Beware doctorsLandmark formula for compensation

Beware doctors
Landmark formula for compensation by Supreme Court. (70 – age) x annual income + 30% for inflation – 1/3 for expenses. Hence if a 35 year old person dies due to medical negligence and has a monthly income of 2 lakhs (70-35) x 24lakhs = 8.4 crores. Add 30% =10.92 cr – 1/3 for expenses he would have incurred if he was alive = 7.28 crores. Add mental anguish to the family and litigation costs. So about 8 – 9 crores.

If income is 5 lakhs per month, compensation will be over 20 crores.
Hence during History Taking do not forget to ask monthly income to determine whether you can afford the patient.
There was a time when patients asked before hospitalization about approx costs to see whether he can afford the treatment.

Now the doctor should determine whether he can afford the patient.

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