Let’s aim to be fortunate

Dr. Wada in Japan advocates calling people over 70 years old as “fortunate people” rather than “elderly people”. He summed up the secret of 70-year-olds becoming “lucky ones” into “42 sentences”

Seniors over the age of 70 do not need regular physical examinations because the “standard of health” varies from person to person. He also said: “Don’t believe what doctors say.” This is because doctors are in contact with “patients”, so they do not understand what health is. At the same time, he also opposes the long-term use of multiple drugs by the elderly, and advocates “only take necessary drugs when necessary.” In other words, “taking medicine to prevent something” makes little sense.
According to this point of view, the elderly do not need to take sleeping pills frequently. Loss of sleep time as you age is a natural phenomenon, and no one dies from insomnia. 24 hours a day, sleep whenever you want, wake up whenever you want, this is the privilege of the elderly.
In addition, the cholesterol level that the elderly are generally worried about, even if it is high to a certain extent, there is no need to worry. Because cholesterol is the raw material for the body to generate immune cells. The more immune cells, the lower the risk of cancer in older people. in addition
, part of the male hormone is also composed of cholesterol. If the cholesterol level is too low, men’s physical and mental health will be unsustainable.
Likewise, high blood pressure doesn’t matter at all. More than 50 years ago, human malnutrition was widespread. So, when blood pressure reaches around 150, the blood vessels burst. But very few people are malnourished these days, so even blood pressure over 200 won’t cause a blood vessel to burst.
Dr. Wada summed up the secret of 70-year-olds becoming “fortunate people” into “42 sentences”, as follows:

  1. Keep walking
  2. Take a deep breath when you feel irritable
  3. Exercise so that the body does not feel stiff
  4. Drink more water when the air conditioner is on in summer
  5. The more you chew, the more energetic your body and brain will be
  6. Memory declines not because of age, but because of long-term non-use of the brain
  7. No need to take a lot of medicine
  8. No need to deliberately lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  9. Only do what you love, not what you hate
  10. No matter what, don’t stay at home all the time
  11. Eat whatever you want, the fat body is just right
  12. Do everything meticulously
  13. Don’t deal with people you hate
  14. Rather than fighting the disease to the end, it is better to live with it
  15. “The car must have a way to the front of the mountain” is the magic spell to make the old man happy
  16. You can’t fall asleep and don’t force it
  17. Doing happy things is best for boosting brain activity
  18. Find a “family doctor” early
  19. Don’t be overly patient or force yourself, there is nothing wrong with being a “bad old man”
  20. Stop learning and you will grow old
  21. Don’t be greedy for vanity, it’s good to have everything you have now
  22. Innocence is the privilege of the elderly
  23. The more troublesome things are, the more interesting they are
  24. Do what is good for others
  25. Live leisurely today
  26. Desire is the source of longevity
  27. Live as an optimist
  28. Cheerful people will b popular.
  29. The rules of life are in your own hands
  30. Accept everything calmly


  1. Very useful information 👌 👍


  2. Thank you for the information.
    Please notify me if additional information become available .


  3. A K Dutta · · Reply

    There are 30 sentences only, not 42 !
    What are the other 12 ?


  4. Chai Yo · · Reply

    You said 42, but your list is just 30. where is the other 12?


    1. Sagir Inde · · Reply

      Nice work


  5. Lydia Olafunmiloye · · Reply

    This is a good information to the fortunate people thanks to Dr Wada


  6. syedharoon · · Reply

    Sir I am 72 running
    Nice findings I have the reign of my body mentally & physically Except acidic over secretion I find have anything to complain. with Nil medical bill I living Most of my doctor friends are little bit annoyed except few


  7. Rama Sudarsana Rao Boddapati, Hyderabad Bharat · · Reply

    Yes very fortunate.
    Ram Sudarsana Rao.Gotram.


    1. Flora Ajayi · · Reply

      Good morning sir i appreciate all the vital information snd knowledge psssed to me today and am not going to keep them to my self,an sharing all of them immediatly wih others.i was in hospital yesterday for annual checkup and i ran certain laboratery tests with all these information for older 70years plus ,i will disregard any funny result. Thank you sir.our good couch.and stay blessed.


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