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medical code of conduct-ethics

10 7.21 No act of invitro fertilization or artificial insemination shall be undertaken without the informed consent of the female patient and her spouse as well as the donor. Such consent shall be obtained in writing only after the patient is provided, at her own level of comprehension, with sufficient information about the purpose, methods, […]


Do all corporate hospitals overcharge. I don’t think so.Big hospital bills is not only a question of ethics but of intricacies of daily practice. If one were to take a patient of an ordinary complaints like prilonged diahorrea to a general practitioner he would diagnose it amoebic and treat accordingly perhaps without investigations. The same […]

Fundamentals Of Medical Ethics

During our MBBS days, the topic of Medical Ethics was probably included in Forensic Medicine and was never stressed. In these days of Consumer Awareness and doctors having been brought under the purview of Consumer Forums, there is a need for every practicing doctor to be aware of the basics of medical ethics. A common […]