How do you ‘judge’ a surgeon?

How do you ‘judge’ a surgeon?

Well OT staff and sister judge a surgeon by their speed of doing surgery. They will keep saying to junior surgeons that particular surgeon is ‘great’ because he wraps up the procedure quickly. So faster is better for them.

Anaesthetists also usually make this kind of judgement specially younger ones.
But senior Anaesthetists usually judge a surgeon by his ability to do a complicated case safely.

Hospital owners and management judge a surgeon not by skills but by his ability to get the required number of patients and to put in more hours at the hospital. So surgeons having more cases is better for them.

Patients judge a surgeon by the post operative complications they get. So lesser the complications better the surgeon for them. So even those surgeons can be great who have a knack of operating only ‘safe’ cases which dont give complications.

But surgeons judge a surgeon by the ability of a surgeon to deal with his complications.There will be complications ,certainly, if you operate tougher cases. If you cant deal with your own complication then you wont get the respect of your fellow surgeon.

Radiologists judge surgeon …by ….postop imaging …

Surgeon judges himself by self evaluation and reviewing the result with the plan as per contemporary standards.

Repeatedly asking himself/ herself

Can there be a better way

Can there be a safer way

Can there be simpler way


Can the ailment be treated ” without surgery “

In self annihilation ..lies the true emancipation of the surgeon and his profession !

Humility in the self evaluation with gratitude towards the patient….and keeping the ….well being of the patient at all times ……… . the most important quality of …Real Good Surgeons .

PS – Surgeons have to deal with so many ‘judgements’ that they may start modifying thier surgery according to it. Better dont give a damn about other people’s judgement and just #Do_what_you_do and just keep doing it till the end of your time.

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