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No Longer a Headache: Accessing Continuum on the GoThis issue of Continuum is devoted to the diagnosis and management of headache and facial pain, symptoms that are common in our clinical practices and have profound effects on patients’ quality of life. To achieve this goal, I am indebted to Dr Matthew S. Robbins for accepting […]

IPC 304 A: NMC frames Guidelines for Prosecution of Doctors in Criminal Negligence

New Delhi: With an aim to put an end to the confusion regarding the issue of how the criminal negligence aspect of medico-legal cases has to be treated, the Ethics and Medical Registration Board… — Read on medicaldialogues.in/health-news/nmc/ipc-304-a-nmc-frames-guidelines-for-prosecution-of-doctors-in-criminal-negligence-82698

Old age home

The changing demographic scenario and population projections of India indicate that the growth rate of Indian older adults (aged 60 years and above) is comparatively faster than other regions of the World. Since recent past, due to marked increase in life expectancy, rise in number and proportion of older adults the population of older adults […]