Dear friends
[especially Indians and Indian diaspora]
I would like you all to watch this new video by @ScienceIsDope_

It is important, because it will provide you simple, understandable and basic knowledge about identifcation of “fake evidence” in so-called “scientific studies” that are especially discussed by those who try to sell their pseudoscience, well marketed as “religious ideologies,” but wrapped in “science-sounding” terms.

The perfect example is self-styled Godman and Guru, Jaggi Vasudev who calls himself, the Sadguru.

His Isha Foundation funds various [dubious] “scientific research” projects worldwide and publishes them in indexed [but dubious] open access journals that are seemingly “credible.”

A lot of the data are usually manipulated, faked, or cherry-picked to fit a predetermined narrative – like for example as discussed in this video by @ScienceIsDope_ The methods are of poor quality, the measured clinical outcomes are never replicated or validated by other groups and these kind of Guruji-funded projects almost always sell something that is purely designed by them, for example in this case, the absolute trash called INNER ENGINEERING which features an even bigger nonsese called “Shambhavi Mahamudra,” which in fact, has absolutely NO CLINICAL BENEFITS, other than the faked and illogically demonstrated outcomes made by the ones who funded the study.

Another group to watch out for such worthless studies is Acharya Balkrishna and Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali group’s “research evidence.”
100% bogus, 100% unreliable. 100% non-validated – and only on the herbal products that they sell.

Be smart. Be aware.

Please see the video here:
HOW TO FAKE EVIDENCE, feat. Sadguru’s Research…

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