Ragging at s n medical college agra

I still remember that day

I was on the dice lifting up Dr Malviya and repelled Dhakka etal single handed ,as when I challenged and pushed them away they ran out of the class

I still remember Vijaya Sharma spotted me and told Dr Malviya about my action.

I was called to the Principals residence where Dr Malviya asked me to testify the people who assaulted him for which I refused as I thought that it would be unnecessary to go to court so early in my medical career

Dr U C Mishra came to my house and tried to explain that I should be a witness.

I asked my father what should I do and he said if the staff of the medical college has not gone on strike for even one day then a first year student should stay away from this mess.

I was called to Pant hostel by RD Singh but to my surprise he didn’t bully me.

Long after that Manoj Lal and myself were called by Prof Gautam and were told to say sorry to seniors as Manoj saw to it that all those pant hostel 78 batch (green thread used on their apron for the name) got hammered in front of Agra college.

78 batch had many criminal minded students but we could tame them easily later on.

I remember being hammered by Vinod Bansal and Chandra Sekhar Sharma many times but always took it sportingly

They all love me today but the criminal lot which attacked Dr Malviya never came near me.

I remember I was the first first year student who went to SBH for football practice and 75 batch stalwarts saved me from any ragging there.

Yes that is true

Meerut university conducted CPMT that year surprisingly the cut off was all time high

(974) for general category

It made a difference because we (CK,myself,Batra and BK singh were one of the very 1st hostel joiners,having been misled by the foreign nominees😂😂,pawan,karan,VC kuru ,Gopal..They weren’t ragged..

Myself and Khurana also joined the hostel very 1stday

खुराना तो मेरे चक्कर में पिस गया। 4सीनियर्स थे सहारनपुर से, दो ने मुझे मारा, दो ने पोसवाल को।actually, दो तनेजा के चक्कर मे मार खाए हम दोनों अपने ही city seniors से

@919650800944 , तू भी autobiography लिख दे

सफरनामा:medical literature से medanta तक

You had the luxury of being a dayscholar ..it was much easier .. I remember one night 3 or 4 of us hid on a toilet window ledge on the 2nd floor must have been at least 20 mt from ground .. CK was with me if I remember .. still shuddering

Room number 206,the triple seater.they blacked out the form and hum logon ki kambal parade hui,khub pitai jam ke.

When they left,and lights turned on,we counted u 2 missing on the ledge outside the 3rd floor window,where none of us would dare to go in the day time too..😝😝

Haan opposite wing ke hero tum log the…Udhar saharanpur,meerut wale ,idhar bareilly wale..Aapsi senior rivalry ke chakkar mei hum log alternately bajte the😂😂

Tumhe ajay khanna and party ghere the,

Bhai don’t know how we did it .. terror sometimes makes one foolish strong 😂

Dhaka,soni,etc ka to koi deen imaan hi nahi tha.kisi ko nahi bakhste the..Murga bana kar laat,aur football ban kar door jao.. murga bana kar Peeth par bhagna joote pehan kar

That is why I said 0.5

हमारी तो पिटाई कमरानं 201में रात को 12 बजे, फिर 3बजे एक ही दिन में हुई। लाईट तो उस कमरे में थी नहीं, ऊपर से चारपाई के नीचे घुसा दिया और कहने लगे कि warden से कह देना कि फलां फलां senior आए थे।so called protocol के हिसाब से मैंने कहा ठीक है dr sahib, फिर चारपाई के नीचे से निकाल कर मारा कि शिकायत करोगे?😀😀

😂😂haan..charpai ke neeche walon ko bola srilanka se aankon dekha haal batao..

Atulya gupta ko almari ke upar chada diya,bole,Simla ka haal sunao

Beech mei baithe wale chorus mei taali bajao

पंछी पीरियड ताज़ा हो गया

How vividly you all remember those days (exactly 42 years ago). Personally for me the ragging was just the panchhi dress, third button parade and singing of ‘anthem’. Only once I was called to bag farzana in the evening but nothing really happened as Vasvani boss saved me that day. 😄😄

Ek baar hum 4 log 3 to 6 show dekha,fir ghume,fir 9 se 12 dekha,ki sunday bach jayen din bhar..

Upar 1 baje,sunil arora aur anil agarwal aur rajeev sharma gang ne pakad liya.kamre ko le gaye,picture dekh kar aaye?,to batao uske dress designer aur location manager ka naam🙄🙄..Fir 4.30 am par bole jao..

Hamara Rakesh mishra add gaya ,ki ab aap hume chai to pilaoge,protocol tha..Une kahi kal karenge party,mishra bola abhi…😂😂..Le gaye sadar bhatti tak ,fir chai cream roll,fan khaye .Uthne ko hue to mishra bola ek chai aur,fir ek ek kar 8 chai pee usne…😂😂😂.

Ro gaye bechare seniors…Mazaa aa gaya us din… Bechara raha nahi.ye dekh kar hume yaad to karega wo bhi…

Bahut,bahut,bahut memories clearly etched in memory

Still remember the Gurudwara where we all used to collect during lunch time  in initial  panchi days .. the whole bazar used to enjoy our parade

I remember walking upto Seth Gali in panchhi dress. Have chaat etc.

Log awaaz marte the .. daac sahab ,namaskaar

After reading all this , I remember I had a different but of course very difficult experience.

I joined hostel late as I did  updown from Mathura living with Mamaji and trying to avoid ragging but it was trouble. So entered Pant hostel. Luckily for me, initial ragging was only mental and once I was saved fro physical ragging because of my cricket knowledge, I don’t know who was the senior. That was the time when I heard famous PK song — chal chal mere sathi , O mere Hathi . Seniors were enjoying his slow speed singing and even I enjoyed it. But that was the last . Next ragging got me a resounding slap and I still remember it. And immediately I decided to leave hostel but Mishra warden did not allow it. Then I called my elder brother who tackled Mishra and I went out from hostel and suffered a lot living on rent in hot humid weather and no food facility…

So returned to hostel at the end of first year and had the privilege of a great room partner– Veer Bahadur Dhaka for a month as he was the only single seated person.

After that new batch came and in reshuffling got my long term room partner – most affable dear Megh Singh and all the great neighbours .

Famous joke of those times. A fat halwai with huge tummy used to sit in Seth Gali and some boys joked to him yeh ghada kitne ka hai and he replied tooti ke saath chahiye ya bina tooti ka. 😄

Kya yaad dilaya .. huge bhalla s/ tikki .. aur mithai was also great .. uske baad tau brijwasi jana shru ho gaya .. great days

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