S N Medical college agra state of affairs

S.N. medical college is having a golden history but those days are over now. It is India’s 3rd opened medical college and have produced large number of good doctors.
In Uttar Pradesh either govt. Is not taking care of this medical college or it is solely fault of S.N. contruction authority.
•No drinking water facility.
•Dirty or No Toilets.
•No airconditioned classes.
•Bad ambience.
•ripped off roads.
•Small campus.
•No hostel for 1st year students.

I think these are the basic needs of a student,and it is provided in other medical colleges so why not in SNMC?

From a month I am seeing some contruction work in academic block but not sure how it will change the condition.

I am here not to compare it with other medical colleges but as a student who give a state level or national level competition do not deserve such pathetic condition.

This pathetic state is not of this college but the aghast state of education specially medical education in this state of Uttar pradesh and this country India.

This college Sarojini Naidu medical College is one of the first medical schools established by the British Govt. way back in 1854!! Indeed it’s one of the oldest medical schools beyond Europe as far as Allopathy is concerned! And today, it lies in the worst scum it tells about what kind of administrators we have in this state and country whose all attention goes to politics and moneymaking, education is the last priority of the illiterate, idiot,greedy politicians who are far remotely connected to anything called education! This is the devastated state of this country who was the seat of education in the whole contemporary world-from Bali to Greece! What is called UP was the Aryavart or united Magadh under Gupta empire which ruled over the world and also educated it!!

What’s the level of degradation, this city “Agra” was named so because it was the karmbhoomi or seat of austerity of one of the foremost sages of ancient Bharat (India today) -”Rishi Angira” अङ्गिरा II City Agra was once close to the land of practice of Ved, it was one of very important seat of rishis and today it’s wiped out of its glorious past! We can see the impressions of that glorious past in this city-some very bright shining but yet dark! sadly, the people of Agra have been brainwashed of their ancient glory and absence of any national level educational institution in this region speaks a lot about this region!

What students can do? I have studied there in totally worn out, dilapidated, crumbling 130 years old building, having crevices, holes which allow all nature inside including dangerous animals, insects etc! I myself lived in my room with a snake for almost 5 days..Yes!! A snake entered into one of the holes and didn’t come out for five days—we had no other room to stay and after days’s hectic PG’s work we were more tired than afraid, and we had to put up with that snake, with my partner!! And, not just this one, we saw as many as four snakes one I had to kill (inadvertently) in our two rooms itself!

I am really appalled with the state of that college, I hated it so much that I never went back there even to take my degree! It’s very dirty place, it cannot be called as an educational center, it’s dumping ground, it’s hell! I want to use even worst words as the state is not only worst in buildings, it’s the people and old employees there as well -bad language, bad manners! That place was made hell due to last 800 years of Turkish and European assault-everything is gone!

it’s time to conjure everything up!! Who’d do that job? People of Agra? They’re running to feed their own mouths! The bureaucracy, police,local governance? No, they have no clue-every one busy filling their own coffers perpetuating the practice of the invaders-loot, destroy, devour and spit!! Everyone is only devouring, no one wishes to create or give!!

The present Governance has to clue just as older one had! Education is their last priority if ever it is!! The administration in Agra is pathetic, the ingrown principles don’t care much may be they practice outside or what, second they don’t much have enough power to do anything beside zero willpower!

I think, this all must change now!!

God, if I could be there!

I think, the students must become the wave of change-the youth, our kids must take that light, the torch, the mashal in their hands and surge ahead!

Let’s make a platform-on social media and also on the ground-ask public to vent themselves out on conditions of college, hospital and the locality! If students living there take my words as their super-senior and teacher of some, I’d ask you to come up to uphold the honor of this institution.

You should do this—(take my help wherever you need)- take help of other NGOs, social organisations working for public in Agra, take help of senior teachers-those who’re real teachers and don’t practice outside, also take help of the practititoners in Agra who have passed out of SNMC, also meet doctors in PMS working in and a round Agra. Start a movement— “Save Agra, save SNMC”!

“Save the land of Angira”, “Save the tradition of Rishi Angira”, “Long live Baba Angira”!! And, I feel it’s the time to resurrect our enlightened ancestor-Rishi Angira in right manner and the college if not the city immediately named as Rishi Angira medical Institute. It has to come out of its shell of medical college. Also go meet the MP and MLAs (later).

Start a public campaign. Ask public-what change they want with the city and the medical college! Start a camp, put up a roadside forum where people can give their feedbacks! Let them also bring photographs of dirty, bad places in city!

Public education is one of the duties of a doctor-do this!

Health is not only preserved in hospital this starts in the community!

Take charge!

I feel, the whole building of SNMC has to be demolished to create a new college (off course preserving the older heritage buildings) part of college should be converted to heritage building-like its library! And, if possible the college should be relocated to a larger space, today its clogged and cannot grow anymore, something should be done!

But, we must first start with cleaning and organizing the existing state and all staff, faculty and students must take part! They must clean their college themselves! This is very much needed!

Let’s make a student association for the cause if there;s not one already! you can name it— “Students for clean SNMC” or “SNMC chhatra for swachhata”.

Clean your college in a total span of 10 to 30 days, by scheduling and taking turns among students-take any willing teachers!

Let’s do work to the extent, you make a big news (don’t work only for the news though)! Don’t demand anything right in the beginning! Just do work!

The state of this college is really pathetic and only its alumni and students can change that!!

So, instead of complaining, give your time and energy! While I was there, a lot was improved during Dr DN Sharma Sir’s tenure I was also with him. It was then the Emergency was erected, whole face of this old worn out college changed! let’s take that task ahead!

You can talk to me!

My late father graduated with MBBS from SN Medical College, Agra in 1960. He went on to become a very successful doctor. However, today when my daughter is preparing for NEET, I am hesitant that she should take admission at SN Medical College, Agra. This is because for the last 4–5 decades, the college has been completely neglected by the authorities, with the result that all the old buildings are in dilapidated condition and there are not even basic facilities available for either patients or the students. The department of Medicine building is almost crumbling, and so are the boys and girls hostels. Recently, we visited to check the U.G. girls hostel there and found very pathetic conditions. The students are being accommodated 10–12 per room in common ward like conditions, the building lacks running water supply, clean toilets, and basic security (anybody can just walk in), dogs, monkeys and pigs are roaming everywhere, garbage is piled up in the quad. Please see some of the pictures we snapped. This is no way to treat a student who gains admission after a grueling entrance exam and is going to become a doctor. Even prisoners deserve better conditions. So only going by the living conditions, we rejected SN Medical College, Agra as an option for my daughter. I hope this answers your question, at least partially.

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