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GUIDELINES FOR PARENTSSuspecting Autism and Care of Children with Autism

Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP)GUIDELINES FOR PARENTSSuspecting Autism and Care of Children with AutismConvener: Aparajita Gupta Members: Sharmila B Mukherjee,Samir H Dalwai, Devendra GabaAcknowledgment: Neurodevelopment and Disability Chapter, IAPfor Detection ChartsFAQs on SUSPECTING AUTISM AND CARE OF CHILDREN WITH AUTISM My son is 11 months old. He sometimes does not respond to his name when […]

Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) | Guidelines for Parents

How To Take Care of My Child 1. Guidelines for Healthy Eating and Junk Food 2. Guidelines for Normal Sleep and Physical Activity 3. Guideline for Dental Care, Diapers, and Clothing 4. Guidelines for Prevention of Accidents and Injuries 5. Screentime Guidelines for Parents 6. Guideline for School and My Child: Parental Concerns Regarding Schooling […]