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Gynecologist charged 302 for death of baby

A patient, Mrs Neelam Somnath Bendre, was taking antenatal care from a gynaecologist, Dr Vikas Ghadge, in Borgaon village in Satara district. She visited him on 15th of January 2023, when he advised her to undergo planned caesarean section delivery as her baby was in breech presentation . She visited again on 27th of January […]


, INDERJIT SINGH Elected Fellow 1952 INDERJSIITNGHt,thenotedmedicalscientist,wasborn atMaymoinBurma on August 20,1909. He was the second son of Sardar and Shrimati Mehr Singh and belonged to a very poor family. He received his primary educa- tion in Burma. Inderjit lost his parents at a very young age. At this juncture, his elder brother had to take […]

Types of speakers at Medical Conferences

Types of speakers at Medical Conferences – Other than these establishes models, a new model called “story tellers” is emerging quite fast. As pale shadows of their more polished and better dressed corporate counterparts (lovingly called “bullshitters”), they try to use the word “narrative” and “space” quite often and aim to change the world with […]