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LOOTERAS AND THE ‘LOOTED’by Dr. Pranav Kodial, Dahanu “Looteras! That’s what these doctors are, I tell you. Thieves, in white coats.” The big-moustached gentleman in his early-sixties concluded his outburst with a loud snort. His friend sitting opposite him agreed wholeheartedly. I was in the train, en route to my hospital. These two gentlemen were […]

Stress Management

National Youth Day12th January 2023Best wishes onSwami Vivekanand Jayanti“विकवित युिा; विकवित भारत”Youth (15-29 years) comprise 27 % ofour population.Let us rededicate ourselves compassionately towards theirEmotional & Mental Health.1 Stress Management in YouthDr. Deepak RathodSenior Psychiatrist & Management TrainerStress is the general term applied to the pressure people feel in life. No one is immune to […]