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doctor-heal thyself

ew Delhi: The white coat, those knowing eyes, that reassuring voice when in pain, a mere glimpse of a doctor puts us at ease. Little does one realise that their back-breaking schedule, odd working hours and “emotional labour” during patient care sometimes takes a toll on doctors’ health, pushing them to seek help themselves. Dr […]

Illinois suspends license of controversial psychiatrist

Illinois medical board suspends license of Chicago psychiatrist in clozapine case Illinois agency suspends Chicago psychiatrist’s license, citing illegal payments from drugmaker For years, Dr. Michael Reinstein was a prolific prescriber of a dangerous antipsychotic drug in nursing homes and mental health facilities, giving it to more than 50 percent of the patients under his […]

difference between inpatient and day clinic therapy for depression

  In a pilot study, German researchers investigated whether inpatient treatment of depression is more successful than treatment in a day clinic. However, no significant differences were found, they report in “Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics”. The study, carried out by the University of Heidelberg, involved 44 patients with major symptoms of depression. They were randomised to […]

A Happy, Optimistic Outlook May Protect Your Heart

RELATED Even Mummies Had Clogged Arteries Does Your Diet Influence How Well You Sleep? Omega-6 Fats Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Disease What’s Good for the Heart May Also Prevent Cancer HealthDay via U.S. News & World Report  Follow@TIMEHealthland Hearts and tumors may actually share more in common than we think.   Following heart-healthy recommendations […]


By Marelisa Fabrega If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice. – Meister Eckhart Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessings, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging everything that you receive. It means learning to live your life as if everything were a miracle, and being aware on a continuous basis […]

Book Review: “No matter what, I love you!”

Book Review: “No matter what, I love you!” by DEVANG VIBHAKAR on FEBRUARY 24, 2012 1,275 views   in ARTICLES Book name: પણ, હું તો તને પ્રેમ કરું છું! (In English: No matter what, I love you!. Hindi: फिरभी तुम्हे चाहेंगे) Author: Dr. Hansal Bhachech (Psychiatrist, Author, Columnist) Publisher: Navbharat Sahitya Mandir, Ahmedabad. Price: Rs. 250/- (Sixth edition). Sold over 25,000 […]


Dr. Hansal Bhachech Those who read Sunday ‘Purti‘ of Gujarat Samachar- a daily Gujarati newspaper – would know about Dr. Hansal Bhachech. He writes a column there on youth and emotional issues. Dr. Hansal Bhachech is a well-known author, psychiatrist and relationship expert of India. He is M.D. in psychiatry with university first position. He is […]

the path to love by dr deepak chopra

The Internet has taken up the slack from print media by offering tips on love and relationships, which pop up on home pages, in tweets and in news teasers many times a day. If the secret to lasting romance could be shared like a recipe for cinnamon buns, our problems would be over. But love […]

In the search of the perfect man….by dr behchch

In the search of the perfect man…. 12 Dec While surfing net, I came across the picture in which five skeletons were sitting on the dining table with wine glasses on the top. ‘Women waiting for a perfect man’ was the caption of the picture. “Just right” I uttered almost instantly about the concept and […]


Schizophrenia is characterized by psychosis (loss of contact with reality), hallucinations (false perceptions), delusions (false beliefs), disorganized speech and behavior, flattened affect (restricted range of emotions), cognitive deficits (impaired reasoning and problem solving), and occupational and social dysfunction. The cause is unknown, but evidence for a genetic component is strong. Symptoms usually begin in adolescence […]

intestinal gas

The gut contains < 200 mL of gas, whereas daily gas expulsion averages 600 to 700 mL after consuming a standard diet plus 200 g of baked beans. About 75% of flatus is derived from colonic bacterial fermentation of ingested nutrients and endogenous glycoproteins. Gases include hydrogen (H2), methane (CH4), and carbon dioxide (CO2). Flatus […]

alcohol withdrawl

Language: English What is alcohol withdrawal? Alcohol withdrawal is physical symptoms and emotions you have if you drink heavily or frequently and suddenly stop drinking. You are most likely to have withdrawal problems 1 to 7 days after your last drink, or if you drink much less alcohol than you usually drink. What is the […]


What is a seizure? A seizure is a symptom, not a disease. It happens when nerve cells in the brain don’t work right and there is a sudden abnormal electrical signal in the brain. The seizure can cause strange sensations and behavior. Sometimes it causes muscle spasms and a change in or loss of consciousness. […]


What is an EEG? An EEG (electroencephalogram) is a test that records the electrical activity of your child’s brain. (The nerve cells in your child’s brain work by carrying tiny electrical charges.) When is it used? An EEG can help your child’s healthcare provider diagnose medical problems such as: epilepsy sleep apnea or other sleep […]

stroke prevention

What is a stroke? A stroke is damage to part of the brain when its blood supply is suddenly reduced or stopped. A stroke causes a loss of function, sometimes permanently, in the part of the body that is controlled by the damaged part of the brain. Only 1 in 3 stroke victims recover completely. […]

acanthosis nigricans

What is acanthosis nigricans? Acanthosis nigricans is the term used for thickened, darkened skin on the neck or in body folds, such as under the arms. What is the cause? You are more likely to have AN if: You are overweight. You have type 2 diabetes or another hormone problem. It runs in your family […]

smile when stressed

A new study suggests that holding a smile on one’s face during periods of stress may help the heart. The study, due to be published in a forthcoming issue of Psychological Science, lends support to the old adage “grin and bear it”, suggesting it may also make us feel better. The study is the work […]

managing chronic back pain

MedWire News: An intensive interdisciplinary outpatient program for managing chronic back pain has shown clinically significant results in a pilot study. It “appears to have good short-term clinical results in terms of reduction in functional disability and pain relief,” the researchers write in the Journal of Pain Research. The outpatient program, offered at the University […]

exercise and hypertension

MedWire News: Even patients who have hypertension despite taking multiple antihypertensive drugs can achieve blood pressure reductions with a program of aerobic exercise, research shows. “Hence, a low responsiveness to antihypertensive drug therapy does not inevitably go along with a low responsiveness to exercise,” say Timm Westhoff (Charité-Campus Benjamin Franklin, Germany) and co-workers. All the […]

supreme court order

NOIDA: The Noida Authority has launched a scheme to rehabilitate the 50-odd nursing homes displaced by a Supreme Court order. The Authority has invited bids for non-residential plots ranging between 1,000 and 2,000 square metres across the city. Nursing homes having annual turnover of more than Rs 50 lakh can bid for a plot having […]

interview of dr trehan

CNBC-TV18’s Young Turks, in its 11th year of highlight entrepreneurial wonders, presents yet another master-class on what it takes to scale up, build the team, create a brand and delight customers. This edition of Young Turks Tutorial: India’s medicine man — the country’s most successful heart surgeon and the founder of one of the best […]

how to speak to an elderly parent

Speak Distinctly Some older adults do not like to admit that they cannot hear or understand the conversation around them. The higher pitch of women’s voices may be a problem for older adults; consciously think to lower the voice pitch. Remain calm and talk in a gentle, matter-of-fact way, keep sentences short and simple, focusing […]

Physical inactivity

MedWire News: Physical inactivity accounted for an estimated 5.3 million of the 57 million deaths in 2008, a report shows. This equated to 9% of premature mortality worldwide when the four major noncommunicable diseases – coronary heart disease (CHD), Type 2 diabetes mellitus, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer (CRC) – were taken into account. Reporting […]

code of ethics mci

Medical Council of India – 2012 Ethical guidelines for Medical education and Medical practice Preamble The prime object of the medical profession is to render service to humanity with full respect for the dignity of profession and man. The honoured ideals of the medical profession imply that the responsibilities of the physician extend not only […]


What is jealousy? Jealousy is a powerful and painful emotion. Some people get jealous when they believe that their partner gives attention, love, or affection to someone else. Jealousy may include many different feelings, such as: resentment envy suspicion fear grief low self-esteem love hate Envy is wanting what someone else has. Jealousy is a […]

doctor heal thyself

ew Delhi: The white coat, those knowing eyes, that reassuring voice when in pain, a mere glimpse of a doctor puts us at ease. Little does one realise that their back-breaking schedule, odd working hours and “emotional labour” during patient care sometimes takes a toll on doctors’ health, pushing them to seek help themselves. Dr […]

Help your child unwind the school day

A little planning and encouragement goes a long way toward helping your child have a good attitude about school. Help your child thinks of school in a positive way. Point out that your child will make new friends and learn new and interesting things. Reassure your child that if any problems come up at school, […]

seal island cape of good hope

seal island cape of good hope

how to deal with a spoilt child

What is a spoiled child? A spoiled child is undisciplined, manipulative, and unpleasant to be with much of the time. He behaves in many of the following ways by the time he is 2 or 3 years old: Doesn’t follow rules or cooperate with suggestions. Doesn’t respond to “no,” “stop,” or other commands. Protests everything. […]

Zhong Li Ba Ren has written a book titled “Self Help is Better than Seeking Doctors’

VERY SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE EXERCISE FOR PREVENTION OF DEMENTIA !! SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE EXERCISE The essence of the exercise is that your “Eyes Must be Closed” when you are doing this exercise. You must practise the “Jin Ji Du Li” exercise wit the eyes closed. This exercise was so simple and amazing that I thought […]

how to deal with adolecent children

During adolescence, teens work on becoming more independent. Your teen must cast aside the dependent parent-child relationship. Before he can develop an adult relationship with his parents, a teen must first distance himself from the way he related to his parents in the past. This usually means there will be a certain amount of normal […]