7 Customer Service immediately contacts the user/ care team members, to check for assistance.

●With the GPS feature, user can be tracked and geo fenced, and alerts can be sent to friends and family with live location If they get lost.

●With Remote temperature measure and SPO2 Tracking any potential Covid affected person can be tracked and quarantined.


1.Emergency button/ SOS button for medical help

2.Works non-stop on 4G & WIFI (No Synch or Bluetooth dependency)

3.GPS tracking

4.Heart Rate, BP monitor 

5.Temperature Monitor

6.Remote SPO2 measure.

7.Geo fencing

8.Sleep tracking, Pedometer

9.Fall Alert

10.Video Calling


Value adds & Benefits –  

Remote Monitoring of users Vitals.

GPS to track user location

Temperature measurement and alerts

Fall Alerts and SoS calling

Pedometer & Calorie calculator

24/7 Call centre to assist users.

Real time SP02 measurement

Video Calling facility , Via wifi/4G

Features & Benefits – MedBand

Smart vital watch product

Contact: Shyam Radhakrishnan

Phone # + 91 96772 86333

Contact: Lakshmi Narayanan

Phone # + 91 8148010655

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